Montague crosstown review

Montague crosstown folding full-size bike review is finally here. It’s been quite some time when our valuable readers are increasingly insisting us to write a review on it. The most common queries we have received about the Montague crosstown review are

  • montague crosstown 19″
  • montague crosstown weight capacity
  • Full-size folding bike

By keeping in view, this article has been crafted to cover all the above and other related aspects. Lets start one by one.

Storage and the Portabality

Montague crosstown review


This is a usual thing for the the bicycle owners to remain in tention about the storage and portability of the bike.  No doubt the bicycles are really handy when you want to move from one place to another but do you remember that these are not storage friendly. As well as this is indeed very difficult to transfer from one place to another.

This bike actually comes off with the solution of both. The bike is designed in such a way that it can be folded and took very little place. Moreover in the folder form it can easily be carried from one place to another. This is the reason that this bicycle is increasing in popularity among the bicycle Riders.

The looks of the bicycle

Montague crosstown review


This is really very obvious that people start to think that if the bicycle is a compact bicycle than it looks will not be so friendly. From the first look, it appears to be a hybrid bike that is excellently designed to serve the purpose of the rider. It even includes the beauty of the bicycle if you look at the bike in his proper form this is very difficult to suppose that even it can be folded.

If you look it in the folded form even then it looks equally beautiful.

So as per the common perception, it does not have a mini frame. It is a full-fledged functional bicycle that can be folded and stored in very little space the folded mechanism is excellent and it does not destroy the efficiency of the bike.

Is montague crosstown a safe bike?

Montague crosstown review


The second question that arises in the mind of the reader is that whether it is montague crosstown a safe bike or not. This is a state-of-the-art technology and the engineering is at its best so you do not have to worry about this issue. It is as strong and as safe as any other bike

The frame

Montague crosstown review


The frame is made of aluminium this is the reason that it is durable and safe moreover because the Aluminium is used as the material of the frame it really reduces the weight of the bike.

The weight of the bicycle

Montague crosstown review


Bicycle weight is around 27 lbs. This may be a surprising thing for most of the readers that how a 27 pounds heavy bicycle is considered as portable friendly. The answer to this query is that whenever you folded it reduces in size so much.

In reduced size  it can easily fit well even inside your car or any other transport. Therefore this is the size of the bicycle which makes it really portable. Even with the 27 pounds it is also not very heavy to carry. Especially when you are carrying it Inside a transport.

The tires of the bicycle

Montague crosstown review


The bicycle is equipped with the 700 type tires. These tiles are perfect for the urban Rider. If you are in a program to use this bike as a mountain bike then this will not be e a good choice at all. To commute in the city this is a perfect piece of Technology

Speed shift gear option

Montague crosstown review


This is an urban bike it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide the facility to address the speed shift gear option.

The brakes of the bike

Montague crosstown review


The bike is equipped with a breaking mechanism so that you can apply it and remain safe. A word of advice regarding the bike brakes is that if you are the one who is assembling the bike himself or herself and do not know much about the bicycle assembling.

We recommend you to have a professional opinion on your brakes. Because the brakes are a very important part of the bicycle and no compromise should be done on its adjustment. So if you do not have the proper skill kindly consider and seek a professional opinion at the issue of the brakes.

Overall riding experience

Montague crosstown review


Over all riding experience of the bicycle . In the riding experience you will not feel that you are actually riding on a folding bike. But do remember that this cycle has been designed to computer within the city. This is not all surface type of the bicycle and you may experience problem if you try to move this bike on the off road conditions.

Pros & Cons


  • It took only 20 seconds to fold the bike.
  • Thin wheels make the bicycle run fast
  • The bicycle built is of high quality
  • This bicycle is aesthetically beautiful
  • Wheels have the capability to absorb the shocks
  • The bicycle can even take you for the longer distances


  • The size of the tyre is really large because of the tire size it is somehow difficult to manage

Final words

This bike is basically and specifically designed to address long awaited problem of the bicycles. The bicycles are really handy when it comes to ride on it. It can take you at your desired destination.

Especially if you are living in the Rushy streets. Ordinary bicycles can easily move you around from one place to another. But when it comes to to the storage of the bicycle or when it comes to the transportation of the bicycle it is really very difficult to transport the bike from one place to another. Similarly the bicycle requires a large space for the storage.

This bicycle is produced to solve both of the problem and you can easily Store or transport the bike as per your own Desire.

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