Diamondback 2022 Women’s Interval Elite Performance Hybrid Bike Review

Are you considering going on an amazing riding time that you have never had before? Well, if you are, you need a bike that will give you elite class comfort and speed. The Diamondback 2022 Women’s Interval Elite Performance Hybrid Bike is a bike you can count on to give you all of that and more. Also, if you love competing then you will appreciate the push and confidence you get with this women’s bike. This hybrid is designed exclusively as a combination of endurance, style and comfort. The ladies can take it to work out or they can use it to run errands the green way.

Technical Specifications


Geometric frame made of Butted Durable alloy with top tube serves as high performance hybrid, integrated head tube for high level performance.

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The bike’s fork is DBR AERO performance carbon which also assures pace like no other.


The bike also has FSA VERO compact N10 50,34t 10spd rings to give you a standup drive train that is perfect for any competitive ride.


The design includes Shimano Tiagra 10spd shifters, 105 derailleurs and cassette.

Aero bars

It is designed with aero position clip-on bars. These bars provide you with a riding position that allows you to streamline the position of your body and minimize wind resistance. However, if you do not like the bars, you can take them off easily by taking off one bolt.


It has equation 700c deep dish rims that are linked to 20” and 24” home alloy hubs which add a beautiful, light weight and an aerodynamic wheelset to the mixture.

Key Features

Sizes & colors

The Diamondback manufacturers are well aware of the fact that ladies prefer to ride in style and never compromise on comfort and fit. Therefore, Diamondback 2022 Women’s Interval Elite Performance Hybrid Bike is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 13 inches to 19 inches perfect for women within the height range of 5’3” to 5’10”. This means there is a perfect size for every rider. The size of the bike is important as it plays a major part in making the bike support the ergonomic structure of the rider.
The bike’s sizes include:

  • Extra small – 13 inches
  • Small Medium– 15 inches
  • Medium – 17 inches
  • Large – 19 inches

These hybrids come in two main colors which are blue and pearl white so you can make the right color choice for you. Of course, you could make some design adjustments later to add a little personal touch to the bike.

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Safe and comfortable ride

A DB performance soft nose hybrid gel saddle that is  fixed on an adjustable 27.2mm alloy post that offers the best comfort as well as a solid base for riding. The gel conforms well to the contours of the body and make the seat comfortable.  A DBR flat bar road that is oversized and 3D copied stem gives riders the best start to the cockpit. Also, you can be assured to have so much fun because it is here that everything cooks up. You get mini V brakes which come with cartridge pads from Tektro Rx5 that are handled from trigger release brake levers also from Tektro ML730 to make stopping very powerful and prompt.

A Drivetrain you can take to the races and Unbeatable brake Power

Ladies can enjoy fast rides and take their hybrids to races with pride. These bikes are fitted with Shimano speed shifters that offer 10 different shifts and 105 derailleurs along with a cassette. You also get a compact crankset of the Vero N10 version.  The bike shall maintain speed and you shall have complete control of the ride at all times.

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Customer Feedback
Most of the clients who bought this bike love it. Although some of them complained about being able to remove the clip-on bars, reviews have been fairly good. Also, the difference in sizes for one woman made it easy for her to buy one for her daughter to help her learn how to ride the bicycle.  A lot of Amazon users are fascinated about the bike and they do not regret buying it. Some people love the handlebars while others love the comfort they get when they ride the bike.


  • It does not have a rear shock.
  • Women find it difficult to assemble the bike.


The Diamondback 2013 Women’s Interval Elite Performance Hybrid Bike is one of the best I have read about online so far. Although there are so many interval elite women’s bikes, this bike is truly high performance and gives users great value for their money. There are so many great reviews out there about this bike especially from women and this makes a lot of difference. If you are in search of a great and easy to ride bike, you can count on this bike to be an ideal solution. All the reviews you will find on this bike online especially Amazon have great things to say and have great experiences to share.

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