XDS Men’s Cross 300 24-Speed Hybrid Bike Review

XDS Men’s Cross 300 24-Speed hybrid bike adds the comfort of cruiser bikes with the ability to maneuver them. These bikes are designed to give male riders the best time ever in their riding lives. There are many features that this bike comes with, and you will definitely appreciate owning it. This hybrid bike consists of lightweight and durable alloy frame, which keep it on the right track, and you will love the control it brings. If you wish to ride in style and also want the comfort riding can bring, you will love this bike. The Cross 300 hybrid is the perfect choice for riding on the roads, asphalt pavements, park lanes, on the campus, along the shore and on the streets. Completed with Shimano parts and components, the bike is capable of delivering the best while being low maintenance.

Technical Specifications


This hybrid bike consists of 19 inch lightweight alloy frame. Also, its alloy frame is 19 inches and is TIG welded.


RST suspension fork that absorbs bumps and shock from a rough terrain and provide a smooth and steady ride


It comes with speed shifter by Shimano, which offer 24 different speeds and Shimano derailleur.


It comes designed with strong double-wall alloy rims.


The hybrid is available in one single size and measures 52 cm.

Key Features


The performance of this hybrid bike is second to none especially due to its light and long lasting frame, which makes riding so much fun. Also, you get to appreciate the latest technology of RST suspension fork that makes the ride smooth and a Shimano 24 speed shifter for fast gear changes. All of these add to give you great value for money and excellent performance on a variety of terrains such as asphalt, cement, rock and sand. With this level of high performance, you can get to any destination whether you ride on the streets, the beach, and your neighborhood and so on. The unique thing about this bike is that it is surprisingly easy to maintain. The high technology components reduce on the back and forth to the bike repair shops and definitely count as a plus.

Smooth riding

You will definitely love riding this bike because of its lightweight rims made with alloy, which means they last long. Also, its CS 700 x 38C tires are simply amazing and make your riding experience simply the best. The suspension absorbs shock and keeps the bike steady on rough terrains. Also, the handlebars are designed with complete elegance and comfort to make your riding experience better and smooth. The attention to detail in the design of this bike is astounding. The pedals of this bike are made from alloy cage and tapered with resin body materials.

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High Speed

The shimano 24 speed shifters works on a trigger release system and shift smoothly which makes the bike ride faster without any jerks. Also, the front and rear derailleurs help in maintaining a steady ride even at top speeds. The aluminum frame makes it weigh only 50 pounds. Such light weight allows the bike to be carried in the back of an SUV or RV when going on vacation.

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Customer Feedback

There are so many different customer feedbacks where the XDS Men’s Cross 300 24-Speed hybrid bike is concerned. A customer on Amazon says she bought the bike for her boyfriend after they moved to Southern California. She says that her boyfriend loves the car and loves to ride it especially due to its three speeds. Also, she says they have a few rolling hills in their area and the gears that they come with always make riding on those hills very easy and smooth. Another customer on Amazon says that he loves the fact that his back does not hurt when you ride it. Some reported that they loved the paint job of the bike although assembling for some of them was quite an issue.
In general, customers have found this bike to be helpful and exciting to own.

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  • Assembling is not as easy as a lot of people would like it to be.
  • Information about the bike is not as easy to understand as you would want
  • The tires have been said not to last for a long time, which is bad.
  • The handlebars are not so comfortable to hold and ride.


Overall, you will love this bike because of its rust resistant alloy components. If you want a long lasting bike that is truly easy to ride and also very easy to maintain, the XDS Men’s Cross 300 24-Speed hybrid bike is considered the best. For speed, this bike is simply amazing, and there is no way it will disappoint you even in the rockiest of areas. There are so many amazing customer reviews about this bike on many platforms all over the world, and you will definitely appreciate the value of this bike.

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