Schwinn Men’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bike Review

The Schwinn Siro 700c Men’s hybrid bike is one of the best bikes and is perfect for cruising around your neighborhood in complete style, riding on dirt paths or just going on a leisure ride with your loved one every morning for workouts. This hybrid bike delivers much comfort for all riders and is specially designed for men, but women also enjoy riding it.

Technical Specifications


Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame makes the bike design lightweight and durable and offers the best user experience.


Schwinn suspension fork ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough paths.

Transmission system & Speed Control

Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur offer adjustable speeds that can be controlled with Shimano EZ-fire shifters to get fast, seamless gear shifting.


Linear pull brakes make it stop quickly with a high-level stopping power provided to prevent any accidents and make the ride safe.

Wheels & tires

The wheels are made of high profile alloy with quick release front wheels, which are durable, and light weighted.


It is designed to offer riders with high-level comfort saddles and suspension seatposts, which help to improve the comfort of riders.


Rims are made from alloy that makes them last long. Also, they are designed to be lightweight and durable to make front release very quick.


The sizes of this bike vary. You will be able to find a small and 18-Inch (medium) sizes in the market. They are also designed to carry any weight that makes it very enjoyable to ride no matter your weight or size.

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The handlebar of this bike is designed in a swept-back style for the best upright riding position and comfort, which makes riding very comfortable and also safe.

Key Features

Balanced Durable Frame

Double butted aluminum hybrid frame makes the bike last longer and also provides the rider with better control. The Schwinn frame with front and back Shimano derailleurs allow transition through different speeds smoothly. The suspension fork absorbs shock from bumps on the path making the ride more comfortable. The aluminum frame is resistant to rust and is easier to control on slanted roads.

Comfortable riding

Suspension high post and padded saddle make it easier to ride for long hours without straining the muscles too much. The alloy wheels are lightweight and durable. They are wider than average that means they provide more traction on the surface and better grip. Plus, the handlebars are designed in a swept back style, which support ergonomic structure. The wheels rims and tires together account for a safe and comfortable ride.

Incredibly Fast and Smooth Riding

This hybrid bike can allow you to cruise on as high as 12-13 MPH thanks to the Shimano Front and Rear Derailleurs, which allow smooth gear shifts. Strong alloy rims enhance speed and the aerodynamic frame and fork design also enhance the speed making the bike ride faster and safer.

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Customer Feedback

I give the Schwinn Siro 700c Men’s hybrid bike a 4.5 stars. This is because it is beautiful, comfortable, filled with power and is very easy to use. These models are mostly compared to high-priced alternatives but have some of the best reviews.

The only issue is that it is difficult to put this unit together. It is better to get an expert to assemble the bike as such DIY efforts can lead to unexpected flat tire, loose fender or worse. Also, you may find the tech support hesitant if they find out you have been tampering with the bike on your own. Even then, riders love the bike and make sure to get it put together by an expert. Mostly, the issues people have had with this bike is setting it up and tuning it because another customer feedback explained how difficult it was for him to have his installed the day he got his bike.


Schwinn Men’s 700c Hybrid Bike


  • Assembling this bike can be quite difficult. It is better to have an expert setup and tune it for you. Here, a problem arises when you are unable to find an expert on time.
  • The durability of the bike’s tires is also another issue. The tires of this hybrid bike do not last as long as you might want it to.

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This bike is the best. It is very elegant, comfortable, and has a very high speed. The materials and components used to make this bike help to ensure its longevity. It is designed to offer complete speed, and it is also safe to ride. Shimano parts that are added make it pretty good bike to own because you can be sure that it will last very long for many years to come. There is nothing to worry about with this bike because you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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