Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Reviews

Product description

Takara Kabuto bike is ideal for commute and leisure riding. Spectacular features include handcrafted frame made from reconsolidated steel. The frame has horizontal dropouts that can withstand the wear and tear of hectic metropolitan commute. The flip flop hub allows the rider to enjoy the bike as a single speed bike with a fixed gear which is also known as freewheel single speed mode. You can then ride a bike without needing to fiddle with the temperamental gear components. The 32 h aluminum alloy wheels are fixed on Kenda 700 by 32 tires that are tough and can withstand the imperfections of dirt tracks and side roads. There are alloy pull brakes at the front and rear can stop this bike at a dime. There are three different sizes of this bike that allow for a comfortable ride for riders of different heights.

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  • Tig welded Reconsolidated steel frame with horizontal drop out and 1 inch threaded straight blade fork
  • Lightweight alloy singlewall 32 hole rims with stainless steel spokes and alloy rear flip flop hub
  • Front and back alloy side pull brakes
  • Yellow 700 x 32 Kenda tires
  • Steel Road handlebars which are 42.5cm wide
  • Alloy Quill 1-inch drivetrain with dimensions of 90-degree x 100mm
  • Steel Crankset of 3 pieces- each of 170mm with chain ring of 44 teeth made of steel
  • Loose ball and cone type English thread bottom bracket
  • Alloy cage pedals with toe clips to enhance grip and traction
  • Alloy seat collar
  • Steel 25.4 cm steel frame-mounted seat post
  • Steel kickstand allows easy parking

Amazing features


This bike packs cutting edge technology in a simple, elegant and highly compact package. It comes in single speed, as well as freewheel mode and the frame is also available in two different sizes mainly 54. The two drive modes can be switched very quickly by flipping the built-in handle in the rear hub. This design feature is very similar to the traditional BMX cycles that people used to have back in the olden days.

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Strong, Reliable & High quality Parts

All the bike parts are made from premium, top quality alloy metals which make the structure stronger, more durable and lighter than one pure metal. The aluminum used contains steel mesh to make sure that the bike can withstand rough terrain and wear and tear over time. Similarly, the frame tubes and the drop out frame are made from steel too. The wheels and rims are made from the metal alloy that balance the overall weight of the bike perfectly. TIG welding ensures super strength in the bike joints, so they remain intact and as good as new even after years of joy riding.

Rims and Wheels

Rims & wheels play a central part in making sure that the bike can perform correctly and can reach top speeds smoothly. These two components have a direct impact on the stability of the bike as well. The Takara Kabuto road bike alloy rims have alloy hubs with 32 spokes. They are lightweight making it possible to reach top speeds seamlessly. The tires are wider than average and have a profile of 700cx32. The tire color is yellow that makes for an exciting splash of color in the overall appearance of the bike. For those who like the black on black color scheme can select black tires for their bike as well.

Comfortable Ride

This bike has been designed to ensure a joyful, relaxed and comfortable ride for the biker. You can ride on dirt tracks or speedily reach your office or workplace through this bike without ever feeling a stitch in your muscles or a cramp in your leg. The three different sizes available in this bike make it perfect for men and women of different heights and is also the best way to maintain ergonomic structure while riding. The flip-flop hub also helps to make the ride smoothly and comfortable.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Smooth and Fast Ride

This bike has dual ride modes- single speed and freewheeling. You can enjoy a smooth, gearless and superfast ride with a single speed standard mode. You never have to worry about setting the gear, shifting it at the right time or getting the gear stuck at any point of the ride. This feature is part of the reason the bike is the most sought out one among commuters.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers have glowing remarks for the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike. The general rating for this bike is mostly four or five stars. Most of them enjoy the single speed mode which makes the bike superfast while others declared it the best buy in the selected price range. A variety of sizes is also another plus in the favor of the bike.

  • The quality of the brakes was not up to par.
  • Thin seat padding


If you are looking for the perfect beginner bike, this should be your first choice as the bike offers a huge range of features at the best price possible.

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