Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Review

The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is the highly specialized and customized version of the men’s hybrid bike launched by the same brand. The difference lies in the design features of the frame, well padded suspension seatpost and fork. Women’s hybrid bike looks softer and is better suited to the working women of today. The handlebar is at just the right position for comfortable and safe riding experience. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame allows the bike to be manipulated easily. The trigger release gear shifters enable the rider to shift to top speeds smoothly and ride for longer distances without suffering from excessive muscular strain.

Technical Specifications of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame to ensure upright riding position
  • ProMax Linear Pull Brakes to stop the bike instantly
  • Padded saddle mounted seatpost to provide comfortable riding
  • 21-Speed SRAM Grip shifters
  • Shimano TX-31 rear Derailleur
  • SR Suntour suspension Fork
  • Plastic Fenders and Rear Gear Carrier
  • SR Suntour aluminum alloy crankset
  • Swept back and upright handlebars with adjustable stem to match the rider’s height
  • Shock absorbing suspension system to even out tension and provide a smooth ride
  • Well padded suspension seatpost
  • Fast and smooth Gear shifters

Distinguishing Features of Women’s Hybrid Bike

Mount supports

Pre-drilled holes are available for ladies to install a child carrier so that they can commute with their baby safely. This endearing feature allows many women to spend some quality time with their kids while they go about finishing chores and running errands. This bike is also the perfect way to go to the park or enjoy a family picnic.

Fast and Convenient Assembly

Thanks to the detailed and thoroughly illustrated instruction manual, you can unbox your bike and assemble it in less than an hour. However, if you want everything to be done perfectly, it is better to get a professional to assemble the bike. That way you get money back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

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Quick easy trigger speed shifters

You can go to top speeds and reach your destination fast and safe with the help of Shimano TX-31 Rear derailleur, which allows easy shifting. With this high-quality trigger release gear shifter, the rider can reach the destination much faster and save much time.

Things to Like about Discover Women’s Hybrid

  • The bike is available in different sizes that make it perfect for women of varying heights and physiques
  • Aluminum alloy frame makes it highly durable and reliable. The fork suspension is perfectly balanced and keeps the bike stable and steady even when the rider is carrying heavy grocery bags or a child at the back of the bike.
  • The feminine bike has all the high-tech parts and components that are characteristic of Men’s Hybrid Bikes
  • Is capable of providing a smooth and fast ride on all kinds of terrains
  • The bike has a high-quality suspension system that absorbs sudden impact, bumps and jerks

Drawbacks of Women’s Hybrid Bike

  • Manual was a bit too generic but was easy to understand with the illustrations
  • Assembling the bike can be a little time consuming
  • Replacement of gears may be difficult at the start, but it becomes easier over time




Why should women go for Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Women looking for adventure in comfort and fast, green mobility should invest in these stellar Discover Women’s Hybrid bikes. These bikes are reliable, elegant, stylish and fully equipped to provide top class riding experience. It is the perfect purchase at such an affordable price. Mudguards, rear fenders and disc brakes provide added safety to the rider plus you get to save dough on gas expense.

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Customer’s Point of View

Most customers are ecstatic with the purchase of Discover Women’s Hybrid Bikes and are happy to declare that this bike provides the best comfortable yet stylish ride possible. The bike delivers on quality and reliability whether customers go on a cruise, to a picnic or go back and forth to work.

As a whole, Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike has garnered highly positive reviews from customers all over the web.

Accessories that Ladies should buy with this bike

  • Panniers
  • LED Lights
  • Water bottle cage
  • Polyester Tank tops
  • Cycling men shoes
  • Bike spare tube and tire changing kit

Final Thoughts on Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

For weight lookers and figure conscious women, there can be no better way to shed an extra few pounds and get beautiful, well-toned calf muscles than with this Hybrid Bike. It is the best bike that you can buy at such an affordable price. This hybrid bike is ideal way to commute back and forth to work in style. The low rise frame, padded seats maintain perfect posture and reduce muscle strain even after long riding hours.

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