Top 6 Budget Friendly Electric Scooter Models

If you are wishing to own an electric scooter and your budget is stopping to get one. You landed at the exact place.. As here in this article we have chalked out for the most budget friendly electric scooters market has ever offered you.

You Don’t Need To Spend A Whole Fortune On A Cheap Electric Scooter !

Electric scooters are in hot demand of both youth and adults in both towns and cities.And it’s a wise choice as well as they are a good alternative to bicycles and still very eco-friendly and don’t add up your fuel charges as well. When a vehicle is eco friendly as bicycle and comfortable as a car who would not like to have one as transport.

But selecting the right electric scooter might not be that easy as you need to check multiple factors and features. Moreover when you are looking for the best electric scooter you still don’t want to trespass your budget line you are in hot waters. But don’t worry, in this article we will not only provide you with some best deals. But our buying guide will also update you about the features and factors you need to check to make a perfect deal. We have added in this article a range of best electric scooters that lie within different price ranges so you can check and choose your deal.

When you think of buying a Budget friendly electric scooter the very first time which haunts you and scares you is a bad reputation  associated with Budget Friendly scooters. Because when a product is cheap it is made with low quality products which ultimately leads to low powered and potentially low quality scooters. But the good news is that the technology is improving day by day so now you can get a good electric scooter with a solid build for a cheap price.

When you are going to get an electric scooter the first thing that you need to consider most is its built quality. So here in this article we’re bringing you a complete list. Where you will not only get the scooters in mid range but also those which are very affordable in price. If you’re looking for your perfect scooter I bet you will find it here:

Top 6 Best Cheap Electric Scooters in 2022

Turboant X7 Folding Electric Scooter

Turboant X7 Folding Electric Scooter

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 20 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 38.08 pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 8.5 inches
  • Battery Range: 15.5 miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 350 watts
  • Warranty Timing: 1 year

Detailed Review:

This scooter is a great manufacturer of innovative electric scooters. This electric scooter is such a hot selling product that the company has launched its next version as well. This scooter can be considered as one the best Budget Friendly electric scooters present in the market till date.

When you buy a cheap electric scooter mostly what you get is a flimsy body with clumsy handlebars. Handling a cheap making can be problematic for both the pros and beginners. But here in this electric scooter beside its cheap prize its built quality is not compromised. The manufacturers have produced this electric scooter with solid handle bars and strong and sturdy stem that is foldable and tabular.

Its built is so sturdy that even after bearing its full weight capacity of more than 220 lbs its movement is unshakable and fully functional. Its weight capacity and strong build makes it an ideal deal even for the heavyweight riders. Moreover its 350 watts electric motor is also powerful, it’s not the fastest electric scooter in the breed. But with the speed of 20 miles per hour it’s fair enough with its low price range.

Along with its speed the acceleration rate is also nice and smooth upto 16 miles per hour but after that there is a gradual slow down. With all that power, speed, and acceleration Turboant X7 Pro is a great option to explore your town or wander around in your campus with swag.

Now let me tell you the best feature of this brilliant and affordable e-scooter, that’s its battery timing. Its battery is strong enough with a 360Wh lithium Ion battery that is competent enough to support your ride for continuous 20 miles. Keep in mind that the battery timing depends upon the terrain type and incline level. The battery is removable but there is a shortcoming in the battery that takes almost 6 hours to charge. So i suggest it’s better to keep a spare battery in hand while you are on a long trip.

Beside the functioning, manufacturers have spent a lot of time on the looks and swag of this electric scooter. And its look shows the efforts are very effective and visible in this e-scooter. Its handle brakes look really cool with rubber cover and push brakes. As they are installed in the handle they don’t only look smart but very easy to operate as well. The braking system is very important in an e-scooter and the T7 Pro will not let you down in this  deal as it’s braking system is very responsive, fast, and effective.

As a package with looks and functionality and most of all an affordable price this Electric Scooter is a must buy. It’s not only comfortable in ride but also reliable and durable in built, and its battery timing is also very much appropriate. Speed is also moderate for daily computing, This electric scooter is worth  purchasing as if you will check the market you will get the same features and almost same specs at double price. T7 Pro has a selling edge as with the low price it provides high efficiency.


  • It offers a great deal with perfect acceleration and battery range.
  • Fully equipped with safety features.
  • Front and back Lights
  • Great weight carrying capacity
  • 8.5 inches Pneumatic Tyres for perfect road comfort.


  • Though it’s a solid build, that build also adds some solid mass to it 30 lbs is quite a heavy weight.

Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 15.5 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 32 pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 8.5 inches
  • Battery Range: 18.6 miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 300 watts

Detailed Review:

This model is one of the most elite and amazing scooters of Gotrax XR ultra. This scooter is great in working and is famous for being a budget offer. This gotrax elite is actually a better version of XR ultra so when a  product is already upgraded it is next to perfection.

GXL XR elite commuting electric is a scooter for those who want to stay on a low budget and know what they want and what they don’t need. They believe spending on necessities  instead of  luxury. This scooter doesn’t offer many fancy accessories and unnecessary gadgets. You can say it is no thrill but full of thrill scooters because it might not look lush but it provides you durability and high class functionality.

15.5 miles per hour is an adequate speed to roam around your campus or to wander in your town. It is actually a safer speed to ride.Beside its speed its battery timing is also worth appreciating because in a single charge it offers you more than 18 miles coverage. Under normal conditions on average roads you don’t need to worry about your battery being discharged before covering ten to fifteen miles. That is really a good area to cover in a single charge.

These scooters offer a great deal of safety features where the other expensive e-scooters only provide you with front and back lights. Gotrax is offering you not only the front and back LED lights but also extra reflectors and other lights on the scooter sides. If you are a Night rider you don’t have to worry that you’ll have any visibility problems or you will be at the risk of not being visible to other riders.

Besides providing great deals with safety lights. This model also offers a safe and dual braking system. When you are riding this model by Gotrax you don’t need to worry about smashing into pedestrians or getting hit by the other cyclists. As it has disc brakes which are at the back and E-brakes which are provided at the front both are highly efficient in stopping you at your command. As this scooter has a double braking system so the braking power is good enough to stop you even when you are on a top speed. Moreover helps you in ensuring your balance in case of a sudden braking.

When we talk about any vehicle, wheels are always one of the most important features to be mentioned. Here this e-scooter provides you with 8.5 inches wide pneumatic air filled tires wheels that have a good grip on the roads. So provide you greater stability and balance while you are riding on the roads. Research has proved that when it comes to electric scooters air filled tires are far better in providing you Better grip on roads. Now you might be thinking that tubeless tires keep you safe from the fear of flat tires but dear the riding comfort is far more than the expected discomfort.

If you are a daily commuter and want to buy a low budget e scooter I bet this electric scooter is your wish come true. It has the capacity of covering 18 miles with a single charge, it is so well equipped with the safety gadgets that you can get a better deal. This e scooter might not be the fastest e- scooter but it can be a best eco friendly mode of transportation for daily commuters.


  • It is water resistant and offers an IP54 rating, that assures you can ride it even during splashes.
  • In low budget, this electric scooter is a solid and sturdy built
  • For better safety and visibility side reflectors are added
  • Super Comfy with amazing battery range.


  • Not a thrill bike with moderate acceleration and moderate speed.

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Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 15.5 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 27 pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 8.5 inches
  • Battery Range: 9-12 miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 250 watts
  • Warranty Timing: 3 months

Detailed Review:

If you are looking for an electric scooter under $300. when the manufactures have to bring down the price they mostly compromise on the quality. When we are looking for a budget friendly electric scooter we have to make sure that manufacturers have not cut down on the essential features. and added some show off features to attract the consumers.

But go track is an expert in understanding what are the societies and what are the luxuries 2 cut off. Gotrax gxl V2 edition is an amazing blend of good performance at low cost. This electric scooter is a great deal for those commuters which need to cover small differences. The Gotrax GXL scooter is easy and comfortable to carry wherever you want as its lightweight. You can even keep it along even on public transports due to its lightweight. The built strength, quality and sturdiness are not compromised beside its light weight and it offers a robust motor as well.

Its latest 2020 edition offers the consumer with improved safety features as they have replaced the laggy e brakes with a more effective and more efficient handbrake system that is surely more responsive and comparatively safe too.As you are riding your e-scooter on its top speed of more than 15 miles per hour. And you need a sudden and an abrupt break this electric scooter is not going to disappoint you with its super effective advanced braking system.

It’s motor is also competent enough with 250 watt power. We have tried this motor with its previous versions and as it was successful they let it be the same. It’s not a great electric scooter to climb inclines or to drive you on higher speeds. But for flat terrains and small distance you are going to get great acceleration and reliable riding experience. Also there is an added benefit with its lightweight and lower deck that you can use as a kick scooter as well when you are deficient in battery.

