Schwinn 700c Men’s Trail Bike Reviews

Schwinn 700c Men’s Trail bike is one of the best bikes in the market that you can find today especially for men. If you love to ride bikes that are designed to provide speed, and also give you great stability you will love this bike. With the many components and features of this bike, there is no way you will have issues with your riding experience. Also, you will get to understand why people appreciate using this bike all over the world. This bike is perfect for rail trails and flatter routes, and provides riders with a very comfortable riding experience. It is priced at a reasonable amount of money which makes it all the more attractive for buyers. You can count on Men’s trail bike to be reliable, elegant yet classy. The 21 speed gear shifter, aluminium frame, fenders and mudguards make the ride safe, comfortable and allow the rider more control of the bike on mountain back tracks and hilly areas.

Technical Specifications


The bike has frame height of 28 inches with bicycle frame materials made of aluminum with RST Omni 790 front suspension fork.


The bike comes with front suspension travel which makes riding very comfortable.


The bike’s seat is cushioned to ensure perfect seating position, spring constructed for flexible seating, and also adjustable. All of these help to give riders so much value for money. Seat is made with vinyl for the best look and reliability.


It also comes designed with Shimano TX30 rear derailleur with Shimano 21 speed trigger release fire shifters and Promax linear pull brakes made from alloy metal for safety. Front brake system of this bike is linear, and the rear brake is also linear with steel bicycle chain material.


Pedal material is made of plastic.


Rims are made of metal alloy, Aero 24spoke alloy wheels with paired spoke model. The front wheel height is 28 inches and the rear wheel height is also 28.0 inches which makes for comfortable riding.


The tire type is 700c.

Key Features

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This bike offers complete comfort to riders with its frame height at 28 inches and also aluminum metals which makes maintenance very easy. Also, with its front suspension feature, riding is smoother and more exciting. It also offers comfortable seating to reduce stress on the muscles. The handlebars are swept back, and are adjustable according to the height of the rider. These features enable the rider’s posture to remain straight and the muscles relaxed enough. Also includes Suntour alloy crank suspension seatpost with alloy adjustable stem and 30 mm rise comfort bar keep the bike steady. Just imagine having to ride on cushioned seats that are spring constructed and also easy to adjust. Fun, right?



You will definitely love the riding experience you get with this bike especially where the stopping power is concerned. With this bikes front and back brake liner features, there is no way you will have issues with stopping it no matter where you are riding. Also, with the pedal material is made of plastic, you get more value for money and also have a smooth ride always.


This bike can go as fast as 38 Mph provided you are travelling on inclined hills. The gear shifters work like a charm and make the bike gain speeds in lesser time.Shimano derailleurs enhance the speed as well. The disc brake system enable the bike to stop instantly and keep the ride safe and completely in control of the rider. Rims are made of metal alloy. The front wheel height is 28 inches and the rear wheel height is also 28.0 inches which makes for comfortable riding.

Customer Feedback

Although a lot of riders loved this bike, there are so many others who have had some few concerns. One of the main concerns that some customers had is with the weight of the bike. Yes, some customers attested to the fact that although riding the bike was amazing, it was difficult to rid the bike on hilly roads because of its weight. However its wide range of features and also its uniqueness offers great value for money to a lot of customers as most reviews on major websites state.

  • The bike is too heavy which makes riding on hilly roads quite difficult although it has the MegaRange gear feature.
  • The tires have been said not to last for a long time which is bad.


If you are looking for an affordable low maintenance bike for a little off roading adventure, this Schwinn 700c Men’s Trail bike is the perfect choice for you. It is very smooth to ride although a tad heavy if you want to ride or pedal it up hilly roads but the MegaRange gear in the rear makes it less difficult. You can take it along with yo when you go on vacation for beach side rides or mountain tracks much like lot of people who use this hybrid bike for recreational purposes.

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If you are looking for the perfect beginner bike, this should be your first choice as the bike offers a huge range of features at the best price possible.

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