What are the differences between Hero Impulse and the BSA Hybrid (Hero Cycles)? Which one is better and why?

Hero Impulse:

Hero Motor Corpo Limited established the new version of the 150cc bike and landed on

Indian shores. From there, the craze

for driving bikes started. After its integration, electrical bikes were considered the most facilitated vehicles due to their lower fuel consumption and more brilliant bodies to take out of traffic. The hero impulse was established, keeping in mind all the specifications required for the extra mileage and coverage.

Specifications of the hero impulse:

As the Hero Impulse is a sports bike, some distinct and unique features are destined for it. They are as follows:

√        Engine type.Air-cooled, single,-cylinder AHC.
√         Displacement149 cc
√         Cooling system.Air-cooled.
√         No. Of engines.1
√          Multi-plated compression ratio.9.1:1
√         Stroke.58 mm.
√         Starting.Kick and self-start both.
√         Impulse150cc

From these specifications, it is clear that the bike is suitable for road trips and daily use by students and office employees. Its easy usage by people makes it more adaptable and usable in our environment, as people buy it for comfort. The hero impulse is, therefore, more common in India.

Qualities of the hero impulse:

The following are the essential qualities of the hero impulse, due to which it has greater acceptance in society.

  • It provides a superior quality ride as it is very comfortable to drive.
  • It has a lower cost of fuel.
  • It gives more mileage.
  • It has a good speed ratio.
  • Comfortable handling is essential for long drives.
  • It is shock-absorbing, so it can go down smoothly when it passes over ramps and humps.

Over these qualities, one can opt to have this kind of bike, which provides many advantages. These characteristics are primarily considered before buying any vehicle to ensure safety and positive impact.

Demerits of zero impulse:

With the advantages come some disadvantages or demerits, which lower the rank of an entity. These demerits usually go against the benefits of specs. The same is true for zero impulse, pushed out of society due to fundamental disadvantages. Those demerits are given below.

  • It has too few powers.
  • A 150 cc impulse produces 13 BHP.
  • It was expensive.
  • Its breaks were difficult to control as they required much energy to be placed and sometimes resulted in accidents when breaks were not applied on time.
  • When riding at high speed, the power generated by the engine is insufficient to overcome the frictional gap between the tires and the hilly surface.
  • The smoke released into the environment contains many chemicals, which are the primary cause of pollution and are dangerous to humans if smoked in. Read more about clear and polish of bike.

It was accepted and raised to its peak after its instigation, gaining enormous fame. But after its usage, its fame decreased, and acceptance of it decreased daily, resulting in its production discontinuation.


BSA hybrid cycles were established in 1950 for people who were incapable of riding  electrical bikes and were afraid of them. BSA hybrids, or hero cycles, were used more by young students and staff as they were used to driving through their schools and offices in comfort. These cycles were renewed and produced in bulk after seeing their acceptance in the market by the younger generation, especially students. Students of schools and colleges use it as a source of transport to be independent.

Specifications of hero cycles:

The following are the specifications of the hero cycle by which society’s residents more widely accepted it.

Tires.Rimmed circle covered with a rubber tube.
Frame material.Aluminum.
Tire size.25 inches
Frame size19 inches.

Advantages of the BSA hybrid:

As the BSA hybrid is a bicycle and is used mainly by students, it can provide the following advantages:

  • It promotes health because cycling keeps a person fit and healthy.
  • It cannot cause environmental pollution because no fuel is burnt out in its operation.
  • It helps people not get stuck in traffic.
  • A separate roadside is allocated for bicycle riders to get there on time.
  • comfortable usage with soft seats and handle covers.
  • It is cheaper than hero impulse.
  • Do not consume any fuel.
After seeing these advantages, it is clear that BSA hybrid cycles are more environmentally friendly as they are cheaper and also good for health. Students find it easy to go with their daily life tasks as they see it as economical according to their budget, and it can also save them from accidents because of the separate paddling line. Read nore about Best kent cycle.

Differences in hero impulse and the BSA hybrid

The following are the differences between the hero impulse and the BSA hybrid:

Sr.Hero impulse.BSA hybrid.
1.It is a bike.It is a bicycle.
2.Consumes fuel.Do not consume energy.
3.Cannot ride over hilly surfaces.It can be taken to hilly mountains.
4.Causes environmental pollution.No environmental pollution is caused by it.
5.It is a time-saving vehicle.It consumes time.
6.Do not require physical effort.Physical effort is required to drive it.

Which is better, hero impulse or hero cycle?

Reviewing the above data shows that both hero impulse and hero motor cycle have their specifications through which they were accepted in society. Through their significance and none of their qualities can be denied.

But when we compare both, it can be concluded that the BSA hybrid is better as it is environmentally friendly and maintains the excellent health of users.

Is the hero impulse still in use by people?

In the past, it is seen that the hero impulse is not in use by people now due to the advancement in society and the lack of better reviews by people because of some drawbacks in our community.

Can the BSA hybrid also be used by adults?

The BSA hybrid can be used by adults, too, as their seats are comfortably racked and efficiently support a weight of up to 100 kg. So it can also be driven by adults as well as youngsters.

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