5 Best Folding Electric Scooter

Best Folding Electric Scooter

If you talk about the concept this is not new but if you talk about the popularity and hike in it yes this has started to increase dramatically.  I am talking about Best Folding Electric Scooter  for adults. Most of us try to find a working place near our residents but not all of us are lucky enough. So this is why we need to come daily to our working place and then go back to our residence.

This is not an easy task to do daily. Rushy road, Traffic Jams rush on the roads and long hours of public transport all make life a mess. This is why electric scooters are an increasingly popular idea for the ride these days especially in the working class. The difficulty with these bikes is that it is hard to store them for a certain period of time. Naturally, we need to keep the electric scooter somewhere similarly when we go back to our residence we again need to parct it up at someplace.

At the residence, it is relatively easier to place it than in the working environment. Secondly, sometimes we may think that we should carry it with us on public transport. So that we may manage to cover some distance in the public transport. From a specific point to our desired end destination. We can use an electric scooter to reach a point. From where we can ride on our scooter rather than walk on the feet or hire a ride..

This is where the foldable electric scooters are really very handy. This is the exact reason behind the popularity of electric scooters. These electric scooters are impressively popular these days. This is the popularity of the scooter that brings many new manufacturers in this avenue of building foldable electric scooters. But the issue is that all of these are worthy enough to buy?

This article is written with the intention to save your money so that you can spend it on the right product. Don’t forget to look at the guide given at the end that will tell you what to look for when buying an electric scooter that can be folded.

5 Best Folding Electric Scooter

These are the best available folding Electric Scooter in the market. We have tested it on various parameters and finally we have managed to sorted out these products. These Best Folding Electric Scooters are selected on the basis of the

  • Security provided to the riders
  • Breaking mechanism
  • Durability of the scooter
  • Range the battery provides
  • Charging time of the battery
  • Maximum and minimum of the speed
  • The ability to climb on the inclined surface
  • Frame and the building material of the frame
  • Most Importantly the ability to fold
  • Market reputation of the product based on various customer reviews

The criteria to choose these Best Folding Electric Scooters are not limited to these parameters only. There are various other factors that are considered by our editorial team while selecting these models.

1. High Speed – Swagger 1, Black Electric Scooter for Adult by Swagtron


Salient Features

  • The housing is Airtight and retardant to fire
  • Built in controls are Easy to use,
  • This comes with the Management system for the Integrated Battery
  • Fast charging it Charges in 1.5 hours approximately
  • To recognize this product the SWAGGER 1, BLACK is the model number :
  • Unisex is the Department responsible for this product
  • It required one Lithium ion batteries that are included with the product
  • September 1, 2016, was the date when this product was first made available in the market.
  • High Speed – Swagger 1, Black Electric Scooter for Adult is Manufactured by Swagtron
  • B01LDPT33A is ASIN for this product
  • The maximum speed for this machine is 24 kilometer per hour
  • The minimum speed for this machine is 6 kilometer per hour
  • This can carry the weight up to 113 kg
  • The power of the motor is 250W.
  • It has a battery range of 24 kilometers.

Product Description and Features

Economically priced

If you are looking for an electric scooter that is for adults it is cheap, foldable, and available at the best price then this must be your choice. Although you need to make some adjustments these adjustments are not many.


As per look overall, this is a boring product. There is nothing extraordinary in its looks that makes you turn and look at it again. If you think of its functionality then the opinion can be different. But as far as looks are concerned, the honest opinion has been thrown to you.

Folding mechanism

It looks like that the manufacturer has only one purpose in mind. This purpose was to make a scooter that is a perfect foldable scooter. So this scooter has all the features a foldable scooter can have. This is the reason that the manufacturer has decided to use a carbon frame. Due to this carbon frame, the scooter is not only lightweight but is in the perfect position to be a foldable scooter.

The operative specifications

It is fitted with a Dimlu motor. This motor has a power capacity of 250 watts. With this much power, it can produce that much arc which is able to run this machine for 24 kilometers per hour.

The minimum speed on the other hand for this species is 6.4 kilometers per hour. The minimum speed cannot be considered ideal to move around in the streets.

