Best Skateboard for Adults

If you landed on this article it means you are a skateboard lover and I already like you for that. I believe skateboarding is a fun game and we should enjoy it at every age. Skateboarding for adults is a damn good idea in 2022. When covid-19 is hitting the stress level high and we are still restricted within the four walls. Where socializing is still a crime and danger. So in such circumstances skateboarding can be a good idea to revive some childhood    and get some fresh air in your lungs. Skateboarding is believed to be two sets of wheels and two trucks. But these two components and their correlation can make big deals. Weight capacity, your balancing skills, and your speed slot depend on that.

So while choosing a skateboard  you will find several options in the market. But here in this article you will find just “Best skateboard for adults” and they are so super that if you are a beginner even then they will work well for you.Moreover will help you a lot to learn the mastery. Besides that we have also provided you with a quick guide to make you understand what you should look for in a skateboard while investing in it. Let’s read this article and update your knowledge.

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Top 5 Best Skateboard For Adults 2022

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard8

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32 inches maple skateboard is an all rounder. If you are a beginner you will find it really easy to climb on it and if you are already a pro you can have fine on it as much as you want. Moreover, it is completely a budget deal if you don’t need to jump out of your pocket for your best purchase.So you can use it for yourself or it can be an ideal deal to buy for a friend as a gift.

Its concave design, its marvellous dimensions of 32 inches in length and 8 inches in width is perfect to ride and wander on roads. It’s deck is a durable construction of hard maple wood made out of 7 plies that are nicely pressed and solidly built. This whole package makes its construction sturdy and strong to accompany you on your thrill rides. This skate board is not going to let you down no matter if you love performing tricks or you simply want to try it on a rough track.

This skateboard is best for adult rides no matter if it’s for basic travel or you want to have a skatepark ride. Minority skate provides you with high class Bearings (ABEC 9) that are really quick and functional. Moreover the wheels are made up of polyurethane , 52 mm broad and very hard as well. This skateboard offers you with one of the best quality aluminium trucks equipped with a kingpin of carbon steel, along with PU bush system.This package makes your skateboard perfectly lightweight and highly durable. Moreover with this board your every turn and landing is going to be highly responsive and easy.

So if you are choosing Minority as your skateboard you don’t need to worry about strength and toughness. Even a new skater doesn’t need to worry about his safety and easy ride as both of these are guaranteed with it. You just need to check  your favourite design and book it now…

Buyer Reviews

Best Review:

I was Looking for a beginner skateboard and most of them were happy and had very thick wheels. so that the rider doesn’t fall off. But this board is a bit more than a simple beginner board. This is not a very perfect choice for the pro riders but it’s ride is quite good and easy. I find it really good for speedy and quick tricks. Moreover, durable enough to bear my practice jerks and shocks. This skateboard is best in the category of learning and practicing boards and it is also a perfect budget deal.

Worst Review

As the price is affordable the build is also compromised, it can be compared to a walmart skateboard. The grip tape seems chipping off with excessive use. They said it’s maplewood but I need to check it. Well as I spend less I shouldn’t expect it to be equal to a branded one.

Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5

Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5

Market is loaded with skateboards but there is something special about Rookie which sets it apart  and highlights it from the others in the breed.That distinctive feature is the size of this board , its dimensions of 7.5 inches by 31.5 inches are simply exclusive. Its  shape is nicely narrow and its width is also sleek, so these dimensions make it light weight and that quality helps new skateboarders to learn and ride.

All the parts used in this skateboard are of high quality and its designed in such a way that you control it with ease and comfort. So you are free to have more intuitive and fun riding. Beside its narrow deck and it’s cool looking designs on the board. Krwon Rookie has a lot more to offer you in the deal.

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It is constructed out of a high quality set of 5 inches wide aluminum trucks which are highly efficient in providing you a smooth ride. Its light weight is very helpful for the newbies to learn new tricks and new riding skills. Its wheels are also tough, broad and durable with a width of 52 mm. Its rest of hardware is also very high quality such as mounting hardware and its bearings (ABEC-7) both are perfect to accommodate a smooth and luxurious ride.

So if you know somebody who’s interested in skateboarding but afraid to hop the board. Krown Rookie can be a thoughtful gift with its sturdier built and smooth riding experience.

