Top 3 Best Bags For Bikes

Best Bags For Bikes

A bike bag for many cyclists is just as essential as the bike itself. we review Best Bags For bakes So, it’s important to select a bike bag that will fit your individual riding demands, whether you are commuting, running errands, going on a day ride or an overnight bicycle trip.

About Bike Bags

There are probably as many different types of bike bags in the world as there are bikes. Each bag is designed for different purposes, such as equipment protection, size of loads, accessibility and safety. The different type of bike bags include:

  • Panniers: These bags are essentially two bags that hangover a rack on the back of your bicycle. Panniers have a great deal of space and are wonderful for long trips.
  • Seat Saddle bags: Saddle bags fit around the seat of your bike. This type of bag is great for smaller items such as keys, wallets and phones. However, these bags offer limited space for items and do not work well for larger items.
  • Rack Trunks: These types of bags consist of one large bag that fits on the rear rack of your bicycle. Rack trunk bags have ample storage for larger items or shopping bags.
  • Baskets: A basket can fit on either the front of the bike or on a rear rack of a bicycle. These bags are excellent for bigger items. Baskets are used often for grocery shopping and running quick errands.
  • Handlebar bags: A handlebar bag is exactly what it sound likes. It is a small bag that fits on your handlebars. These bags are great for small personal items including your cellphone.

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Purposes of Bike Bags

Whether you are commuting or just running errands, a bag for your bicycle can make your trip a whole lot easier. Bags can carry a variety of different items such as: cellphones, snacks, tube repair kits, air pumps, first aid kits, camping equipment, groceries, bike locks, and even laptops. Bags can be more of a permanent fixture on your bike or some bags even have a quick release in order to let you carry the bag with you when you are not riding.

Choosing A Bike Bag

Before you decide on a bag for your bicycle, you need to ask yourself a few questions before making a purchase.

  1. What type of items will I be carrying?
  2. What type of terrain will I be riding on? Do I prefer a sturdier bag for rougher terrains?
  3. How often will I be using this bag?
  4. How much packing space do I need?
  5. What type of bags will fit on my bicycle?
  6. Does my bike have the necessary equipment to install certain bags? (such as a rear rack)
  7. What essentially is in my budget for a bike bag?

After asking yourself these questions, you can start to narrow down the search for the top bicycle bag that will fit your specific needs. Be sure to find a durable bag that can hold up to weather conditions and the different types of terrains you will be cruising on.

What are the Best Bags for Bikes?

I have reviewed 3 of the best top rated bike bags to help you narrow down your search for a good quality and durable bag. These bags are:

  • Ibera Bike Panniers
  • Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP
  • BV Bicycle Strap-on SBC Expanding Seat Bag

Ibera Bike Panniers

These panniers by Ibera are fresh in design and come in a striking ebony black color, trimmed with an orange outline. This set of bags are sturdy and rain resistant. They have multiple pockets and compartments to put you valuables in. A nice feature of this set is that one of the bags has a quick release to allow you to use it as a shoulder bag. The Ibera Bike Panniers are a very nice choice for daily commuting and leisurely rides.


  • Hook and strap attachment for rear rack
  • Rain Resistant
  • Quick release for shoulder bag
  • Easy accessibility to items
  • Easy clips, no zippers to reach storage
  • Affordable

Ibera Bike Panniers



  • Rear rack required
  • Smaller than some panniers

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Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP

The Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP is pleasing to the eye with it’s sleek black urban design. This bag has a main compartment that is divided into sections and two outside pockets to give you ample storage for your journeys. It features a quick release and a shoulder strap to make the bag accessible when you are not riding your bike. This is a sturdy and reliable trunk bag that excels at functionality.


  • Expandable design
  • Clips and bungee for attaching to bike
  • Molded sides for durability
  • Quick release and shoulder strap
  • Large space capacity

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP



  • Requires rear rack
  • Rain cover not included

BV Bicycle Strap-on SBC Expandable Seat Bag

This bag is perfect for smaller personal items such as phones, wallets, cameras, mini-flashlights, and sunblock. The BV black seat bag is quite durable and water resistant to allow you to travel in all types of conditions. If you need a bag to carry just a few items this bag will do the job!


  • Quick release
  • Internal mesh pocket
  • 2 side panel pockets
  • Expandable for additional belongings
  • Includes tail light clip

BV Bicycle Strap-on SBC Expandable Seat Bag



  • Not suited for larger items

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Final Thoughts

A bag on your bike really is an ideal asset for daily riders and commuters. I personally like the panniers by Ibera. These bags give you great storage options and the one shoulder bag is wonderful for small shopping needs or errands. However, all of the bags I reviewed above came highly recommended by other consumers who had purchased them and will definitely be good investments for any cyclist. Whatever your bike needs are, these three bags all have amazing features and purposes. I recommend taking the time to review them yourself before making your final decisions on a bike bag.

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