Which chainset is suitable for you?

You will feel plenty of differences while riding with different chainsets. Both chainrings and crank arms are collectively called a chainset. A double chainset standardmon, with one chainring being larger and requiring more effort to shift, can help you ride quickly because it will let you go farther with one pedal. While the other is smaller and has no trouble changing gears, the distance covered per pedal is too short. The small chainset helps ride a standard mail bicycle, including an uphill ride where there is no need to boost up the extra speed. However, certain bicycles may support a triplet chainset, while others also have a single chainset for pedaling a bicycle. Besides the number of chainsets, the type of chainset is also important. Here is the list of multiple that we will discuss in this blog.

What are the types of chainsets?

Which chainset is suitable for you?


  • Standard chainset
  • Compact chainset
  • Semi-compact chainset
  • Sub-compact chainset

Standard chainsets:

Which chainset is suitable for you?


A standard chainset (a bit of a strange tenowadaysays) has a 53-tooth (or 52-tooth).

A standard chain, set by default, contains two gears, the larger outer one having 53 tooth and the smaller inner one having 39 tooth. As the name reveals, the chainset is standard for road and racing bikes most of the time.

Shimano and Campagnolo are the two most prominent manufacturers of standard chainsets.

The characteristics of a standard chainset are as follows:
  • A standard chainset typically consists of 53/39 or 52/39 gears.
  • The standard chainset has a PCD of 130mm (the distance from the center of the chainset to the center of the wheel pin).
  • At standard chainsets, the larger sprockets allow the bike to gain maximum speed by avoiding frictional losses.

Compact chainset:

Which chainset is suitable for you?


Today, several bikes come on the market with compact chainsets by default. But before buying a bike with a compact chainset, you must consider its features.

What are the features of compact chainsets?
  • The inner chain contains 34 or 36 rings, while the outer one has 50 tooth.
  • This allows you to pedal easily due to the short gears, but each pedal will cover a shorter distance than standard chainsets.
  • This chainset is perfect for those who want to ride their bike on steep hills.
Is it true that a compact chainset reduces your bike's speed?

Smaller chainsets, like compact chainsets, make it easier to pedal so that a rider can cover the maximum distance in less time. So, the compact chainset does not allow your bike’s speed to decrease.

It depends on the rider’s expertise, whether he has proper control over pedaling or wants to use standard chainsets for riding.

Semi-compact chainset:

Which chainset is suitable for you?


This chainset, also known as mid-compact or faux, features an outer chainring with 52 tooth and an inner chainring with 36 tooth. Here, the largest gears are more significant than those of a compact chainring; however, they are smaller than those of a 53/39 chainset.

The shifting of small gears is more accessible than that of 53/39; however, they aren’t nearly as small as compact chainsets. These semi-compact chains are popular due to their uses in various terrains.

Sub-compact chain set:

Which chainset is suitable for you?


The sub-compact ring features 48/32 or 46/30 tooth, which is considerably smaller than the compact chainset (having 50/34 tooth).

These chainsets apply to fat tires that run on dirt tracks. So, the adventure bike is the primary user of the sub-compact chainsets.

Besides, it is not mandatory for a specific ride or bike. You can use them easily for regular tracks where you need the lowest gear.

Some options you have in this regard are:

You may choose from the Praxis Works 48/32 cranks, Sugino’s OS cranks, or the Adventure series by FSA cranks, which have a smaller gear range.

Some frequently asked questions.

Does a large chainring make your ride faster?

People usually misunderstand it. They probably assume that a larger chainring means a faster ride. However, 90 percent of the time, they are wrong, as the larger chainring also demands more effort to pedal and slows down your bike’s speed.

Does cycle gear increase the speed?

Bicycles contain gears to help riders travel quicker on flat ground and to make climbing hills easier. You may consider speed to be equivalent to gears. A 7-speed bike is the same as a bike with 7 gears. As a result, speed is proportional to the number of gears.

What affects the speed of a bicycle rider?

The friction between the road and tires is less than air resistance, especially when you reach the speed of 10-16mph. This is why professional riders reduce their frontal appearance to a train shape structure to reduce aerodynamic resistance.

Final thoughts:

Concluding the whole blog, one should go for semi-compact or standard chainsets if you have strong leg muscles for riding on a flat road. However, the compact and sub-compact will be the best choices for those who want a knee-friendly ride or want to enjoy the climbing adventure. All the chainsets mentioned above have their specificity, which a rider needs according to the situation.

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