The battery attached to this electric scooter has 36 volt battery power it takes almost 4 hours in charging and covers almost 12 miles in one charge. But you need to keep in mind that the mileage coverage varies with the terrain type. So if you want to travel longer distances either you need a spare battery or you can use kick scooter technique.

When we are talking about a two wheeler how we can forget to mention the wheels. This electric scooter offers pneumatic tires, pneumatic tyres always provide some extra questioning. Some extra questioning is very useful when your scooter doesn’t have a spring suspension. Mostly the ride is very comfortable but if you are trying to do some off road riding you better watch out. These tyres with their 15 inches diameter are competent enough to handle and balance a heavy weight rider upto 220 lbs and they will have no problem in tech lead.


  • Hand operated brakes along with pneumatic tires are its impressive features
  • It’s very lightweight, convenient to carry around and absolutely affordable and easy to store..
  • It’s lightweight and lower deck offer you the facility of using it in both ways as a kick scooter and as an electric scooter.
  • Full charge in four hours quite fast to charge


  • Its acceleration and speed both are low due to less powerful motors.

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids & Teens

 Swagtron SG-8 Swagger 8 Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 15 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 12.7pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 5.5 inches
  • Battery Range: 7 miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 200 watts
  • Warranty Timing: 3 months

Detailed Review:

If you are thinking of buying an amazing and in budget electric scooter for your kid or any other teen ager you are not going to get any better deal. As it can be a perfect gift for beginners.This model of Swagtron is exclusively designed for beginner teen agers and kids, with accessories and maximum functionality. Though the company has offered this model as a kids electric scooter but any beginner can also take a good start with it. As it offers the rider with adjustable handlebars and adequate weight adjustments that can hold a good weight.

This electric scooter offers a kick start option, you just have to keep up a constant speed only for six seconds and from here its motor will intervene. As it gives a good time to the riders to settle down on the scooter before it picks up speed, and that feature can help the rider to take a confident and safe start.

Let’s talk about its wheels now which are 5.5 inches wide and are manufactured out of solid rubber. The rubber tyres are not very shock bearing so that can be a downfall. But good news is that swagtron has managed this issue by adding front and back suspension. Well I wish that the tyres should have been pneumatic but the mastery of swagtron has managed a great ride even with rubber tyres.

Its battery with 24v ion lithium power has enough strength to carry you almost 7 miles ahead in a single charge, furthermore it gets recharged in no time. So now if you are in a hurry or your kid wants to have a continuous ride again after a discharge he can enjoy it soon.

Although swagger 8 doesn’t  sound like a super scooter but still it can be a great option to be your starter scooter.This scooter is not ideal for your daily commuting and in town long drives but that can give you a good break as a e- scooter rider.(Especially for the kids.)

If your kid is asking for an electric scooter or you yourself wanna buy one, but you are confused whether to make the choice or not. Buying such a starter scooter can be a great idea. Buying a Swagger 8 as a stage one electric scooter is a great idea. As it will not only train you for some super electric scooter but also motivate you to buy one.


  • Extremely light in weight only 12.7 pounds
  • Suspension for Rear and front for comfy ride
  • Kick To Start Option
  • Adequate High Speed


  • 7 miles is quiet a low range
  • Low acceleration
  • Can’t carry more than 150 lbs

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Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter with hub Motor

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter with hub Motor

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 9 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 22 pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 5.5 inches
  • Battery Range: 6miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 90 watts
  • Warranty Timing: 3 months

Detailed Review:

It doesn't matter that you are buying a kids electric scooter or adult electric scooter.In both cases  you need to make proper research before buying it as you're going to commute on it. But I bet you can't get a better deal on an electric scooter which costs less than $100 and still can be a great entertainment for your kids. Yes, Razor Power E 90 is exactly what you are looking for.

I have added this electric scooter in my list exclusively for enthusiastic kids. Although it has a small motor of 90 watts but even then it can carry a good weight up to 120 pounds, you need to be careful not to cross the upper limit as it might be a trouble for the motor.

Kick start is always a better option for the kids as your kid doesn't get a surprise of take off while he is just preparing to take a start. Moreover, this scooter is easy to learn so once you buy it for your kid he can be a pro in no time.

When You are buying an electric scooter for kids you need to be more choosy for safety and build. So be glad that Razor has a great reputation of making kid scooters. Razor E90 is a great scooter as far the strength and sturdiness are concerned. Though the tires are not pneumatic but Razor has made a good deal by adding urethane tyres, they can compensate for little jerks and jumps nicely.

