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This was 2009 when a student of the University of Southern California founded the Retrospec bikes. Since then it is gaining popularity day by day. This article contains a detailed review of the Retrospec bikes and at the end you will find the most hot selling and durable product of the Retrospec. So stay tuned and be ready to read the article till end

Why you should buy the Retrospec bikes. There are several multiple reasons that can justify your purchase of the Retrospec bikes. Let’s review this one by one.

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Minimum Maintenance

The Retrospec bikes are composed of minimum working parts. This is the reason that the maintenance required here is less. Continuous maintenance of the product is really very time consuming as well as expensive. So less maintenance means that you have to consume less time and money on it. The first reason is very solid to have it and this is that this is really a very less expensive bike in terms of maintenance,

Light Weight

This is not necessary that all the time the cycle will carry you. Other times you may need to carry the cycle. The good thing about these bikes is. That it is made of hi-tensile steel frame even then these are super lightweight. Being lightweight these are really easy to control during the ride. 

Choice of the Riding Mod

Not everyone likes to ride the bike or drive it in a single mode. There are different modes available on these bikes. Thanks to the Flip-Flop rear hub. The choice is yours if you want to ride the bike in the gear mod or otherwise in single speed mode. 

The Cheapest available option

This is no doubt the cheapest available option available in the market. If you compare those with the other available cycles in the market. These available options include all types of the scooter. No matter if you are looking in the category of the fixes or other single speed categories available in the market. 

Essay to Ride

As per the customer review available on different websites on the internet. It has been revealed that this cycle is really easy to ride. So if you are not an expert rider you don’t have to worry about the riding procedure on the bike,

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Simplest of all

Many different types of cycles are available in the market. Some of those have really complex mechanisms. These require actual effort even to assemble them. As well as this is a real task to maintain or handle the gear system of the cycle and the braking system of the cycle. These things can be quite problematic in that sense. In the case of the Retrospec bikes, these complications are not present. This is really easy to handle the different aspects of the bikes as well as to assemble it. In fact, the Retrospec bikes are the simplest available bikes right now in the market. 


Assembly is so simple that within 15 minutes the assembly can be done. This means that this is not a complex task that requires so much effort and technique. Even then this is highly recommended if you don’t know about the assembling process of the cycles previously. Then you should seek guidance. Otherwise you may destroy your cycle or in the later stage, the cycle may not perform according to the standards or the acceptations. 


Tires are the one that has made this bike one of the best possible options in terms of the bicycles that can be easily moved on all types of surfaces. The cycle is fitted with the tires of the larger size that are 24 c. 

Actually, this tire size is the result of a modification done in the cycles in order to respond to the customer’s requirements.

Dual bottle carriage

Dual bottle carriage is provided with the cycle. Bottle stands are available if needed for the front and the rear career.

This is truly a perfect bike that can carry us within the city. Even if you are interested in riding on the hills. It can carry you easily on low heels. This means that the infrastructure of the cycle with tires and gear ratio is perfect for this purpose. 

Why Not buy the Retrospec bikes

There are multiple reasons that may restrict you from buying the Retrospec bikes 

Poor braking system

The brakes installed in these bikes are not of high quality. The pads are made of average quality material and these are known to be absolute soon. 

In fact, this is the most compromised part of these bikes. As the spikes are not of very high speed bikes so this may be our reason to use the average quality braking system in the bikes. Even if you think that a high quality braking system is needed to be installed in the bikes then this bike is not for you. But do remember that in this case, you require more money to spend on the purchase of the bike.

The plastic pedals

The plastic pedals need to be replaced after some time. But don’t worry this time spam is not very low. Yes, some accidents are reported in which the pedals are reported to fall from the crank. But these are not very large in number.

Crank problem

In some of the other issues, the crack snapped. The bad thing is that all that happened suddenly. This is even more painful that you cannot do anything about the problem and you are in the way. 

