(Speed City Bike Review) Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step – Thru 1

Product Description

Pure City Bike Dutch Style Step- Thru 1 – Speed City is one of the few city bicycles you can count on to give you the best ride of your life. This bike was designed with hand-selected components to give all riders great value for their time on the bike and to make sure that every moment spent riding is a moment remembered well. The speed that this bike provides will make you feel as if you’re gliding on the road and offers a comfortable ride at a great speed. This bike offers 100% safety to its riders in terms of low-rise handlebars, wide platform pedals and the perfect brake set which stops the bike at a dime. With its elegance and grace, you will fall in love with this bike the first time you set eyes on it.

Technical Specifications


The bike combines classic features of a Dutch step-thru bike that is built with very sturdy hi-tensile steel frame and fork. Have fun riding in this upright positioned bike in your area, run errands and get to and from work.


This bike is designed to come with features that allow choice between 1 speed gear, 3 speed gears, or even 8 speed Shimano Nexus Twist Shifters. So those who relish speed, enjoy riding this bike too.


Get maximum safety and perfection with front and back alloy caliper brakes. Also, the bike is designed with a 3-piece crank set as well as a chain guard protector to ensure that your dress does not get soiled with oil from the bike when you ride it or work on it.


The bike is designed to come with 30mm double walled deep-dish rims that are made of alloy and also come with spokes made from stainless steel. This gives your bike the glitz and glamour you need to show the world you have style even as you ride your bike.

Other included features

This bike comes with other additional features that are practical like matching fenders, kickstand, silver bells, saddle with springs made with leather, reflectors, back racks, and also leather grips. All of these features help to give you great value for money and makes using this bike so much fun.

Pure City Bike Dutch Style


Key Features


If you truly want a bike that will give you the assurance of comfort and also make sure you have the best riding experience ever, you should definitely buy this Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 1-Speed City Bike. The bike is very comfortable, and there is no way you will not feel comfortable when you ride it. You can take it everywhere you go and have a great time as you exercise and have fun.


Most ladies cannot be bothered with frequent bike repairs, so they want a bike that is reliable and sturdy enough to last long without causing them to drag it to the bike shop every few days. The duchies step-thru bike is built with very reconsolidated, anti-rust hi-tensile steel frame and aerodynamically designed fork to minimize the effect of air resistance. All of these help to assure a comfortable and smooth ride. All you need to do is make sure it is bought from the right store and you are done.

Quick shifting

It also comes with the best functions like choosing between 1 speed gear, 3 speed gears, or even 8 speed Shimano Nexus Twist Shifters are concerned. This means you always have an alternative in deciding which shifters are perfect for you and at which speeds you wish to cruise along the beach, exercise in the park or run errands in the area. The shifters and derailleurs account for the extra smooth transmission system of the bike.

Durability and strength

With this bike’s 30mm double walled deep dish rims that are made of alloy and also its stainless steel spokes, there is no way you won’t be the talk of the town when you ride this bike.

Customer Feedback

So many customers or people who have bought this hybrid bike love the variety and alternatives given for speed control through shifting and also the speed controls. Also, most customers attest to the fact that they love the handlebars.


Most people find it difficult to get many reviews about the bike online, which makes deciding to buy it a little hard.


Although so many bikes are over hyped, this bike is truly one of the best. It is very strong and comfortable to ride. Apart from the beauty, you can be assured that your bike will last for a very long time and give you a lot to treasure. Also, you are able to control the pace of your ride and prevent over speeding in areas such as mountain tracks, dirt roads and busy streets where speeding may be dangerous.

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