The only setback of E90 can be its battery timing as its maximum range is no more than 6 miles in a single charge.You can enjoy only eighty minutes of continuous ride and after that you need to recharge the battery and it takes no less than 12 hours in a recharge. Although the manufacturer has provided two batteries but even then the battery dies soon and you need a recharge.


  • Highly affordable scooter in kids range
  • Safety features like kick start and throttle,Push brake facility and friction rear gear is also added
  • Its built is highly sustainable and suitable to withstand kids' beat up.
  • Perfectly Light In Weight and Fully portable


  • Too Long Charging Time
  • Only For Kids Not For Adults Even Teens

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 and E10

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING

Top Features

  • Highest Speed: 10 Miles per hour
  • Product weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Wheel Measurement: 7 inches
  • Battery Range: 6.2 miles in single charge
  • Motor Capacity: 150 watts
  • Warranty Timing: 12 months

Detailed Review:

Ninebot has recently entered the kids scooter range Zing E10 is a new baby of the Ninebot brand. It is offered as an executive low power electric scooter that can bring excitement on your kids face and even is competent enough to excite the adults. Ninebot is a marvelous brand that has thoughtfully designed a scooter for the kids. That is very easy and safe for the kids to learn riding and get confident in their riding.

As it offers multiple modes the kids can start with safe mode, as this mode will keep your kid in a moderate speed and engine in a certain limit.After getting an expertise with safe mode your kid can switch to cruise mode. In which your kid can move on with a constant speed without even bothering to manage the throttle.And once he is an expert he is ready for the turbo mode where your kid have full control over speed and throttle .So with this electric scooter which is completely in budget you don’t need to worry how to teach your kid riding an e-scooter efficiently.As this an e-scooter is an institute in itself.

When it comes to performance this electric scooter will provide you with no less safety and swag as compared to any high end expensive scooter. Its motor, that is only 150 watts power is capable enough to provide enough acceleration and constant high speed of 10miles per hour. But yes the battery timing might disappoint you a bit as it discharges soon.

As it is designed keeping in mind kids safety and comfort. It is added with some safety features like silicon non slip foot pad and a broad and wide deck which keep the standing position easy and safe.For night safety it is added with Reflective Stickers that keep you visible at night. But I think in the absence of headlights you should not allow your kid to ride at night as it can cause low vision at night and can lead to accidents.

As kids cant take care of their scooters against water crashes so this electric scooter offers IP54 ratings which assures its water resistance.But keep it in mind it doesn’t mean they can dip in it  water but they can enjoy it even in light rains. This scooter offers a suspension at the front to add more comfort in riding experience even on some bumpy roads.


  • Low in price range
  • Equipped with safety features
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Easy learning for kids
  • Best as first E-Scooter for your kid


  • Rubber tyres are not ideal for E-Scooters
How To Choose The Best Budget Friendly Electric Scooter?

Choosing an electric scooter can be very easy if you are going through this best buying guide for e scooters.

Let us guide you towards your best purchase ever. Here we will guide you towards all the technical points which you must check before buying your most budget-friendly butt reliable electric scooter.

Factors To Consider


You need to consider the wheel size and wheel type of a scooter to make sure whether it’s a perfect purchase for you or not. Generally it is said that we should not go for an e-scooter that offers a thinner wheel, lower than 8 inches. But I suggest that if you are buying an electric scooter that is good in quality and is for kids and teen agers you can buy one even one with 5 inches broad wheels.But for adults keep in mind thinner wheels get stuck when the tracks are rough and raw.

Wheel Material

When it comes to type of the wheels they are either solid or air filled. The air filled tyres are good when you are going to use your scooter on such roads where they have to tackle rocks, thorns or any puncturing material. As they dont et flat no matter what kind of road it is.

Whereas the air filled tyres are better in shock absorption and providing a better comfortable ride. But they do have a fear on getting flat.As both have pros and cons you need to choose one as per your requirements.(But my personal choice is air filled choice)

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One more element that can affect the comfort right of your electric scooter is its suspension. If for a pure comfort ride of your electric scooter have big tyres you might don’t need suspension  much. But with solid tyres I always recommend the consumers to buy an electric scooter which offers back and front suspension. Because it will absorb the bumps and jerks of the road for you and will provide you with a more comfortable and smooth ride.


Another thing we should never miss while buying an electric scooter is its speed limit. Normally to check the speed you have to look into the motor power, acceleration and rider weight. and yes of course you can’t miss the riding surface as well. But I prefer to consider the quality of an electric scooter more than a high speed. I think finding an electric scooter with a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour is more than enough even to cover a long distance. But you should not compromise the quality of the scooter.

