Roadmaster Granite Peak Womens Mountain Bike Review 2022

A bicycle must have these three abilities.

First, it must be technically sound that you can easily drive through. Second, it will be comfortable enough that you do not feel any problem while you are sitting on it. Third, your purchase should be in a comfortable position so that you can manage your work well and should not be exhausted. These three qualities are present in this RoadMaster Grainte Peak Women’s Mountain Bike.

Let us share some good and bad points of this roadmaster mountain bike series.

1. The design of the bike

The bike is designed to be a convenient cycle and it is the one that provides you with a smooth ride. The front suspension is present to provide you the ease in the way. The tire size chosen to work with this design is 26 inches. This 26 inches tire does not only make the cycle comfortable but also helps while you are moving on different roads. Because it is the most convenient design. Especially this is your best friend for the short distance like if you are moving through the rushy streets and want to visit your neighbors.

It will help you to move on different types of surfaces. It provides you with 18 different speed adjustments. This means that you can adjust your speed daily for every type of situation.

This machine is specifically designed for the moment so it offers a three-piece mountain Crank. This crank really makes this bike comfortably well especially when you are on the inclined surface and in the climbing mod. The crank really made it possible for the women to carry the bicycle with almost minimum effort. It really helps the women drive while they are climbing.

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The braking mechanism is not only simple but is really very effective too. It is the V brake mechanism. The brake mechanism helps to stop the cycle as soon as you apply it. No doubt that this is one of the oldest braking mechanisms that has been applied in bicycles. But it is really very effective. This is the reason that it still has been used by a number of bike manufacturers due to its effectiveness.

The geometry of the cycle is the one that makes it a really very effective ride to have. The reason is that although different parts are separated from each other. But is a fact that these are designed to work simultaneously and in perfect combination to produce a combined effect.

2. Material of the Cycle

Different parts of the cycle have been made with different materials. Every part of the cycle should be durable enough that it should create synchronization with the overall cycle system to work. Once it is done you can easily move along with the best-performing cycle system.

This is the reason that the rims are designed. So that the best shape of tires should be maintained. Some other purposes that are really very important are also associated with this. One of these is the implementation of the break.  It provides the cycle with beautiful looks.

As we have earlier discussed, the cycle is equipped with a V-shaped braking system. This braking system that is V-shaped could not work properly if the surface on which the leathers are applied should be powerful enough that can provide enough resistance to stop the bike immediately. Moreover, it should be durable enough that you can use it multiple times, these two components of the braking system are present at its best in the RoadMaster Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike.

3. Assembly of the bike

You cannot use a bike unless it is assembled after that you may use it for the purpose you have bought the cycle. Sometimes the assembly is difficult enough that you cannot be able to assemble it. Thanks to the standard design elements arranged in a classic manner while following the new and emerging technologies in the field of cycling. All together makes the assembly of the cycle really very easy for the women

Why should you buy the RoadMaster Grainte Peak Womens Mountain Bike?

These are some of the positive points of this bike. By considering this you cannot resist buying this bike. Let’s consider them one by one.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Women's Bike

Easy Assembly

This bike is basically designed for women so that more than several efforts have been done to provide you with Easy assembly. This is the first thing that makes this a favored buy for women.

Reasonably priced

This is really a very reasonably priced product. It is really difficult to find such features combined together at this price.


The frame is made of steel that ensures the durability of the bicycle. It provides you with an excellent and state-of-the-art product that can be used by you even year after year the earth.


The suspension is not only smooth but it really helps you to drive the bicycle.

Pros of the bike

Following are some additional positive points of the bike

The seat

Roadmaster Granite Peak Womens Bike seatThe seat is a beautiful combination of style and comfort. The manufacturer is well aware of the fact that all the riders do not have the same height. Therefore or a seat of fixed height will not be suitable to all the riders. Therefore this feature has been added in the bike that it provides the utility to the rider to adjust seat according to their own height.

Compact design with durability

The product’s design is compact as per the requirement of the women. Moreover due to the use of high quality Steel in the making of the frame the bicycle is also very durable. Moreover the beautiful combination of the colours made it a perfect bicycle to ride on.

Braking mechanism

braking of roadmaster granite peak

The braking mechanism is v shape and is highly appreciated among the riders. It really improves the riding experience of the person who is riding on the bicycle.

Negative aspects of the bike

It is not necessary that the product has all the positive features. There are some features of the product that may be negative according to some critics. By keeping this thing in mind we have figured out some negative aspects of the bicycle. This may be another possibility that all of the people who used the bike may not find these features negative.

Brake cable

The brake cable is heavy there for sometimes it slows the braking mechanism. In some extreme cases it may also be a possibility that the braking mechanism completely fails due to the heavy wire.


If you ever need to lift a bike you will find out that it is not supportive. The weight of the bike is 37 Pounds. I know what you’re thinking, yes this is very heavy for the woman to lift for sure therefore at the scale of portability the bike does not go so well.

Lack of storage

The bike does not provide any space where you can store the additional products that you are in need to  carry.

Final words

This is really an affordable bike. A must to have bike for the people who are relatively new in the world of bicycle. This is designed to to cover the needs of a woman. It can has the capability even to to go off roads. In case if you have decided to buy this bike you can have it from the following link

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