Classic Urban Commuter Single Bicycle Review

Product Description

Classic Urban Commuter Single bicycle design gives riders an easy and comfortable way to get around in an urban riding neighborhood as it gives them an elegantly designed bike that has a lot of style and class. It is designed in an adult Dutch style manner and is a single speed hybrid bike that comes with a coaster style brake system which allows you to easily stop the bike with your feet. This makes the ride not only comfortable but also safe. When you see the bike you will love it due to its handlebars which add to its complete elegance. The platform paddles provide a strong grip to the feet and the kickstand make parking the bike a breeze.

Technical Specifications


700c frame made of High tensile and reconsolidated steel with the fork designed in a classic curvature


Suspension post seat with Classic brown


Silver 44T


Double walled alloy rims 300 mm in dia




700c x 28c


Wide high traction platform pedals for firm footing

Variety of sizes

The bike has a super strong and reliable high tensile 700c steel frame and the supporting fork has been designed in a Dutch style fork which adds class and elegance to the bike. Steel is anti-rust and so makes the bike more reliable and low maintenance. The moustache styled handlebars are an endearing part of the design  to provide a good grip on the bike and also to make sure they are comfortable. The bike comes in a variety of sizes that range from 54 cm to 58cm. This means you will definitely find the right size that meets your needs. Also, it makes it very easy for people who are between the heights of 5′ 7″ and 6′ 2″ to ride. The boxed bike has a weight of around 45 pounds which make it easier to ride when assembled. Of course, larger models would weigh more. You can use these bikes for travelling around town or for exercise.

Classic Urban Commuter Single Bicycle


Available for Men & Women

This bike is available only for men, but there is a model for women too. This means for couples who love to ride in pairs, this can be the perfect bike to buy. This bike is perfect for exercise and fast commute. It is designed to be a purely single speed bike which takes away the hassle of fixing the derailleurs or having to deal with the speed shifters. You do not have to worry about a shifter because the speed the bike provides on its own is amazing. It comes packaged with a kickstand for smooth driving.

Customer Feedback

If you really want a bicycle that will compliment your lifestyle and also make you ride like a professional, then the Classic Urban Commuter bicycle is what you need. There have been some issues regarding the cruiser brakes and handlebars in some reviews on Amazon and some websites. This however does not cancel the perfection this bike offers.

Although some people found the handlebars to be a problem, most people loved them. However, many 5 star reviews given to the bike means it is loved by users out there which is most important. Finally, there were compliments about how great the bike is and how easy it is easy to assemble it. Also the great customer service provided.

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Benefits of buying this hybrid:
  • Coaster brakes allow for easy stopping by using foot pedals rather than hands
  • Suitable for average height adults
  • Classic design makes it perfect for leisure picnic rides in the park
  • Easy to assemble as it comes with a good instruction manual
  • Reasonable pricing with discount at online purchase and free in-store assembly
  • Coaster bikes make the bike stop on a dime


  • If you live in an apartment, maneuvering the steel frame and size might be quite a difficult thing for you to do.
  • The cruiser brakes that come with this bike are quite hard to become used to especially for individuals who have been riding bikes with hand brakes in the past.
  • Mustache handlebars that this bike comes designed with are quite different and this might pose a difficulty where comfort of the rider is concerned.

Conclusion: Urban Commuter Bicycle

If you want a bike with the best riding experience, then this bike is the one for you. All the reviews that you will find will help you make a great final decision in favor of this bike and it will definitely push you to have as much fun as you need to. Taking into consideration the number of bicycles in the market and the many reviews available on them, it is very safe to know that all those who own this bike love it. This comes as no surprise however because the bike is easy to assemble, designed with a classic style, easy to ride because it comes with no tricky or complicated gears, and is also reasonably priced.

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