Braking System

Speed gives you thrill and excitement but brakes gives you safety and stopping. Usually the E-scooter is equipped with three kinds of brakes. One is Electric Brakes, Disc Brakes  and Other is Foot brakes.

Though electric brakes have pros that need less maintenance but they have corn as well as they are not that much effective in stopping.

The other type of break is disc brake; they are effective in immediate braking but also need maintenance with the passage of time as they wear off with use.

Finally there are foot brakes they are effective but hard to use. So you can choose the brakes as per your convenience and need but I believe that disc brakes are a better option.

Battery Timing

Your E-scooter is powered by a lithium ion battery and the capacity of that battery will determine the range of your electric scooter. Range is the distance that your scooter will cover in one charge. As long the battery will hold on the charge so long your electric scooter will move on.

To decide your desired battery range you need to check your needs and your battery timing should match your needs. So your commuting purpose will decide your needs.If you want an Electric Scooter that is fine for daily commuting and short visits a moderate range scooter will suit you. But if you have bigger targets you need An electric Scooter that offers long battery timings and higher range.

Note: Battery range is affected by the weight of the rider and the type of the terrain you are riding on.

Strong Built

Build quality refers to the strength and sturdiness of the scooter you are going to purchase. Built  quality can be determined how long your scooter will be standing by your side and how far it will accompany you in your rides.

The durability and strength of your scooter will depend upon the material that will be used in its construction. In material I always suggest that metal based scooters are a better option versus the plastic based ones. As metal can bear  wear and tear that is not much bearable by the plastic based scooters. After all the electric -Scooter has to bear both your body weight along with the roughness of roads on which it will be moving around.

Weight Limit

Another factor which you must consider is the weight limit of your scooter. Yes, there are different capacities which an electric scooter can carry around. So you have to determine and select a scooter that can carry your weight.

If you are looking for an electric Scooter for kids,your needs will be different. If you are looking for an adult you will need a different weight capacity. Moreover, when you need an electric Scooter for a heavyweight adult your needs are going to be entirely different and the same will be your budget.

When you are looking for an under budget electric scooter and looking for a higher weight capacity you need to be very conscious. While selecting your electric scooter there are different electric scooters available in the market from a weight range of 120lbs to 250 or 350 pounds. Always buy one that can handle at least 10 lbs more than your desired weight for enjoying a smooth ride.


Market is definitely loaded with electric scooters. As the demand is raising so the manufacturing is raising. But for your selecting your electric scooter you need to be quality conscious. And when your budget is relatively low and you can’t go with expensive models. You still can look for a reputed brand that is manufacturing a low budget electric scooter with lesser accessories but all the necessities and functionality which you need to have a safe ride on the roads.

In this article we have presented you with some low budget electric scooters by reputed brands like Ninebot and Razor.These are reliable brands but the models we have introduced in this article are really low on price. Moreover, the other products introduced in this article are fully tested for quality and highly desirable and recommended by the users.

Scooter Weight

The weight of your scooter is also a very important point to consider while deciding your electric scooter. Because if you are purchasing it for daily commuting and carrying it along with you on your campus. You may need to carry it on your back while you are travelling on public transport. For that reason you should make sure that your electric scooter is not heavier than 30 pounds.

Because carrying more than that weight will not be easy for you for a longer period of time. Moreover, never forget to check the foldability of your electric scooter. Because foldable scooters get compact in size It gets easy to transport and carry along. As much as the compact size you will prefer, that much easier your scooter carriage will be for you.

So you better purchase a foldable lightweight and compact size electric scooter. Don’t worry you can get these qualities in low budget scooters as well,what you need to do is searching rightly.


You can also check whether your electric scooter is noisy or not because mostly electric scooters are perfectly eco friendly. They don’t make any noise but if your choice is making noise there is some problem in it you need to switch your choice.


Warranty is another must check factor because it shows the reliability and the confidence of the manufacturer on the product. If the manufacturer is offering you a warranty of one year or at least 3 months. It means that they trust their product and they know that you will use it and it will work perfectly.

if there will be any problem the company will on it but if the company is not offering you any warranty or offering you warranty less than three months it means that even the manufacturer is doubtful about the production then how can you be sure about buying it so consider your choice if warranty is not available or is less than 3 months.

Wrap Up:

Electric scooters are a reliable source of transportation and their best feature is their eco friendliness. Purchasing an electric scooter is a wise decision if you make you make your choice  right and as per your needs. Hopefully this article will save your time and help you find the best electric scooter within your budget range.

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