How to clean and polish your scooter?

Isn’t it ridiculous that you look like a presentable, well-dressed rider while your ride is covered in mud or dirt? As long as you’re dressed nicely and have well-groomed hair. Likewise, your scooter needs this cleanliness too. And you have to make your scooter neat, spotless, and polished so that it conveys the message that you love it so much. Yet, some people go to workshops for tuning and washing, but there are better approaches than this one. After all, you are the owner of your ride and do not want to clean it. Now you can clean and polish your scooter.

Making your scooter clean and shiny is not a big deal. You can easily do this task at home after reading this blog. The blog will show you how to make your scooter shiny after thoroughly cleaning. So keep yourself engaged with it till the last word.

What are the steps to make your scooter clean and polished?

  • Cooling down the engine
  • Thorough washing of the scooter
  • Avoid water marks and scratches
  • Use the polish for shining

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Cooling down the engine:

Don’t be so hustle while cleaning your scooter. Never start the cleaning process if your scooter’s engine is warm. The sudden water engagement with the hot engine can damage its internal electrical parts. So it would be best to start cleaning after cooling down the engine. Wait for half an hour until your engine gets cool down. But if your machine is already cool, it would be OK to start immediately.


2. Thorough washing of scooter:

The cake of mud and dirt slathers on your scooter. Especially if you have a mountain scooter or you love to ride on a sandy hill. So much dirt removes only by the process of thorough cleaning. However, those dependent on a clean road will encounter the minimum dirt on their scooter. But for both, you can apply the approach.

How to wash your scooter thoroughly?

  • First, you need two buckets of water, one containing the detergent and the other one having fresh water. Detergent must be metal friendly; do not allow any damage to it.
  • Now, take a fabric cloth or a soft sponge. Using a stiff cloth or sponge is not a good approach in this regard as they leave their impact permanent on your scooter in the form of scratches or lifetime marks that will never allow you to forget that once you try to clean your ride.
  • Now start cleaning by dipping the sponge in detergent-containing water and cleaning the scooter; after that, do the same with fresh, clean water.
  • Keep in mind that no mark of water and detergent should remain there.

Can I use the hair shampoo to wash my scooter?

Yes, you can go with this, as it contains similar ingredients. Remember that hair shampoo can be used to clean the scooter or a car, but it is not recommended for your hair as they are delicate and sensitive.

3.    Avoid the watermarks and clean and polish your scooter:

After washing your car with the detergent, you must care about the scratch or marks usually left on the scooter after this cleaning process.

Why are water marks left on the scooter?

The answer lies that people do the cleaning process too slowly. The abovementioned procedure must be done actively as prolonged water on the scooter body gives the marks. That is too frustrating on a clean an

d presentable scooter.

What if I use shower water instead of a bucket filled with water?

Showering the water on the scooter for cleaning is a good approach if you know how to control the pressure, as high pressure can cause dents in your scooter’s outer body. Moreover, if pressure is beyond certain limits, it can penetrate the sensitive electrical parts of your scooter, and the consequences can be the cessation of the engine.

4. Use the polish:

Cleaning is Ok, but it will be more than good if you furnish your scooter with extra wax to make it shine like it was when it came first in your hands. There are a few steps to make your scooter shiny and bright.


  • Step 1: Remove all the scratches

To do this, gently use sandpaper and scrub it on the scratches. Besides this, several other tubes can remove marks from your scooter.

  • Step 2: Apply metal polishing cream

I recommend a metal polishing cream to make your scooter’s body shiny. However, isopropyl alcohol can also be recommended in this regard.

  • Step 3: Make the wheels polish

The wheels of your scooter demand extra cleaning as they are high in contact with mud and other crud particles. It is quite a dirty process to make the wheel polished, but it is also necessary. Apply the cream gently on the surface of the tire by rotating it.

  • Step 4: The finishing touch

Now wipe out the cream after some time. You can wear fabric clothes in this regard. And your scooter seems to be a new one. Some small problematic parts remain unpolished as applying a polishing compound on them is hard. So I use a small nib drill to approach such points for complete finishing.


Some metals are not rust-resistant, so make their chain lubricant with oil. It is better to use scooter oil. However, any other ordinary oil can be used for lubrication.

Some frequently asked questions.

How can I make my bike beautiful?

There are several ways to make your bike distinguishing and more presentable than others.

  • Different drawings of your favorite character
  • Replace the worn and broken parts
  • Customize paint on it
  • Replace the wheels or polish them properly
Should I apply wax on my clean and polish scooter?

Having a glossy scooter is what every rider wants. After applying the wax, your bike is left with no unwanted marks or scratches. Different varieties of wax are available, including bad or good ones. So you must be careful in this regard.

How to make a clean and polish your scooter?

You can make your scooter shiny without applying cream or shiner. You can make a home scooter polish by adding g vinegar with salt and plain flour.


After following the above discussion, you can easily make your scooter new and shinier. Follow the tips mentioned above. And be selective while choosing the equipment for this purpose.

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