Weight bearing capacity

If you are a heavy weight person do have an eye at the weight bearing capacity of the machine. The weight bearing capacity is quite impressive. It can easily carry the person as a raider whose weight is less than 113 kgs. So if you are some extra pounds of weight on you do not worry. This machine has the capacity to carry you around easily.

The battery parameters

Overall the battery parameters are impressive. The battery can be charged for around 1 hour and 50 minutes. Less than two hours is quite an impressive time. Especially when the ride is able to make a round of 24 kilometers if the battery is fully charged.


We are not able to find any discount available for this product. This is sad but true. We have tried that like many others they may offer a pink colored discount but unfortunately, there is not any. On the other hand, this is also a good thing. This means that the product is powerful enough that it does not require any discount to be sold in the market.  This further means that the discount is here but in the form of high quality.

Shock Absorption

A spring is installed at the front pipe of the scooter that works as the shock absorbing mechanism. This saves the rider from the sudden jumps and the bumps on the road.

Environment Friendly

If you are a single person and you need to ride alone on the bike. Then this is the best ride for you. In terms of environmental protection too. In any case, whatever alternate product is available either this is a car, bike, or bus. This is the least pollution producing product. Especially If the energy used to recharge this is produced from the renewable resources then the level of pollution produced is less.


  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent weight carrying capacity
  • A shock absorption spring is installed
  • Impressive range
  • Environment friendly product
  • The Handle is detachable


  • Discounts are not available
  • Aesthetically the looks are comparatively boring

2. The Electric Lightweight Scooter UL for Adult – Glion Dolly Foldable


Salient Features

  • The brand name that is recognition of this product in the market is Glion
  • Black is the Color choice available for the product
  • 5 Inches is the Handle Height for this scooter
  • The Handlebar is Foldable
  • This machine own two Wheels
  • The wheel is made of Rubber
  • Wheel Size is of 8 Inches
  • Frame Material used in this product is Aluminum
  • Wheel Types are Honeycomb so don’t worry. These will never get flat.
  • 13 Kilograms is the Item Weight for this product
  • The breaks are Electronic and anti-lock
  • An activated press brake is also available at the rear fender by foot.
  • The battery available here is of lithium-ion battery type.
  • The battery provides smooth, clean, quiet energy
  • The Front fork suspension is available that makes the ride smooth and comfortable.
  • Product Dimensions if measured in inches are length is of 22 width s of 5.91 and height is of 11.81 inches.
  • The weight of this electric scooter is 28.66 Pounds
  • 225 is the model number for this product
  • Unisex-adult is the Department of this product
  • November 26, 2015, as the date, when this product was first made available in the product
  • Probity Cell LLC is the Manufacturer of this product
  • B018K MOPG is the ASIN for this product

Product Description and Features

Maintaining Free Tires

The part of the scooter that is most extensively used is the tires. Thanks to the modern day technologies used while manufacturing the scooter these tires are completely maintained as free. So you never need to worry about the air pressure in the tires and if the tire is flat or not.

This design of the tire was actually done for the military. Love you can easily judge yourself by how efficient these tides are. Honeycomb interior made it aesthetically appealing too.

Battery parameters

A premium quality battery is installed. The battery is lithium by type and it has 36 volts and 70.8 ah. The charging time required for this battery is 3.24 hours.

Excellent design

The design has multiple features that made it an excellent product. It is full of energy even that is efficient and economical in terms of operational cost. Beige lightweight it is easily portable

Roll It

This is not always true that you need to carry your bike. But sometimes yes it does happen that you need to carry the bike with you. In that case, you do not need to pick this as it has the extraordinary quality of being rolled. This is the design feature available. Even if you need to carry it please don’t worry as the total weight of this scooter is only around 28 pounds.

The braking mechanism

Braking is equally important with the acceleration qualities of the device. These are the one which keeps you safe while you are on the move not only you but the people around you.

These brakes are equipped with the anti lock mechanism.

A foot activated brake is installed at the rear fender. This makes the braking system more efficient than ever.

Economical Ride

This is an economical product in many terms. The first is the maintenance free tires and the second is the very low energy cost. Do you know that it costs you only one dollar to ride on this bike for 500 miles? Can you imagine finding any other thing that is cheaper and economical than this one?