Buyers Review

Best Review

I bought this skateboard for my friend and she was so excited to look at its marvelous design and she simply loved it. I asked her how the riding experience was. She said it’s a great board for entry level skateboarders. My friend is quite heavy weight and the trucks and bearings responded really well to her weight.

Worst Review

I got what I paid for. I didn’t read all the comments before purchasing this board. The appearance of the board is really fun and my kid found it really funky. But the wheels were not spinning very well because the bearings were so tight and highly screwed. It was actually going to damage the deck. I think they should spend a bit more money on deck quality. Because if somebody is purchasing a board for doing tricks. The deck is not hard enough to bear the shocks and jerks. I think maple wood is not  the best choice.

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard


RazorX Electric Skateboard

If you want to make your journey faster and your skateboard ride more exciting, an electric skateboard can definitely be a better choice. And when you are looking for the best in the breed the RazorX DLX is a great choice in the race. With its beautiful maplewood deck that is 32.25 inches in length but still highly lightweight. It offers a powerful motor of 50 watts and kick start facility.

The major concern with an electric skateboard is its battery timing. After all you don’t want to stay on the way while you ride. Don’t worry, it’s equipped with a 22V lithium ion battery. Although this battery is strong enough to support your skateboard for almost 8 hours, if the battery ends and your journey is still on. your skateboard can turn into a simple one and you can ride it with a simple swing of foot.

Moreover for fun cruising it also offers a remote control so you can handle your ride with more and comfort. This wireless remote control also helps you to monitor your cruising speed and keep you informed and alert about it.This board is highly stable and sturdy with its kingpin trucks and perfectly designed board. This board is a great choice for both kids and teenagers; it is capable enough to carry the weight of almost 220 pounds.So you can say it is a best choice for adults as well with its high weight capacity and high speed of 12 Mph.

Buyer Reviews

Best Review:

It’s a great skateboard. I have used this skateboard for 5 year and every day it is a delight to ride. It’s damn easy to use and I feel really safe while riding it. I usually have to tighten up its trucks because of constant use. but it’s also because of my choice of preferring a tighter feel. I am skating around for any purpose for wandering or even to catch a bus with this much money. It is a highly satisfactory deal. Sometimes I wish it could be a bit faster but when I think about the money I have spent on it I feel really satisfied and obliged. I definitely am a bit lighter from its full weight capacity. But still I think if I gain a few more pounds it will support me well with its sturdiness and solidity.

Worst Review

I am a college student and I bought this to move around in my huge school campus. The first day I planned to take it to school, it was my bad luck that it was slightly raining and the sidewalks were very wet. I was so enthusiastic I kept on driving and I don’t know where some water got on the deck and the deck developed some little splits. The machinery mechanism is working well. I am glad that the water didn’t affect it much. The RazorX is not providing warranty for it, because it’s water damaged. I think it’s not their fault but for that I can’t give them more than 3 stars but its working and mechanism is good.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC Complete Skateboard - Pro Style Quality

KPC Pro can be an all rounder in the field of skateboards. As it can be a choice of anyone who loves skateboarding no matter in what budget line you fall. If you can afford any skateboard you can certainly afford this. Its measurements are 7 inches by 32 inches which are quite adequate for a nice and swift ride. It’s a best choice for those who are already masters of skateboarding or even a newbie can hop on it and give it a try. It’s deck is modern concave shape which adds real comfort to the ride and makes it more adaptive for tricks and turns. You just buy it and it’s ready to ride, no installation required.

Although it’s light in weight, it weighs only 1 pound but it is capacant enough to carry heavy weights of adults as well.  As it is equipped with heavy duty and high quality aluminium alloy trucks.Moreover the combination of Heavy duty Wheels (ABEC-7) and  bearings(ABEC-7) are a great deal for a swift and smooth skateboarding experience.

If you are going to buy it’s sure it’ll never let you down but yes of course can exceed your expectations. As it offers all brilliant performance, smart and stylish minimalist design and durability is an added factor. It can be your great companion on rough and bumpy roads as it can bear all the jerks and jumps of heavy rides.Moreover when you ride on it it looks lavishly cool and amazing.

