Diamondback Vital 2 – A Review

This is the time of the year when you should get out of the house, breath in the fresher and enjoy the ride of the bike. The  atmosphere is not always suitable for bike rides. This is something that is available in some selected months of the Year. So if you are a bicycle Rider this is the time to choose the right bike. 

Here we have a very good bike  for the women. Whenever you shortlist the best available bikes in the market you cannot get this bike out of this list no matter how short the list is? Diamondback Vital 2 womens hybrid bike is made for women. This is available in two different sizes. Therefore it is necessary to look for the diamondback vital 2 size chart before buying the women’s diamondback vital 2. Otherwise you may end in buying a wrong product.

Diamondback vital 2

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Silent Features Diamondback vital 2

  • The brand name for this product is Diamondback Bicycles
  • This Small Sized cycle is of 15″ inches
  • The Color availability of this cycle is in Light Purple
  • Frame Material used for this cycle is Aluminum
  • Wheel Size is quite appropriate for a small sized cycle and this is 700 Centimeters
  • The number of Speeds available in this cycle is 21
  • Package Dimensions if measured in inches have the following parameters. The length is 53.5 inches, the width is 29 inches and height is 7.5 inches.
  • The weight of this cycle is 40.6 Pounds
  • 02/16/3140 is the  model number with which this product is recognized 
  • This product is from the Womens department
  • July 29, 2015, was the Date when this product was made First Available in the market 
  • Diamondback Bikes is the Manufacturer of this product 
  • B0139KYT90 is the ASIN number assign to this product

Product Description and Features

Aluminum Frame

The frame is durable and is made of the aluminum. Aluminum not only makes it lightweight but also improves the strength of the cycle. Secondly when you are dealing with aluminum this is easy to improve the design of the product. These design elements are specially designed by keeping in mind the mounting and dismounting. This is the reason that at both the stages the cyclist remains in peace and comfort. 

Handling the Bumps

Roads are bumpy. This is why you are the one who should know how to handle those bumps accordingly. This cycle will certainly assist you in this process. And to assist you in this process there are sitting suspensions installed at the front of the bike. The size of the suspension is 63 mm

Responsive shifting

Responsive shifting is provided by using the Shimano EF-51 shifters.  21 speeds  through the  Shimano rear and in addition to this the support from the front  by derailleurs makes things great for a cyclist


Wheels are 700c types. These are wide to provide support on the road. To keep you safe during the journey the puncture-resistant technology has been used. It improves stability. The width of the tires provides support while you are making a turn. So the turn will become more stable and provides you with ease.

A good quality of these tires are that these can be used in any type of weather. So for different brothers you do not need to replace the different tires. These are all in one tires can handle different situations easily. 

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Stopping power

Stopping power has been provided from the two sides.  That is from the front wheel brakes and the rear wheel brakes. In kind of an emergency you can apply both and save yourself from the problem. Although it does not provide any guarantee about the soft brakes.

Availability in the multiple sizes

Not a single size fit for all the people. This is the reason that this cycle is provided in multiple sizes. Actually these are two sizes One is for the short heighted person and second is for the long heighted person. In this case both of the two make that just adjustment accordingly.

Diamondback vital 2 review

These bikes are specially designed for women. But please before buying this bike do remember that this bike is not for all types of women. This bike is for those women who really want to ride the bike on different types of surfaces. Moreover at different types of surfaces it provides the same level of comfort and stability. 

This bike is for those women who really want to enjoy their life no matter if they are doing the work out or if we are going to the office or having a casual ride.


  • The frame is made of high quality material so it is not only elegant but durable too
  • It is relatively easy to find the best suitable speed for you when there are 21 different types of speeds available.
  • Suspension Increases the quality of the ride
  • The comfortable seat makes the right more easy
  • Bike is really multi purpose and you can use it for various tasks
  • The colour of the bike is acceptable for many people
  • The saddle is comfortable
  • The application of brakes is easy and effective.
  • Gear shifting is flawless and is really smooth


  • It is very difficult to adjust the height of the seat
  • The warranty provided is for limited issues
  • Fenders are not provided with the bike
  • You may find the clicking sound irritating when you change the gear
  • If you do not have previous experience you may not be able to to assemble the bike.

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Final Words

Whenever you ride on a bike this is important to to adopt the safety measures. If you do not have the safety measures you may get hurt and the injury can be proof fatal. The helmet is necessary to protect your head. The head injury can really make things worse for you. So we highly recommend buying all the security gadgets that include the knee pads and elbow pads. Always make sure that brakes of your cycles are in working condition and there is proper air pressure in the tires. 

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