Range and Speed

The motor is powerful enough to carry the rider with a speed of 15 miles per hour. Secondly, with the speed, the range is also important. You should at least reach your destination before you require charging. Here this product has an impressive range. I will not say that is actually something extraordinary even then it is impressive. It provides a range of 15 miles in a single instant of charging.

Weight carrying capacity

The scooter is of no use if it is unable to carry you. Like all other impressive things this scooter has the extraordinary capacity and can carry a person with the weight of 115 kg at the maximum.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are no more your issue to handle. move around with confidence and ease.

Wahoo Element in designs

Multiple woo elements are added here in the design. The product is made of aluminum. Carbon is not part of the manufacturing. This increased the durability of the product and made it an efficient one to be used.


  • The tires are flawless tires
  • The design of the product is full of waoo elements
  • Accident weight carrying capacity
  • Rated speed is impressive
  • Dual brake mechanism
  • Portability is very easy
  • The excellent battery is installed


  • Charging time for the product is high

3. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Salient Features

  • Xiaomi is the recognition of this product as a brand
  • Black is the color of the scooter
  • Handlebar Type is Foldable
  • Wheel Size is off 28 Centimeters
  • Frame Material used to manufacture this product is Aluminum
  • Item Weight for this scooter is 26.9 Pounds
  • This scooter is made to be operated by the Adults
  • Product Dimensions are measured in inches are. The length is 42.5, the width is 16.9 and the height is 44.9 inches
  • 9 Pounds is the calculated weight of the scooter
  • M365 is the Item model number assigned to this product.
  • The Department responsible for the manufacturing of this product is Unisex-adult
  • One Lithium Metal battery is included and this is all required.
  • March 9, 2017, was the Date when this product was First made Available in the market
  • Xiaomi Technology Inc is the Manufacturer of this product

Product Description and Features

Material and Durability

The material added to the durability of the product. This product is made with the highest quality aluminum. This not only keeps the product lightweight but also makes it more durable for use.

Battery That Provides the Range

The battery is really long ranged. The single instinct of the charging is about 18.6 miles. This is quite an impressive ride and especially for this price bracket


The compact foldable size provides the facility in storage. Someone may think that it is a burden to hold it and then store it. The good thing is that you do not require any type of extra expertly to fold it. You can just do it in a fraction of seconds. The total time calculated in folding the bike is only 3 seconds. In addition to this, the lightweight of the product added to the portability. The weight of this product is less than 27 pounds.

Safety features

The scooter is installed with a dual braking system. This means that if one break is not capable enough to provide this sport during the ride the second one is here to assist you.

The two types of brakes installed in the scooter are EABS and the disc. Moreover, the anti-lock brake technology is also here to prevent you from the fault in case you applied a sudden break.

In addition to the brakes the lights are also installed. These lights will tell the traffic around you that in which direction you are moving. In this way the people around you will also remain safe while you are on the ride.

The speed with long range

The motor is powerful enough to run the scooter at the top speed of 15 miles per hour. The battery is sufficient enough to provide you an extraordinary range of 18 miles.

Red Dot award

If you are the type of person who is really conscious about the looks of its ride. Then this product is definitely designed for you. Even the dot award won by this design in 2017 can verify this. Yes, it is true that this design is the winner of the 2017 best of the best design award.


  • Safety features are really amazing
  • Lights added in beauty and utility
  • The battery capacity is really good
  • The range is good enough to be notable
  • Tires are inflatable. In addition to this these are skid resistant too.
  • Tyres and specially designed to prevent you from the shocks during a journey.
  • Folding time is minimum
  • Carrying weight is less


  • The ground clearance is not appreciated. You have to look for the bumps on the road.
  • Weight carrying capacity is only 220 pounds.

