Schwinn Women’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle Review

The Schwinn Women’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle is simply a perfect choice for modern women who personify power and freedom. Yes, it is perfect for riding around your area and having a lot of fun as you breathe in fresh air as well as exercise yourself. The aluminium frame makes it lightweight and suitable for travelling on rough terrains, you can use it to travel green, cut back on gasoline expense and stay healthy at the same time. If you always wish to have the best riding experiences and have never found a bike that works for you, count on this bike to do so for you. It is custom designed for women and is in line with their likes and preferences.

Technical Specifications


This bike is made fro Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame with Schwinn suspension fork to ensure perfect ride and longevity. Aluminium is anti-corrosion, super strong, reliable and very light- all qualities desirable in the bike.


Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with SRAM 21 speed Grip Shift shifters.


Alloy rims which are strong, but lightweight, as well as front quick release.


Padded comfort style seats alongside suspension seat posts.


They come with full fenders and a rear rack.

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Key Features


You can count on riding comfortably with this bike because it is designed for women to make them feel like princesses and queens when they drive it. The color light blue makes it an elegant ride that shows everyone you are a lady of class wherever you ride. The padded saddle seat, low handlebars and platform pedals are designed to ensure the ergonomic structure of the women is supported completely and that they have a strong footing on the bike to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for them.


It is designed to come with a Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame and also schwinn suspension fork which provides a comfortable and smooth ride. So, your comfort and safety is always assured. Aluminium is scratch resistant and can bear the wear and tear caused by weather. You also won’t have to worry about rust setting on the bike. Aluminium also cuts down on the overall price of the bike thereby, making it the perfect choice. To make sure wind resistance is minimized, the suspension fork is streamlined with the rest of the body.

Quick shifting

With the Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with SRAM Grip shift shifters, you can be assured of quick shifting and a safe riding experience. Also, you will never have to worry about accidents or anything of that sort. You get the top notch stopping power with ts linear pull brakes. You can count on a stopping power that is second to none. It also comes with full fenders and back carrier to make city riding very convenient.

Schwinn Women Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle Light Blue


Durability and strength

Its high profile alloy wheels alongside quick release front wheels make the bike lightweight and also very durable and strong. The hybrid makes it possible that you never have to worry about it getting damaged in a short while, which means great value for money. It comes in a wide comfort saddle style and also a suspension seat post which makes it perfect for long rides, minimizes strain on the leg and calf muscles and also makes you relax even as you ride. The Elite women’s hybrid weighs 48 pounds only.

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Customer Feedback

A lot of riders have said great stuff about this bike. However, there are some issues that they also shared. For instance, some people said the Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame is not aluminum, but steel which makes the bike heavy for their liking. Also, they attest that it is very easy to work on and for novices; it will be difficult to assemble on your own so better let the professionals do the job. A customer on Amazon attested to the perfect riding experience his girlfriend has with the bike and also how she loves the bike, apart from its weight. Another customer also said the bike is very comfortable, and has high quality components. Also, the bike provides speed like no other.


  • Needs enough lubrication to have a smooth ride most of the times.
  • Quite difficult to assemble for novices.
  • The tires will not last very long so, you will need to replace after first few rides.
  • Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame is actually an aluminium steel alloy.


Although some people have issues with the fact that this bike does not state that it has steel for its frame and says aluminum, it really lives up to its hype. The bike is strong, comfortable to ride and also very efficient; all of which comes together to make it versatile and suitable for all hybrid bike lovers. The fact that it is available in a number of sizes makes the Elite Women’s Hybrid bike that much more attractive to purchase and keep it as your own.

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