5 Best Kent Bike Reviews 2022

Kent bIkes is not a new name in the market. It has been around for a number of years. The popularity of these bikes is due to a number of reasons. These reasons are the simple operation, lightweight, technologically advanced, and durable. All these bikes made the Kent bikes adjustable in the market no matter whatever the circumstances are.

Here are the five best kent bikes available in the market. These are broken down to provide you a detailed view of the bikes. Feature by feature review of the Kent bikes will provide you with the exact information and the detail that if you really need to buy the particular bike under review or not.

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Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye

Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye

Salient Features

  • Kent International is the brand that made this product available in the market
  • 18.5inch is the Size of Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye
  • Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye is One Size cycle. This means this cycle is fit for all
  • This cycle is available in the color combination of Black and white
  • Aluminum is the Frame Material used to manufacture Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye.
  • 29 Inches is the Wheel Size for this cycle
  • Brake Style impacted in this cycle is the Disc
  • 21 Number of Speeds is available in Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye.
  • The suspension Type that is available in this cycle is at the Front
  • 37.1 Pounds is the Item Weight of this product.
  • The Product Dimensions if measured in inches will bring these output parameters. The length is  60, the width is 30 and the height is 8 inches.
  • 62970 is the Item model number available for the product
  • Unisex is the Department for this product
  • February 7, 2017, was the Date when this product is  First Available in the market:
  • Kent International, Inc is the Manufacturer of this product.
  • B01MV3O378 is the ASIN number assigned to this product.

Product Description and features

This beautiful cycle Mountain Bike Kent Hawkeye falls under the domain of kent .

Durability durability

Aluminum has been used in the manufacturing of the frame. This made the frame durable. Sometimes it happens that the frame is durable but the crown is not up to the mark. While manufacturing this cycle this point was in the mind of the designers this may be the reason that designers have decided to make the crown with the aluminum too.

Shock absorption

It is natural to feel shocks while moving on the road. To make things smooth and the right comfortable suspensions have been introduced at the front of the cycle. This not only makes the ride comfortable but also makes the cycle aesthetically appealing.

Aesthetic appeals

The intelligent shock absorber rod position is not the only aesthetic element that this cycle has. The other beautiful design elements include the color combination of white and black. The beauty of the gray color has also been introduced in the form of the writing. In addition to this wherever needed in contrast to the black the red color is applied beautifully

Paddle shifters

The cycle is equipped with a 21 speed gear system. This speed system is of no use if the paddle shifting is not smooth and appropriate. Here The paddle system is efficient as well as is in the perfect combination of 21 speeds. This provides you with the best suitable speed in every situation.

One size for all

You do not need to look at the size chart while buying the cycle. This cycle is a perfect fit for people with a height of 5 feet 7 inches up to the height of 6 feet 2 inches.


The size of the Hyderabad is 31.8 and it is made of alloy. Both the size of the handlebar as well as the material used to make it. Both made it a perfect piece of art.


The size of the crank is 170 mm and it is also made of alloy. The size is really appropriate and the material of alloy made it a strong bike.

Braking system

The breaks are installed at the front and the rear of the cycle. This makes the braking system quite efficient. You do not have to worry about the emergency situations in which you need to apply the brake.

  • Made with aluminum, really a durable cycle

  • You do not have to look at the size chart when buying the second

  • 21 speed shifters are available

  • Some parts of the  cycle have been made with the reliable alloy

  • The cycle is available in the beautiful combination of white and black

  • Suspensions available at the front

  • Efficient disc braking system

  • Crown is made of aluminum

  • Size variations are not available. 

  • This bike may not be easily converted into a tubeless tires bike.

Cruiser Bike Women’s Kent Oakwood

Cruiser Bike Women's Kent Oakwood

Salient Features

  • The cycle is available in beautiful Purple color
  • The frame is made with the durable Material of aluminum
  • 26 Inches is the appropriate Wheel Size used in this cycle
  • The Number of Speeds used in this cycle is 7
  • Suspension is used for shock absorption. This is available both at the Rear and in the Front
  • 40 Pounds is the Weight of the bike.
  • The  Frame  is designed to make it a perfect Cruiser Bike
  • Hand brakes installed at two different locations. These locations are at the front of the cycle and at the Rear of the cycle. This makes the bike a perfect ride
  • The chain Cover is Enclosed. This not only increases the performance but also adds to the beauty of the cycle.
  • Seat Post Clamp is easy to operate. This makes it possible to Quick Release the seat to readjust it.

Product Description and Features

Purple color

Purple is a favorite color for most teenage girls. This color choice makes it a perfect ride for the ladies. But this does not make it limited only to the girls. Young male adults who love to ride in the purple color can also enjoy this bike. Anyhow, whatever you say this bike is launched in the market with the unique color combination of purple


Use of the aluminum in the manufacturing of the cycle adds to its durability. This beautiful cycle has design elements that provide the durability of the structure.

Wheel size and speed

This cycle comes with seven speeds and a wheel size of 26 inches.

Shock absorption system

While you are on the road this is very natural that you will experience the bombs and the shocks. To reduce the intensity of those shock absorption systems have been used in this bike. This is available in the form of the suspensions used at the front and at the back of the cycle.

Cruise bike

This is a cruise bike so all the design elements are installed and interested in the way. The rider will definitely enjoy the bike in the full swing and will take the benefits of the cruise functionality used in the bike.

