DiamondBack Clarity 1 2022 Women’s Hybrid Bike Review

This DiamondBack Clarity 1 2022 Women’s Hybrid Bike series of bikes is classified under the Diamondback Devine Designs line, and this bike is a tribute to women who love to ride on rough mountain terrains. This hybrid makes sure that women have the ultimate machine to serve this purpose so that they are encouraged to do better. Since riding, although used for fun and recreation, has a lot to do with exercise and fitness. Women all over the world love this high-performance bike because it is built for trainers, athletes, and professional riders as the performance factors are up to modern standards. Also, the different size and color options make these bikes a massive hit as well.

Technical Specifications


It is designed with a 6061-T6 double-butted aluminum clarity high-performance Diamondback hybrid frame.


  • Extra Small 14”
  • Small 16”
  • Large 20”


It comes with a clearly integrated Hi-Ten Ferrous Aero straight blade design fork.


It is designed to come with a Shimano crankset supported by an integrated chain guard.


Shimano Altus rear derailleur with 7-speed shifters allow fast ride and smooth gear shifts


Provides riders with smooth rides with its equation double-wall alloy rims.

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Key Features

Beautiful design

The makers of this bike paid attention to detail in the design of this bike. They have combined modern high-performance components with classic, timeless frame design and have put great effort to bring forth an elegant and unique design. This means you will find these bikes coming in smaller frames built for women of all sizes and different colors to give them more options to choose from. Also, the geometry and general style for this bike make it simply adorable. Sine women are particular about their looks and value beauty and elegance; this bike is the perfect choice for them.

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Comfortable ride

It is designed for women specifically which means comfort is something that is not taken for granted. It is perfect for commuting, exercising and for going on recreational rides in your area. The low rise handlebars support the spine, and the extra padded soft adjustable, seat-mounted saddle makes it the perfect choice for a great ride.


What makes this bike stand out among other women’s bikes is the 6061-T6 High Performance double Butted specialized Aluminum Hybrid frame from Clarity that the bike is designed with and also it has specialized top tube features, an integrated head tube and also it stays put vertically to make it steady and stable. It performs amazingly and is perfect for commute. If you wish to use the bike for exercise of leisure riding, even then it is fit for the durable Integrated High galvanized iron Aerodynamic Hi-Tensile steel frame with a unique straight blade design for the fork, which makes your ride extremely steady and accurate.

Added components

It comes with Shimano components, which provide a unique blend of high-quality parts that include cranks, Single trigger Fire shifters for 7 different speeds and derailleurs, back fenders, bottom bracket, cassette and brake levers. All of these add to make this bike simply the best bike for every woman who loves to ride and feel free and comfortable as they do so.

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The bike comes with 32 holes R23 Equation Double-wall alloy rims, and these provide riders with a strong structure, wide wheel which balances the weight and is capable of providing an all-day smooth riding experience.


These linear-pull brakes give a lot of power to stop the bike instantly and keep you away from harm’s way no matter where you are. The cockpit is part of the trademark Diamondback bike design and features a gigantic 31.8mm handlebar made of alloy and designed to be low rise to make handling the bike easy and smooth.

Diamondback Clarity 1 2022 Women’s Hybrid Bike

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Customer Feedback

There are so many amazing as well as positive reviews that this bike has online. Most of the customer reviews on Amazon, for instance, are favorable. One customer says she feels like her bike can take road bumps better than a road bike with thin tires can. Also, she says she likes how smooth and lightweight the bike is. Her main complaint however was the handlebars and that they are too wide for her shoulders. She also complained about the height although she felt she could get used to it. Another customer said the seat was very comfy and lovely to sit on even as you ride. Another customer loves the color, fit, and price of the bike.


The handlebar can be too wide.


On the whole, this bike is one of the best hybrid bikes for women of all sizes and due to the different colors and styles they come in you will love to ride it. Whether you use it for recreational rides or for hard exercise, this bike is designed to serve the best at all times.

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