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Best Bicycle Wheels

The heart and soul of any bicycle is the wheels. Best Bicycle wheels are made for specific purposes, terrains and riding styles. A good set of wheels will help you accomplish your riding purpose whether it is for recreational riding, commuting, racing or bike stunts.

It’s very important to have the correct wheels and to maintain them properly in order to keep your bike in good working order. Always check your wheels before going out riding. Make sure the wheels have proper air flow, no broken spokes and that the rims are not bent. Also, be sure to check for punctures in the tires. If you see any issue that can not be fixed it is time to replace your wheels.

Another reason to buy for new bicycle wheels are when you are planning to upgrade bicycle wheels from the standard stock wheels to a more specialized wheel set. Whether you buying wheels to replace broken ones or just wanting to upgrade it’s always a good idea to know what type of wheels are on the market today this will help you make an informed purchasing decision.

About Bicycle Wheels

There are many types of wheels, in different styles and made from different materials. Deciding on your wheel set really depends on your riding style and type of bike you are using. The main type of bicycle wheels include:

Mountain Bike Wheels: These wheels typically come in the standard size of 26 inches and are wider wheels with lower air pressure to help with traction and shock absorption. Mountain bike wheels are best used on rugged terrains and dirt paths. They can be either tubeless or come with a tube.

Racing/Road Wheels: Road wheels, also known as racing wheels are usually standard size 700c wheels. They are narrow, with smooth treads. These wheels are lightweight and usually made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Their rims are lightweight with less spokes for better aerodynamics. The key in these wheels are the aerodynamics which is great for speed. These wheels are best on asphalt. Road wheels are made for road bikes and racing bikes.

Hybrid Wheels: Hybrid wheels are essentially road wheels for hybrid bikes. They are the same 700c wheels and are thinner and lightweight. Hybrids work great on all types of terrains.

BMX Wheels: These wheels typically consist of 36 spokes, are thicker in size and have knobby treads on the tires.  BMX wheels can vary in size but typically 2o inch wheels are the most common size. These wider, knobby wheels work wheel on different terrains and are great for stunt riding.

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Choosing Bicycle Wheels

Most wheels that come with you bike these days are standard factory stock wheels. If you are ready to upgrade to new higher quality wheels then it’s time to do a little research to decide on what the best bicycle wheels are for your riding style. When choosing wheels it’s important to know what wheels work with you bike, your riding style and what is in your budget. Choose wheels that fit your needs and the terrains you will be riding on. It’s important to choose the correct size and weight for your bike style. Also be sure that the wheels work with your style of brakes, if they don’t you maybe able to get a conversion kit.

Top 3 Best Bicycle Wheels Review

With so many brands and styles of wheels out their it is so hard to choose the right wheel for you. I found and reviewed three of the best wheels on the bicycle market right now to help you narrow down your search for the best bicycle wheel to fit you personal riding style. These wheels are:

Aeromax Alloy Wheel Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels

Aeromax Road bike wheels are made from alloy to be lightweight and durable. These stylish wheels are 700c clincher wheels that feature black stainless steel 3.0 spokes and sealed bearings. They have been trued to a tolerance of 3.0 for the road. Aeromax alloy wheel set road bike comp 700c wheels are reliable, sturdy and well worth the price. You could spend thousands on a good set of wheels and not have them last. These wheels are medium priced and will last hundreds of miles.

Alloy Wheelset Road Bike


  • Quick Release Rear Wheel
  • Aero Double Wall Alloy Rims
  • 24 Spokes
  • Freehub Shimano Type Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Spokes


  • These wheels will not work with disc brakes

The Best Hybrid Bike Accessories

Vuelta Zerolite MTB Pro 26 inch Wheels

These urban designed 26 inch double walled rims and wheel set from Vuelta Zerolite are versatile and sturdy. The rims are lightweight aluminum while the spokes are stainless steel bladed spokes. The bladed spokes makes them more aerodynamic for a smoother and faster ride. These wheels work great on mountain bikes. Vuelta Zerolite MTB Pro 26 Inch Mountain Bike wheels are high quality wheels that can get you where you want to go.

Vuelta Zerolite MTB Pro 26 inch Wheels


  • Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • 24 Black Stainless Steel Bladed Spokes
  • Clincher Rim with Rim Strips Installed
  • Made For Disc or Rim Brakes
  • 1.5 In. Wide Tires
  • Skewer Included


  • Does not work with Shimano Center Lock Disc Rotors
LVWA Full 3k Carbon Fiber Wheels

The LVWA Full 3k carbon fiber wheel set is super stylish and ideal for the experienced rider looking for a lighter, smoother, more durable tire. It’s designed to handle all types of road conditions. It comes in a standard 700c wheel size and has tubular tires. The rim is full carbon fiber which makes it lightweight and much faster than most stock wheels. This is a wonderful upgrade for the more serious biker.


  • Solid Quick Release For Both Front And Back Wheels
  • Firm Carbon Fiber Rim
  • 24 Spoke
  • 700c


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Meant For Experience Road bikers/Racers

Final Thoughts

Top 3 Best Bags For Bikes


Each of these wheel sets are suitable for different bike styles, terrains, budgets and experience levels. Out of the three of them, the one I really like is the Aeromax Alloy Wheel Set. It is suitable for different experience levels and had so many positive reviews from other consumers. It is well built and affordable. All of these wheels will make great upgrades to your bike. Take a few minutes and review them for yourself. The wheels of the bike are really what makes our bikes tick, so finding great wheels that are affordable and wheel built is essential for any cyclist. Happy riding!

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