Braking mechanism

Wheels make the cycle move. The cycle has two tires so if we are able to stop the motion of the tires the cycle will stop automatically. So to do so a brake system is installed at the front and the other is installed at the rear tire of the cycle.

Both can be operated with the help of a hand. Both if applied simultaneously will make the cycle stock at once.

Chain cover

Chain cover provides protection while you are riding on the bike from the chain. Secondly, this cover is aesthetically appealing and adds to the beauty of the cycle.

Riding seat adjustment

The seat on the cycle decides the position of the rider. This can make the position comfortable as well as difficult for the rider. Therefore the seat adjustment is a necessary facility that should be provided in the cycles. Unfortunately, every cycle is not good enough to provide this facility easily. You may hire a professional to adjust a seat for you. Thanks to clamps used in this cycle this problem does not exist for the users of the cycle. You may easily adjust the clumps; these are really easy to operate.

  • Available in beautiful purple color

  • Really a durable ride to have

  • The shock absorber system is efficient

  • Designs to be a cruise bike

  • Chain cover adds in the beauty enhances the functionality

  • The riding seat is not only adjustable but it is easy to do so.

  • Purple may not be the choice of all riders who want to ride this bike.

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Men’s  Hybrid-Bicycles The Kent International

Men's  Hybrid-Bicycles The Kent International

Salient Features

  • The product is available in  Black color
  • 19 is the Size of the cycle
  • This product is exclusively designed for men.
  • Kent International is the Brand that is the recognition for this product in the market
  • The material used for the manufacturing of the frame is Aluminum
  • 29 Inches are the Wheel Size installed in the cycle.
  • A Linear Pull Brake Style system is installed in the cycle.
  • 21 Number of Speeds are installed in the cycle
  • Suspension is available at the front of the cycle.
  • The Cycle is lightweight yet durable due to the use of Aluminum in its manufacturing
  • Alloy Rim is 700c. This provides the guarantee about its quality and excellent functionality
  • The riding seat is adjustable easily. This is due to the clamps installed at the rear of the seat.
  • Due to its lightweight, this model is also popular among women too.

Product Description and Features

Color availability

Black is a University acceptable color that makes the right popular among men.

Different speed availability

The cycle is installed with a 21 speed system. Due to this it is really easy to find the appropriate speed for all the circumstances.


The functionality of the suspension is to save you during the ride. The cycle suspension has an installed suspension at the front of the cycle.

Durability with lightweight

The design element of this product has not only made it durable but also lightweight. This is the reason that this model is equally popular even among women.

Seat adjustability

The seat of the cycle is really adjustable. Most of the cycles provide this functionality that you can adjust seats according to your height.

This transaction is usually not so easy on all the bikes. Thanks to the clamp installed in the seat this is really easy to adjust the seat as per your height accordingly.

Braking system

The brakes are operated through the linear system. These brakes are applied by pulling it backward. This may not be the most advanced system available for the cycle brakes but is capable enough to provide you with routine tasks.

  • An exclusively designed product for the man

  • A slighter different version in white color is popular among women

  • Suspension is provided to absorb the  shocks

  • The product is not only durable but lightweight too

  • Seat adjustment is very easy by using the provided clamps.

  • The braking system is simple yet effective.

  • The design of the product may not be aesthetically appealing to all

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Women’s Kent Pomona The Dual Suspension Pink Comfort Bike


Women's Kent Pomona The Dual Suspension Pink Comfort Bike

Salient Features

  • The Brand that is the recognition for this product is known as Kent International
  • This cycle is fitted with the tire size of 26 Inches
  • Pink is the Color of this women bike
  • Aluminum is used as the Frame Material
  • Suspension is provided at both ends of the bike.

Product Description and Features

Custom Design

This cycle is specifically designed for females. Every aspect of the cycle represents that it is actually designed for the females. From the colors to the rims of the cycle.

Twist shifter

The twist shifter is provided at the bar of the cycle.

Wide range of the riders

This cycle is fit to drive it for a wide range of girls. The girls with a height of 5 feet 3 inches to the height of 6 feet can very easily ride this bike.

The cycle seat

The cycle series is comfortable enough that it provides the feel of The Cruise.

  • This ride is specifically designed for the girls

  • Very comfortable ride

  • Aesthetically beautiful

  • It fits with the height of a wide range of girls

  • This bike is not made for the men

  • The girls with less than 5.3 feet of height and more than six feet of height may find it difficult to ride on it.

Full Suspension Comfort Bike for Women The Next Evalon

Full Suspension Comfort Bike for Women The Next Evalon

Salient Features

  • 26 Inches is the Wheel Size of the cycle
  • A Linear Pull Brake Style system is available in the cycle.
  • 7 speeds are available
  • The dual type of Suspension is available in the cycle.
  • The Weight of this cycle is 40 Pounds

Product Description and Features

Women Cruise

This cycle is a perfect cruise ride for women.  The frame is perfect for the ride of the girls. This provides a Comfortable ride on different types of surfaces.


Seven speed gearing system is available. Due to this, the rider will find the best gear that suits you the best in different circumstances.

Weight Bearing Capacity

The weight bearing capacity of the bike is excellent. The weight bearing capacity of the bike is 250 pounds.


The rims are not only beautiful but this is rust resistant too. This is the reason it is durable.

  • A bike designed for the girls

  • This bike has an excellent weight bearing capacity.

  • Assembly of the cycle is required. This does not mean that it comes with the 

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Final Words

These are some of the best available Kent Bikes that can be used for the ride. Choose the one that suits you the best. This one will be the perfect bike for you.

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