Uncomfortable saddle

The saddle is not known to be very comfortable for all of the riders. For multiple riders it creates problems. Anyhow this is not a big issue you can always adjust the height. In case you have a problem with the settlement you can even change it. Multiple cells are available in the market. You may choose the one that suits you the best.

The instruction manual is missing

The very bad thing about the cycle is that it lacks an instruction manual. No matter how simple the ride looks, there are always some complexities that make it difficult to ride on it. 

For the expert users, the bicycle may be easy to ride on but this is not true for all of the users. Some users that are at the beginning stage certainly find it difficult to use the bicycle without instructions. Therefore the manufacturer should consider this point and in the product  package, must include a detailed instruction manual. 

Caliper brakes and a fender

There is not enough fitting space available on the bike to install caliper brakes and defenders simultaneously. So if you think of installing Caliper brakes and a fender simultaneously on your  bikes this bike is certainly not for you. 

Short structured riders

If you are a short structured Rider this cycle is not for you. These are not made according to the standard sizes. Therefore it is hard to find the appropriate size as per your requirements. Especially if you are short in height then this is really difficult for you to drive this cycle. 

Gear ratio

Some users do not find it appropriate. For those, the gear ratio is too large. But again this is something that may vary from user to user. So if you think that you need to buy these bikes you should check the gear ratio appropriately. Maybe this problem does not occur for you at all.

Chain Guard and mount

The chain guard is available but unfortunately, the mounts are not available. If the mounts are not available then I wonder how you are going to attach it to your bike.

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The Best Available Product

If you think that you need to buy one Retrospec Harper bike. Then this is the link to the best available bike here. 

Single-Speed Kedzie FixieSchwinn 

Single-Speed Kedzie FixieSchwinn

Salient Features

  • A perfect Road Bike.
  • Available in the Lightweight Frame
  • Easy to handle and easy to carry
  • City Riding is not a big issue for this bike. You will remain comfortable on this bike.
  • The product is available in a beautiful blue colour.
  • The Brand that provides this product recognition is Schwinn
  • Available in One Size so you don’t have to worry about the size chart.
  • The Frame is made of Steel. A perfect material for the cycle.
  • Caliper is the Brake Style of this bike.
  • Number of Speeds available in this bike is 1
  • Suspension is available at both ends of the bike that is the Rear as well as the Front
  • The weight of this product is 31 Pounds.

Product Description and Features

Fixed gear cycling

The 700c is known to provide you a steady and stable ride. The fixed gear cycling experience is at its best with this reliable cycle.

Urban riding

A perfect bike to move around in the City Streets. The brakes are accurate and this is a perfect bike to use in the narrow spaces in the City. 

Lifetime warranty

This bicycle comes with a lifetime warranty but we are sure that you read the instructions carefully otherwise getting out of warranty from the manufacturer can be a problem. Secondly as this warranty is limited so check properly what is not covered in this warranty. 

Nothing is more simple

The bike provides you the experience of riding a cycle in the most simplest way. This bicycle has all the things that are needed for everyday riding. In fact this is a perfect bike for everyday common users that need to move around in the city with its bike. Beautiful blue colour without colour dreams make it really a presentable piece of art even though the design is really very simple. 

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Clean and smart look

Being a single speed bike it does not require any additional cables and gears in it. Both of these missing parts provide the bicycle with a very clean look. The lock without the cables. The bicycle baby looks smart and clean while the cables are missing. 

American Icon

Being a simple bike this is an American icon that provides you durability, simplicity and excellent control at the same time. 


  • The perfect urban bike
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Handling of the bike is easy
  • Due to light weight it is portable
  • Two colours are available to choose one
  • One size availability eliminates the need of the size chart
  • Double sided suspension is available that is in front as well as at the back


  • One size of the bike may not fit all the users.
  • Some experienced riders may need the gearing system
  • This bike is not for very extensive and high speed uses.

Final Words

This is really an American icon. The heritage of innovation and remarkable history of durability and reliability. Perfectly made to move you around the streets of the city. At the same time providing comfort and ease to the riders.  

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