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Buyer Review

Best Review:

This skateboard is a great choice as I bought it for my 12 year old boy. But I also ride it occasionally. He keeps on doing tricks for long times and even I have tried it with some still rides.I even take it off to a diver way I’ve really enjoyed the experience. As the ride was very smooth the wheels were rolling like I was hovering on the road. I remembered in my childhood I used to add some extra wheels to my skateboard to make its ride more smooth but with the skateboard it was simply amazing. I wanted to scream with joy while riding it, but was afraid of the neighbours. It was like I was flying in the air and I tried it and it was really amazing.

Worst Review

I didn’t find the deck very strong as it couldn’t bear the jerks and jumps from my tricks. I think I can use the trucks and the bearings as they seem really good but that was not my type. If I would not have been a rough rider it might have worked for me. But as I am a rough rider I think I need to buy something else from some other shop. If you love tricking then this is not for you.

Roller Derby Deluxe Series

Roller Derby Deluxe Series

If you are looking for a skatebook that looks beautiful and works amazingly you can go with Roller Derby Deluxe as it’s undoubtedly a reputed brand. Its shape and size both are not designed to attract your aesthetics but at the same time it also supports you while you are enjoying the tricks or having a simple straight ride.

The deck measures 30.75 inches by 7.5 inches and these dimensions are packed with 7 layers of  hard maple plywood. So your skateboard deck is strong and sturdy enough to bear the wear and tear and pressure of rough rides.This makes Roller Derby a great choice or you can say best choice as a skateboard for adults.

Beside a well constructed deck this skateboard is equipped with high quality and weight bearing 5 inches T5 indy aluminium trucks.So whatever your track brings to you these trucks are efficient enough to handle the trouble.To add some more strength stability and solidity to this skate board it is equipped with polyurethane solid tyres. Those will rescue you from falling and this board from falling from the ride.

At last but not the least the bearing quality is also ultra good as the manufacturers have used Fast Bevo Silver 5 rated classic chrome bearings.These will never let you down during any ride or trick performance.All these features are convincing enough to give it a try. After all its price as compared to its quality is very much justified.

Buyer Reviews

Best Review:

I bought it as a christmas gift for my nephew and he simply is glad to get it. As he is just going to start skateboarding I wanted something so strong that can even handle some of his mishandling. and This board is simply a superb choice. As he started with it, I am glad that now he is able to perform some smart tricks on it. without breaking the skateboard and his bones as well.

Worst Review

Overall looks and working of this board is fine. But the thing that annoys me most is its  trucks are quite stiff and make the turning of this board a bit tough and difficult. Its all parts from its deck to wheels and bearing seems fine for the price but the annoying element is the truck part which makes its turning tough. I think maybe I can loosen them and use them. But I don’t recommend it for newbies.

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Skateboard For Adults & Buyer Guide and Reviews

When you are looking for a skateboard for adults or even juniors choosing the perfect skateboard is not a very easy thing. You need to check several factors and multiple features and have to decide which one will be the best one for your use. You also make sure that you are not running out of your budget. so you need a perfect one with all the features compatible with your requirements and staying within your budget range.

So let’s see what you need to check while selecting your perfect skateboard.

Size Of The Deck

While buying a skateboard make sure that your deck size is proportionate to your shoe size.for instance for in your shoe size is between 6.5 to 9 you need a skateboard that offers a deck in the dimensions of 7 to 8 inches.But if your shoe number is higher than the given ration you need a bigger dcek no smaller than 8 to 8.5 inches.

The requirement of the deck size also alters with the type of skating you are skating on. Generally the recommended dimensions of a skateboard deck varies between 8 inches wide and 30 plus inches long.If you are a beginner it’s better for you to choose a skateboard that has a broader deck and you can board it conveniently.

Truck Selection:

The next step you need to check is the truck selection. Two trucks are attached in a board to make it run fine but the trucks are of different types and sizes. Now you must be confused as the trucks are the technical part and everybody can’t check the intricacies. But you don’t need to worry at all as we have recommended to you only those brands that have used the best Trucks for adult use. Moreover aluminium material is a better choice in the formation of trucks.

Moreover you should know that the size of the axle should be in accordance with the deck size and they should be properly aligned for fine functioning.

