Can you generate electricity with a bicycle?

Generate electricity with a bicycle

The electricity prices are always rising. This is the reason that people are more and more concerned to find out the ways through which cheap electricity can be produced.

producing electricity through the bicycle generator is one of these. but there are certainly some basic questions that need to be answered before trying this technique. These questions include

  • Is it Possible to generating electricity from bicycle power?
  • How to generate electricity with a bicycle
  • How much electricity can a bicycle generate?
  • How many watts can a person generate on a bike?

Let’s look at these questions one by one 

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Is it Possible to generating electricity from bicycle power?

bicycle electricity generators are capable of producing electricity. Yes, it is possible. As if it is not possible, the article actually ends here.  By the basic principles of electricity generation, this is possible but actually, the answer is not so simple. Someone needs to keep paddling the cycle so that the electricity is continuous and uninterrupted. The thing to worry about is that it is possible for a person to pedal the bike forever. Can you generate electricity with a bicycle?

This means that we also require an energy storage mechanism. This energy will definitely be stored in the battery so that it can be provided back when needed. 

So if you are thinking to produce the perversity through the bicycle you also need to think about a way through which you can store and then release the energy from the storage.

How to generate electricity with a bicycle

On the whole you require different things to complete the system. The system has five different parts.

  1. An Sold bicycle that can be converted into a part of generator
  2. motor which will produce the electricity
  3. The battery which will store the produced electricity.
  4. An inverter which will convert this electricity into usable form.
  5. The electric appliances you need to light or operate.

Additionally you required some cables and belts. 

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Step 1: find an old bicycle.

Find an old bicycle so that it can be converted into an energy generating part of the cycle generator. 

This is to convert the physical human energy into electricity energy. This part actually helps the humans to convert their energy which is in the muscular form. This muscular energy will rotate the pulleys. Once the pulleys are being rotated this will produce electrical energy. To rotate the pulls  you should need a motor. 

Step 2: Connect a Motor

So the second step is to find a motor. This motor will produce the electricity. As you drive the bicycle with the help of the pedals. You should connect the motor with the wheel of the bicycle so as the wheel of the bicycle moves the motor moves automatically. For this you can remove the rear wheel of the bicycle. And install a motor instead to install this motor at that point. You may require a belt. so as you move the pedals of the bicycle with the help of the belt the motor will move automatically. as the motor moves the current will be produced so this is the time to store the current at some place.

Step 3: the battery

Battery will store the energy  in the form of the charge. As the energy producers and supplies when it is needed and in the quantity it is needed. From the motor to the battery the energy in the form of electric current will travel to the battery. to travel that grant or charge to the battery you require a medium. This medium is provided in the form of  cables. The current will travel through these cables and will store into the batteries. So connect the battery to the motor with the help of cables. Once connected the electricity  or the charge will automatically store in the battery and you do not require any additional effort to do it from time to time. 

Step 4: The Inverter

The inverter is the one that transforms energy from the battery to the electrical appliances. The energy stored in the form of the charge in the batteries. Actually this is the DC current. The electric supply used in the houses regularly is AC current. Inverter changes this DC current into AC current. So that this energy can be consumed. To do this the cables are required. once when you will get the energy from the battery and second when you supply this energy to the electrical appliances. In both cases cables are a necessity. 

Step 5: supply the energy

This is the time to supply the energy into the system so that the electric appliances can be operated on this energy. Please do remember that this is only a very short amount of energy. And you will not be able to run your home on this energy. But of course you can do some fun stuff with this energy. Let’s look at some of these for reference.

Used for the mobile charging

Use the cycle charger for the mobile phone charging. Work out on your newly made device. Connect your cycle charger with the mobile phone. Try to charge the battery completely. Always try to beat your previous record. This will also provide you the feel of E energy. You are actually doing something good for your planet family and community. 

Prepare an breakfast for your

Prepare breakfast for you on environmental friendly energy. The menu is smooth.  When you blend on the energy you have produced from your bicycle generator. When you eat this healthy breakfast this will also give you a feel of accomplishment. 

Even you can fry an egg or cost some bread with the help of this energy. so enjoy your breakfast that you have produced with your muscles. 

How much electricity can a bicycle generate?[/su_heading]

If you continuously paddle your bike. If you do not take a break. If you even skip the brake on the weekends. The good news is that you can produce so much energy that is sufficient enough to light a 100 watt bulb for 24 hours in your house. So this is the amount of energy that can be produced by adding a cycle for or complete 13 days in a month.

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How many watts can a person generate on a bike

Bikers are steep. Adding the bike human can produce 24 kilowatt hour energy in a month.

If we measure this in terms of watts. This will be around 80 Watts. During a bicycle race by a normal bicyclist. If you are a premium bicycle racer. The chances are high that you may produce up to 400 watts. what to produce more than this is something that is not possible within the human capacity.

Final Words
Riding on the bicycle is a fun thing. To produce the energy from this fun is also another fun thing. If you combine both of these activities this will become double fun. You can enjoy many things from this fun activity. What you need to do is just to plan this activity and do various fun things with that human electricity generator through the bicycle.

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