4. Swagger 5 The High Speed Electric Scooter by Swagtron


Salient Features

  • Swagtron is the Brand that is the recognition for this product in the market
  • The Color applied on this product is Black
  • 45 Inches is the Handle Height for this product
  • Foldable is the Handlebar Type
  • There are two Wheels attached in the cycle
  • Alloy Steel is the material used in the manufacturing
  • 22 Centimeters is the Wheel Size
  • Metal is the Frame Material used for the manufacturing
  • 26 Pounds is the Item Weight
  • Rear Braking is the Brake Style applied in this bike
  • Product Dimensions, when measured in inches, is length is 41.5, width is 17 and height is 44.3 inches.
  • SG-5 is the Item model number used for the identification of this product
  • The department that is responsible for the manufacturing of this product is Unisex-adult
  • One battery of Lithium ion type batteries is required. Don’t worry this is included in the package.
  • June 29, 2018, was the Date when this product was First made Available on the market
  • 3BTECH DBA Swagtron looks like a strange name but the original manufacturer of the product
  • B07F45HL7M is the ASIN for this product:

Product Description and Features

Easy to carry Easy to store

These are two options. That should be possessed by every product in order to be suitable as per the modern day lifestyle. Both of these qualities are fully embedded in the design of this product.

The product is fully foldable so it is portable. The folding reduces the size of the scooter that you can easily store in the trunk of your car even under the Subway seats.

Powerful ride

This scooter has the capability to climb on incline surfaces that have a rising angle of 20 degrees. Your scooter can run at a speed of 18 miles per hour. This same speed, when converted into kilometers, will be 29 the kilometer per hour.

With so much weight carrying capacity the ability to climb. This makes you the owner of a really powerful machine if you buy this motor.

Battery parameters

The battery takes the time of 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge fully. If you completely charge the battery you can move on your bike for 6 to 12 miles. You may wonder why so much wide range is indicated here. The reason for this is simple. With the changing circumstances, The change occurs in the range of the scooter. If calculated in terms of the time this will be approximately 300 minutes means around 5 hours approximately.

Weight of the rider and the surfaces on which the scooter is running both play an important role in the range calculation. Even the tire pressure is an important element in this.

Weight bearing capacity

The machine has an excellent weight bearing capacity. This is more than 140 kilograms and less than 150 kilograms. If you calculate it exactly it will fall around 146 kilograms. This is highly recommended that you should not check the machine with the maximum limit of the weight. This may create a problem for you.

Have an eye on the tire pressure

This is important to have an eye on the air pressure inside your tires. If the air pressure is not appropriate you will not be able to get the maximum results from your ride. This will not only damage the internal layers of the tires but will also increase the wear and tear process of the scooter. Secondly, this will clearly decrease the speed and overall efficiency of the scooter. The milage of the scooter will be clearly decreased.


  • Weight carrying capacity is great
  • Range is impressive
  • Maximum speed can carry you to the destination real soon


  • The charging time may be reduced more.

5. Commuting GXL  Electric Scooter by Gotrax The V2


Best Folding Electric Scooter for Adults

As per my own recommendation this is the best folding scooter

Salient Features

  • This product is available in Black color
  • The Brand behind this product is Gotrax
  • 27 Pounds is the Item Weight measured for this product
  • Dual Brake Style is available in this scooter. One is EABS and the second is Disc Braking.
  • Package Dimensions carrying the product when measures in the inches have the following parameters. The length is 36 inches, his width is  1 inches and the height is 8 inches.
  • The weight measured for the product is 30.7 Pounds
  • The Date when this product First made Available in the market was April of the 10th in the year 2020.
  • This can travel a distance of 12 miles in a single battery cycle
  • The electric scooter has the capability to climb on the surface with 14 degrees of inclined angle.
  • The maximum speed with which this scooter can run is 15.5 miles per hour.
  • The folding system is an example of an efficient design. That is why you can do this process of folding in one step only.
  • The tire size is 8.5 and it is inflatable
  • Digital display provides the various parameter in front of the rider
  • The brake system is based on anti lock technology.

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Product Description and Features

Dual braking system

This electric scooter has a dual braking system. This is equipped with this braking system as well as with the ABS braking system. This is due to the reason that the braking system is really efficient in this scooter.

An additive feature of the braking system is anti-lock technology. This anti locking technology is used to save the rider from the sudden shock in case of emergency brakes applied.

Travel distance

In a complete battery cycle, this device can make a run of around 12 miles. This is quite an impressive distance.

Top speed

Top speed does matter especially when you are in a hurry and want to reach a point soon. Its top speed is less than 16 miles per hour but more than 15 miles per hour.

This is very difficult to measure exactly because it depends on the weight of the person riding on the bike and the surface on which the bike is running. Even then this may be worthwhile to mention it here that it is indicated by the manufacturer that the maximum speed for this scooter is 15.5 miles per hour.

