Diamondback Bicycles 2023 Clarity 24 Complete Children’s Performance Hybrid Bike Reviews

What father has not been nagged about getting his daughter a bicycle and, even better, a Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Clarity 24 Complete Children’s Performance Hybrid Bike one? This particular young person’s performance hybrid bike is just what the doctor ordered. Especially for little girls. It ticks all the boxes as far a performance and looks go.

If your little girl likes riding a bike every day, then the Diamondback(R) Clarity youth performance-hybrid bike is the perfect companion for her adventures. The alloy frame is very tough, but the bike is comfortable to ride and the tires are narrow-profile, which means they will roll easily and quickly on even surfaces, but will also handle ones that are not so even. The Shimano(R) drivetrain has 14 speeds, and these are organized by twist shifters. The brakes are good, being made from alloy and give controlled stops.


  • Bike Gender: This bike is specifically made for girls
  • Wheels & Tires: Width of wheel is 1.375” and wheel is 24″ while the hybrid tires are Jr. Dual sport. The pedals are made of resin.
  • Frame Material: Clarity 24 strong lightweight frame is made from alloy with replaceable hanger
  • Speed: The bike has 14 Speed with steel riser handlebars
  • Shifters & Derailleur: Shimano® front and rear derailleurs with Twist/Grip Shimano® shifter type
  • Crankset & Brakes: Brakes and crankset is made from Alloy
  • Seat Post: Total length of seat post is 300 mm and width is 27.2 mm. The 2 panel Jr padded alloy micro adjust seat is 27.2 mm.
  • Brakes: Alloy Linear
  • Rim Type: 32h R-1000 Alloy
  • Stem: Alloy Quill
  • Available Colors: Pink

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Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Clarity 24

Amazing Feature

  • Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Clarity 24 Complete Children’s Performance Hybrid Bike for girls have linear brakes for more control and safety
  • Not only that, but the frame is alloy and has a replaceable derailleur hanger which adds to its durability
  • Because the fork has a straight blade, the steering is solid and comfortable
  • A wide range of gears are available due to the drivetrain having 7-Speed
  • Because the wheels are narrow and 24 inch, they are a smaller fit, thus easier to carry

Diamondback Hybrid Bike


Customer Reviews

Review 1: The great looking Clarity 24 hybrid bike has amazing 14 gearing speeds and options for accelerating speeds and for climbing. Shimano Revo shifters, F & R derailleurs are great for making shifting seamless and responsive. It wasn’t that difficult to put this hybrid together. My daughter loves it.
Review 2: Putting together this bike was pretty easy. A perfect gift for my daughter soon to be 12. The rust proof alloy frame and linear brakes did not need much maintenance and adjustment was easy. Brakes are reliable and my daughter seems to be pretty comfortable.
Review 3: Delivered promptly and the bike is no different from what is advertised. My daughter loves riding it and pink is her favorite color.


Most of the reviews for this Diamondback(R) Clarity girl’s bike is very positive, with only a few mentioning problems they found with the bike. All said it was packaged well for delivery and was easy enough to put together without hassle. The stopping power may be a little sudden for those who are not experienced with riding a bike, but that is overcome by practice.  Being comfortable on a bike is also a priority when learning to ride, and this bike provides that.


  • Ships only in the USA
  • Back brake is very hard to adjust
  • Brakes are a little slow at times
  • Paintwork does not appear to last well
  • Some reviews suggest the bike does not handle rough surfaces well

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Kids don’t really get the idea of fitness, but you won’t have to nag them to get outside if they know they have a Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Clarity 24 Complete Children’s Performance Hybrid Bike waiting for them. Kids love to be comfortable, no matter what they are doing, so using the Diamondback(R) Clarity is going to be a powerful pull in getting your girl off the couch or out from the computer and exercising herself, although she may not know what she is doing for her body. Using the comfort geometry that is built in will keep her awake and in the right position. Comfort is assured with the Jr. Padded 2-panelled seat and the DB Kraton grips make riding the bike a total pleasure.

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