Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Review 2022

Roadmaster granite peak men’s mountain bike 26 has been on my agenda list for quite a long time. It grabbed my attention again when I looked at the roadmaster granite peak 26 men’s mountain bike manual. So I have decided to find out if roadmaster granite peak is a good bike? Let’s look at some aspects of this bike. 

Let’s start the Roadmaster granite peak 26 Review 2022 by looking at various aspects of the product

Low in Price and high in quality

The most amazing feature of this bicycle is its price. Roadmaster granite peak 26 cycles are available at a very nominal price of $125. Maybe because of the price of the bicycle you may develop a concept in mind that it will not be a good bicycle as per the quality. 

If this is so then It will be a surprise for you that it is an equally good bicycle, moreover this is specifically designed for street riders. If you are a Street Rider you can easily ride on this bicycle. If you think that you are a beginner then there is nothing to worry about as this bicycle is specifically designed to keep in view the needs of the beginners

Technical specification of the bike

  • The frame size of this bike is 18 inches
  • Steel is used in the manufacturing of the frame
  • This is a gender specific bike and specifically designed for the men
  • It provides you with 18 different speed options to adjust according to the Track on which you are or will run the bike
  • The wheel size is quite appropriate for these domestic requirements and as per design of the bicycle. 26 inches is the tire size that is completely fair to be used for this bike.
  • Roadmaster bicycles is the famous and well-reputed brand behind this product


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Assembly of this bike is really very easy and you can do it without the professional help
  • Highly affordable bike and you can have it all for $125
  • The design of the bike is excellent and generally, everybody likes it well
  • The best bike that can be helpful to move in the streets
  • Feel the design and have the excitement
  • Suspension is installed on the front wheels to provide you with comfort during the ride.  


  • The seats are not very adjustable.
  • More comfort can be added by improving the seat
  • Brakes require adjustment time to time
  • If you think that you can take a long journey on it. You should consider changing the seat of the bike

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Weight bearing capacity

roadmaster granite peak wheel size

This $125 bye comes with an excellent weight-bearing capacity. Even if you have a weight that is approaching 250 Pounds do not worry about the carrying capacity of the cycle. 

What you need to worry about is will you be able to pull on so much weight or not. Because your cycle is ready to bear this weight. So if your legs have power that can pull you easily on this cycle you can enjoy the ride even if you are a guy with 250 pounds of weight.

Frame Durability

Really a durable frame. This is truly hard and will save your bike from the multiple aspects of the atmosphere. So year after year this is the best frame that you can enjoy. Made with steel this has enough weight that can be helpful in maintaining the balance on the cycle.


Breaks are well to do in performing the task for which these are made off. But it requires continuous repair and maintenance. So if you are buying this bike do remember that you need to do continuous work for this. 

Speed Shifter

Seed shifters are here to help you adjust the speed of the cycle according to the surface on which you are riding. 

If you are still not convinced about buying this bile here is another product from the same manufacturer with some how slightly different parameters lets have a look at these too.

R4047WMJ – ROADMASTER 26″ Women’s  Black Granite Peak Bike

Nearly with the same specifications, we have another gender specification bike. This bike is actually made for women. So this is the female version of this bike. If you are a female and wanted to take the same benefits as associated with the bike that has been provided to the male in the shape of the previously introduced model.

Black Granite Peak Bike


But why not first confirm and investigate some specifications so that you may not regret your decision letter.  

Bike Type

This is a mountain bike that was originally made to be used by adults only. ROADMASTER is the brand behind this product and they have assigned the R4047WMJ number as the recognition number to this model. 


suspension is necessary to spot the bike. The reason is that it will absorb the jumps and bumps on the road and that I will enjoy a smooth ride. To keep you safe and to make you comfortable , this bicycle is equipped with a suspension. The suspension is provided in the front tyres of the bicycle.

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To ensure the buildability and the quality of the ride the high quality material has been used in the making of the bicycle. Steel is a major part of the bicycle manufacturing process and steel is known for its durability. This is the reason that the mainframe of the bicycle has been made with Steel. 

The use of steel does not only provide the bicycle with unnecessary durability. But it also provides the ability to keep you on the road. The heavy frame also provides you with the ability to maintain balance on the road.

The Other raw materials used in the making of the bicycle are plastic and Rubber. It has been used at various places on the bicycle and the is really great to look at. This will also improve the quality of the ride.

The brakes

Roadmaster Granite Peak wheel

No matter what type of bicycle it is? It will never be saved if it does not have a Braking System installed in it. The braking system used for this bicycle is of linear pull type. The linear pull type is one of the oldest braking systems that has been used in various bikes. 

No doubt that the continuous use of this system has proven its effectiveness on the other systems. This is not only easy to maintain but provides you with the best available results the brakes are made to provide. These are installed in the rear well as with the front wheel

Age restriction

Age restrictions apply for this bike. If you are under 18 years of age it is highly recommended that you should not ride on this bike. This is because of the heavy frame used in this bike. Moreover, the geometry of this bike is not suitable for underage rides. Therefore if you use it under 8 it may cause you unfavorable consequences.

Speed shifter

Speed shifting is available so that you can make yourself comfortably adjusted on different types of tracks. This specific bike provides 18 speed shifters.


Adjustments are necessary you need to do it. It requires you to carry a Toolbox. This might be a difficult task to do. Therefore multiple people do not like this procedure. But here in this bicycle, you are lucky enough that the adjustment is mostly toll free.

Who can use the bike

roadmaster granite peak seat

Everybody has a specific type of stature. This is the reason that every bicycle cannot be used by every person. This bike is also of the same type. This bike is suitable for people who are more than 5 feet in height and slightly less than 6  feet in height. More than this and less than this will be a problematic ride. If you fall between this domain this will be perfect ride for you.

Main be the  adjustment in the seat may help while you are riding on the bike

A single tip for the bicycle Riders

If someone asks me for a single tip to improve his or her experience on the bicycle. I recommend they check for the tire pressure. Not only important but this is also true that this is something very personalized. 

Depending on the number of factors different tire pressure suits to different people. Therefore this is highly recommended that whenever you are deciding about the term pressure you should think about

  • The track on which you will run your bike 
  • The make of the bicycle your own 
  • Body weight of yours
  • The maker of the Bicycle tire.

In case you feel that you are somehow a heavy guy. While you ride on the bike and this is difficult for the tires to maintain the pressure while you are on the bike. 

Even if you feed it with appropriate pressure the Tires are really in bad shape.  This is the time to go for the tire replacement. Maybe by you think that it is difficult to move with the heavy and thick tires. Let me tell you very frankly the heavy tires actually helps and will make your ride comfortable on these tires.

Final words

We have made a  selection here. The selection is two bicycles from the same brand. The brand is known for the quality and making really economical bicycles.

One bicycle is for the woman and another bicycle is for the men. These are really great bicycles to have. Especially if you are new to cycling or you are a person who really wants to ride on the bicycle in the streets. This is really a perfect bicycle for you to have. Don’t think about the price of the bicycle. The bicycle has a lot more things to offer you.

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