Mountain Bike VS Cruiser Review

The reason is important. You should know why you are reading this “Mountain bike vs cruiser review” article. There can be multiple reasons these are

  • You want to buy a new bike.
  • Someone in your group buys a new bike and you want to see if this bike is of interest to you or not.
  • Someone recommended you to buy a bike and you are confused about what you will buy?

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Before continuing take a pen and pencil and chalk out the answer to these questions

  • What is your purpose in buying the bike?
  • On what type of surface you will ride on the bike?
  • Will you do the cycling alone or with your company?

The answer to these questions will let you help better to find out the answer to the question you are looking for.

Like the questions that

  • Which is a better mountain bike vs cruiser for exercise?
  • What should you buy: BMX cruiser vs mountain bike?
  • Should I get a mountain bike or a cruiser?
  • What is the difference between a cruiser and a mountain bike?

Let’s do a quick review of The Cruiser bikes and the mountain bikes. This will surely be followed by a detailed review but for providing you with an initial introduction of the bikes this is important and necessary to look at the short review first

Mountain bike vs cruiser bike a quick review

Let’s have a look at Cruiser bikes first

The Cruise Bike Quick Review

  • The purpose of making the Cruiser bikes is to provide comfort.
  • This comes with a very comfortable seat that makes your bottom at ease.
  • If you are looking for a light daily exercise cycling routine then this bicycle is good for you.
  • It provides overall comfort to your body really a durable bike to have.
  • The thick tires can make you run on different types of surfaces.
  • The design of the bike is really simple.
  • You can run the bike at the low speed as it is designed for the low speed

The Mountain Bike Quick Review

  • Mountain bikes are made by keeping adventure in mind.
  • Their purpose is speed.
  • Modern, beautifully designed in comparison to the previous ones.
  • If you want you can use it as a daily bicycle but it is not recommended.
  • This bike is specifically designed to gain speed that’s why it is usually fitted with the speed gear system.
  • Make your posture in an exciting position

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Mountain bike vs cruiser bike detailed review

Mountain Bike v


Now this is a time to look for the more detailed review

Sitting Posture

The sitting posture of both the bikes is different as the purpose to make both the cycles are different. The difference in the purposes leads to the difference in the posture. The posture on the cruiser bike is more similar to your posture while sitting on the chair.

This is due to the fact that the cruiser bikes are made to provide you with comfort. So you can ride on it with maximum ease. Do remember that you cannot exert more energy while you are traveling on the cruiser bike

Do remember that this cycle will not keep you in a good position for long-distance riding. So this is the best bike for moving in the neighborhood.

On the other hand we talked about mountain bikes. The posture is more aggressive. The posture you make on the bike is in a lean-forward position. This position is suitable to exert more power and this is a really effective way to be more in control while you are in this bicycle.. You will be like a tiger who is ready to capture its Prey. You can even stand on the bike while you are moving on it.


Naturally, the mountain bikes are highly priced than the Cruiser bikes. The difference is due to the fact that both types of bicycles are made with different purposes. The cruise is made to move on straight parts. While mountain bikes are made to climb the mountains.

Latter requires more energy and more power. The Cruiser bikes can be obtained even for 300 bucks. But the mountain bikes can be priced as high as 500 bucks.. The price bracket for The Cruise bikes is around 100 bucks minimum and 500 bucks at the max.

Depending on the extra features and the brand the price difference may ocur. But generally, the mountain bikes are more highly-priced than the Cruiser bikes.

Speedshift gear mechanism

As per the purpose speed shift gear mechanism is present in Mountain bikes. It doesn’t mean that the cruiser bike misses this feature completely.

Even though most cruise bikes come with a single gear but some Cruiser bikes come with the Speedshift gear mechanism. But usually the number of gears is quite less than the mountain bike

Looks and design

The mountain bikes are more aggressive and designed than cruise bikes. The Cruiser bikes are simple in looks and humble in colours. While the mountain bikes are energetic in looks and energetic in colors.

Again this classification may differ from brand to brand but this is a General classification was usually occur

Final verse

If you have answered the question that we have talked about at the beginning of this article, you will be in a better position to find out if you really need a mountain bike.Your requirement is the user guide. The purpose of both the bikes is different, the same is true for the price.

In case your requirement is a cruise bike and you buy a mountain bike, you will be charged higher than the cruiser bike. On the other hand if your requirement is a mountain bike then this is not a bad thing to spend an extra amount of money. Otherwise it can only be a waste of resources if you buy a mountain bike instead of a cruiser bike.

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