Wheels Type

In a skateboard there are usually two sets of wheels installed to make it move on the roads. The speed and smoothness of a vehicle are dependent on the wheel quality. You will find that a large variation and variety of wheels with different colors, different sizes and different radius are available in the market. Your personal choice and preference will determine which will suit you the best.

Mosty, the ideal size for the wheels to be installed in a skateboard is 52 millimeter to 54 millimeter as it is easily adjustable with the tucks. The need for a riser pad is dependent on the size of your wheels as if they grow bigger than the recommended size then you need a riser pad for smooth and swift turns.

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Bolts and Bearing

You need to select each part of your skateboard really carefully. When you are just trying to get your hand straight on a skateboard. You need to make sure that your board is perfect and dont even offer you a single mismatched bolt or bearing.

Both these parts might be small but they have a bigger effect on working on your board. The bolts will help and hold the trucks with the board and the bearings help in smooth spinning of the wheels. Gracefully for a good quality skateboard you can rely on a standard bearing with an inner diameter of 8mm.

But to check the physical tolerance and strength of a bearing you better check its ABEC rating that will determine its quality and credibility. But no matter how good quality a machine is you need to take its proper care and keep it maintained by keeping it oiled and cleaned.

Better Brands

I always suggest you buy from better brands as the brands are always concerned about their quality and consumer ratings.  If you will initially save a few bugs by purchasing a cheap quality skateboard. It will gradually cost you high either by early breakage or by letting you hurt by falling off. Moreover if you have just started skateboarding you better spend on a good brand to be safe and comfortable.

Riding Level

When you are purchasing your skateboard it matters a lot what kind of riding experience and which level of riding experience you are looking for. For instance if you are an experienced rider then your purchases and your choice will be a bit different from the one who is just a beginner and is looking to start with his skateboarding.

If you are new it’s better for you to invest in a board that is not very expensive but still is of good quality and offers you riding safety and riding comfort.For a beginner a board that is easy to balance and easy to land is a better choice. Because when you are just starting your ride you need some board that you can trust on while stepping ahead. In beggineging get a board that offers minimum functions and maximum balance.

But you are still in the intermediate process not a pro but still a rider. You can choose one that is a bit technical and have any versatile kind of trucks or wheels. As you know skateboarding it’s your turn to add more excitement and intricacy.

But one you are an expert already familiar with your response on different terrains and able to maintain balance even in tough situations. It’s  your time to get a skateboard that can offer you a good chance to play the tricks and thrills you want to do.

Height And Weight

Both your height and weight are also important factors to consider and coordinate when you are choosing a good skateboard for yourself. So before buying a skateboard no matter whether it’s costly or cheap, make sure that its trucks and wheels along with their deck dimensions are suitable enough to carry your weight and accommodate your height.

Tips to consider before starting a ride

Mostly when you buy a skateboard or somebody gives you a skateboard you are super excited. And step on it without understanding that there are some pre-requirements before you start skateboarding. you just not only need to buy the best skateboard for a beginner and you can hop on it and start your skateboarding. You also need to focus on some important points.

If you are a beginner, never forget to add safety equipment when you are starting your skateboarding sports. I recommend you never forget to wear a helmet and knee pads because both of these safety gears will cover for you the most sensitive area which is prone to get hurt. While you are enjoying this thrilling game we can name it skateboard. Because initially you don’t know how to balance yourself, you need to learn it and you will learn it gradually. It is a possibility your board will flip down or you will fall down badly you can get hurt. It is important that you are properly covered and equipped with your safety gear.

Even if you fall you will get the minimum damage. Another important tip which has made wonders and helped several new skateboarders is the new technology. You just search online lessons on skateboarding for beginners and skateboarding tips. And you will get several skateboarders who will share their experiences with you. They will guide you to make a good deal to be a safe and skillful skateboarder in no time.

Moreover if you want to do some tricks and you want to enjoy different kinds of rides with your skateboard. You should know the basic terminology so you can search on it and you can get tutorials for it. Like for different tricks there are different names and you should know those names so you can learn them via tutorials.

Never try any trick directly or never try to be an extra efficient skateboarder in the beginning. The first thing you need to learn is balancing yourself safely and steadily. Once you are experienced with these basic things you can definitely make wonders with that.


Naver try any sports without using safety gears because fun and thrill are good until they don’t harm your life.

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