Pacific trellis bike

Pacific trellis bike

Pacific mountain bike reviews have been my priority for a very long time. But the busy schedule didn’t allow me to do so. Recently I have received multiple posts containing queries about the pacific trellis bike parts, pacific derby mountain bike, pacific trellis 700c women’s hybrid bike and Pacific mountain bike full suspension. Related Links: … Read more

When biking should your feet be pointed straight ahead or slightly outwards?


When ridden correctly, a bike is an effective machine. The position of the seat, handlebars, and pedals with respect to your body must be ideal for a better fit. This guarantees that you have a pleasant, safe, and energy-efficient ride. Your weight must be evenly distributed if you want to stay firmly planted on the … Read more

Difference between Ordinary Bikes and a Racing Bikes

Ordinary Bike VS Racing Bike

A racing bicycle, also known as a road bike, is designed for competitive road cycling, a sport governed by strict rules and regulations. The penny farthing, also known as a high wheel, high wheeler, or ordinary, was an early type of bicycle. It has a large front wheel, providing high speeds and comfort. Racing bikes … Read more

Tandem bike

tandem bike

This brand-new kind of transportation accommodates two passengers seated next to or behind one another. The two seats are set according to the expertise of the riders. The one who sits in the front seat must be a proficient rider; he should have a thorough knowledge of paddling, applying brakes, having a solid grip on … Read more

What Are Some Advantages Of Riding A Bike Without Suspension

A bike without suspension is an excellent alternative to a bike with suspension, especially for those looking for a more comfortable ride. A bike without suspension can have many of the same features and benefits as a bike with suspension. However, one significant difference is that it doesn’t use shocks to help absorb bumps in … Read more

What are the advantages of a mono-shock rear suspension on a bicycle?

Introduction The first motorcycle suspensions appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. In the beginning, motorcycles’ front wheels featured suspensions. The term “shock absorbers” can also refer to motorcycle suspension. Best motorcycle rear suspension: The main components of a motorcycle’s suspension system are telescopic tubes at the front and a swingarm equipped with either … Read more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat and drop bars in cycling?

Cycling is more than just enjoying the cool breeze in your hair and cheeks that penetrates your body. In bike communities, the debate over flat vs. drop handlebars is contentious. Most motorcycle riders strongly favor and regularly support one handlebar design over another. This blog will brief you on the differences between flat and drop … Read more