Diamondback Bicycles 2022 Trace Dual Sport Bike with 700c wheels Review

Product Description

Deciding on the right bike for road commute and leisure riding can be quite difficult considering the different types of bike in the market now. However, most people want to own a good bike as it is enjoyable, extremely healthy and a great way to conserve fuel and travel the green way instead of using the gas guzzling monsters. This is why many people take pride in owning the Diamondback Trace bicycle, and it means a lot to them. There is so much you can benefit from with this bike as a professional or casual biker. It offers the comfort and compactness you need to make your riding experience one of the best. The lightweight frame, top-notch front and back derailleurs and extra padded saddle make are plus features which make the bike an amazing hit.

Technical Specifications


This bike is made from double-butted sports specialized 6061-T6 aluminum frames, which make it simply durable and lovely to ride.


Also, its fork is a dual-sport type and comes alongside the best hi-tensile steel straight blade suspension.


Shimano Altus/TX52 drive train alongside easy fire 7-speed shifters provide an easy transition from one gear to the next and make the ride fast, steady and smooth even when going on as high as 15-16 Mph.


You get the best and modern SL-7 double wall 700c wheels with this bike. The alloy metal used in the rim provides longevity to the structure and ensure that the bike has better traction on all kinds of surfaces.


It is designed with tektro Novela disk brakes for the perfect stoppage.

Key Features

Diamondback Bicycles 2022 Trace Dual Sport Bike with 700c wheels


Smooth riding experience

With the butted 6061-T6 dual sport aluminum frame that this bike is made from and the top and down formed tubes, you will be able to ride on all rough roads without your bike giving you any kind of trouble and feel very safe and comfortable. Also, an additional dual support fork with hi-tensile steel straight blade suspension makes the experience even better.


With this bike featuring 700c wheels, there is no way you won’t find it amazing to ride. Also, these wheels can ride over anything and everything from gravels to rough roads, mountainous terrains, etc.


Safety of riders is the top priority of this bike, and you can count on the dual support features to make your ride amazing. Also, the disc brake feature makes it very easy for you to stop the bike when you need to, and it will stop the second you stop it. This bike is an entry-level Trace series, which means, you can get to enjoy the benefits that the Diamondback trace series offers on all their bikes.

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This hybrid bike is made with dual support Innova tires that are wide enough to take the dirt from the road and have a slightly polished tread for different road terrains. You will also love the crankset alternative, which is the SR Suntour alongside the XCT model that features the chain guard. The tires provide improved traction to the bike and keep it steady on slick wet roads as well. With the specialized grooves, there is a lesser chance of slip and slide accidents making the ride that much safer.

Customer Feedback

There are some Amazon customers that are happy with the customer service of the company and also the fact that, they are responsive and met their needs with their bike. Also, other customers attest to the fact that, the color and design of the bike are totally perfect for them and helps to give them a proud ride especially when they commute to work, the grocery store or the park and draw admiring gazes toward them. Another customer says he enjoys the lightweight of the bike, which makes it very efficient. There are a lot of positive comments about the disc brakes as well.

There are so many other great and detailed reviews you can find online, so start searching and decide if it is perfect for you like it has been for many others. For unbiased customer reviews, you can visit here.


Buying it online can be difficult especially if you do not search well. Assembling the bike can be a little tricky and is best handled by experts to ensure reliable performance.


If you have been looking for a bike that fulfills not only your commuting needs, but is the one that assures safety and comfort, you can always count on this bike to deliver. There are so many amazing reviews online about the bike, and you will be amazed at what people have to say. You can always try the bike, and you will be happy you did. Also, with the best customer service of the company you will get all the help you need at the right time.

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