Folding system

The folding system is not complicated but it really reduces the size of the scooter. It only takes a step to fold the scooter and you can easily place It inside the trunk of your car.

Operative motor

The v2 has a really powerful motor fitted in its tire. The motor can make this scooter run at a speed of 15.5 miles per hour. Meanwhile, it is capable enough to handle the incline angle of 14 degrees. Finally, this motor has the capacity to run with the weight of 220 pounds at the maximum.

Installed battery

A lithium ion battery is installed in the scooter. This battery is powerful enough that if it is fully charged. Then the scooter will be able to run for the next 12 miles.

Digital display

The digital display on the handlebar helps the rider to understand the different parameters on the go. This understanding will make the right both smooth and convenient for the rider.

The digital display shows the following readings. Firstly it indicates the current speed of the scooter, secondly, it tells about the remaining battery life and third, it tells if the headlights are on or off.


  • Headlight in the form of the Bright LED shows you the path even in the darkness
  • The indication light at the tail of the scooter tells others about the position of the scooter
  • The air filled tires of this bike make the rights both
  • The product is economically priced
  • The dual braking system enhances the life of the scooter


  • The problem is not with the product but with the after sales customer services. Please do remember that this problem is stated by only a few customers.
What to look at when Buying a Folding Electric Scooter

Folding mechanism

This is important to understand that every folding scooter has a little different mechanism to each other. Therefore this is important to look at the folding details before buying the scooter.

In this record we recommend you to look at some of the YouTube videos specific to that model which you want to buy.

If you don’t do this the chances are high that you may damage your electric scooter.

The weight of the Scooter

What happens when you fold the electric scooter? The things can be really messy once you fold the scooter. There are chances that even after you have folded your scooter it is of no use. The reason behind this is that maybe the scooter is so heavy that you cannot carry it with you. In this case, the scooter will become a burden for you.

Secondly, the dimensions of the folded scooter may appear in such a dimension that you will not be able to store it properly. Therefore this is the reason that you should look at both these points before buying the scooters.

This is a reason that we advise our readers that if you don’t have any particular need to have a folding bike. Then please do not buy it go for a full bike. If the folding bike does not serve your purpose then there is no need to invest money in it.

Some important questions regarding folding scooters

I think this is a good opportunity that I should clear some questions and doubts in the mind of our readers regarding the foldable scooters.

How much time is needed to fold a bike?

This is a very genuine and natural question that should come to every user who is buying the foldable bike for the first time. In the beginning, when foldable bikes were introduced they were made of heavy material and the design was also not so sophisticated.

This was a time when it was really very hard to fold the bike and do it properly. Even at that time so much energy and time were not needed to do it but it takes time. With the passage of time, technology improves and design becomes smarter and smarter. Now we can manage it easily. Nowadays it is a simple process that does not take more than some seconds to fold the bike and then again unfolded to get it ready for the riding position.

The safety of the rider on the foldable bike

This is the second important question that should come to the mind of the person who is riding on a foldable bike. What are the safety measures of a foldable bike? While you are moving on it. With the passage of time, the structure of the bikes is improved. This is a reason that now when you are going on a foldable bike you are safe.

Even then I advise you to confirm all the safety measures before you are riding on the bike.

The reason behind is that there are nowadays many new models are introduced some of those are completely different than their ancestors so  this is really difficult to predict something about the new bikes

Final words

Foldable bikes have many advantages. While you are on the foldable bike you do not have to worry about the parking space just fold it and have it even at your working place. You may even store it in the trunk of your car. If you are on the move and riding in public transport you can even keep it under your seat. Some modern foldable bikes can take the shape of the trolley and while you are moving on your road you do not need to carry it rather you can move it like a trolley.

So this is the second advantage of being a super portable device that brings easy practices of comfort in your life. No doubt that the foldable bikes add fun to your life. You can enjoy the breeze in the summer evenings on the beach and in the countryside.

It really makes your life easy. You can reach your workplace without worrying about the traffic jams and the Rushy roads. This may be the first ride you are buying for your kid. So with this purchase, you are actually bringing the self confidence and responsibility into the life of your kid.


This article has been written with the intention to provide quality information to our valuable readers. We are not at all responsible if any mishap happened to the reader after reading this article.

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