Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Bicycle Review

The Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Dutch Style City Road Bicycle is the perfect combination of ultra modern and fast commute engineering with classic looks. The bikes are designed to provide speed, comfort and the sweet nostalgia of bike designs from the past. Even though the bike has a single speed, the tires are wide enough to ensure comfort. Riders can ride a bike through city lanes and avoid downtown traffic rush. This type of hybrid bikes is designed to offer utmost comfort with an exciting travel time. The uniqueness and elegant design makes a person appreciate the hybrid technology and at same time enjoy the pride of owning a classic bike. The hybrid offers the speed the riders need along with a great riding experience of their lifetime.

Technical Specifications of Single Speed Commuter Bike


Hi-Tensile 700c steel frame with an additional classic curved fork ensures longevity and comfort riding.


Moustache styled handle bar offers higher traction for the hands and provides better control on the bike


Coaster pedal brakes allow the bike to stop at a bike and prevent accidents making the ride safer.


Classic brown shade suspension mounted saddle with extra padding offer complete comfort.

Crank set

Silver 44T Crankset


Rim for this bike is 30mm double walled alloy, which ensure higher road traction.


Neco Headset


Its tires are 700c X 28c, which makes them perfect for every body weight type.


Platform pedals are included for safe rides.


Two sizes:

  • Small (50 cm)
  • Medium (54 cm)

Key Features

This bike features interesting moustache styled handlebars with high-tech cruiser brakes, which make the ride easy as a breeze. High tensile strength steel frame means the bike is reliable and easy to maintain. The light weight makes it suitable for ladies who wish to shed some calories and look healthier and fitter. The bike appeals to the aesthetically particular girls in terms of design and comfort. Further specifications are listed below:

This bike is a 700c single speed bike that comes with a traditional curved fork design style for a modern riding experience. The classic steel frame that this bike is made from ensures a comfortable geometry, which allows the riders to enjoy a comfortable and smooth riding experience. The range of sizes, i.e., 54 cm to 58 cm makes sure that there is a bike for any woman varying in height from 5’7” to 6’2.” The boxed bike weighs 45 pounds that are ideal for street or mountainback riding. However, the larger models do weigh slightly more. Assembly is easy and straightforward thanks to the well illustrated instruction manual. If you wish to lose weight or you plan to travel green, Single speed commuter bike is the best choice for you.


You can purchase this bike online at an amazing price and get a chance to save as much as you can. Free shipping is included. You can take the boxed bike to a nearby bike shop and get it assembled professionally.

Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Bicycle


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Customizable for both Men and Women

Some bikes can be customized for couple riding. This means you can take the bike to the park, enjoy a relaxing bike ride while getting some exercise as well. The ladies Mint Pearl bike can be yours too.

Simple Single Speed

The Dutch style bikes have two colors- black or grey. The steel frame makes them reliable while single speed means the ladies do not have to deal with shifters. The double-walled alloy rims have a 30 mm diameter, which makes the ride smooth; it is made with a coaster brake, which makes it very easy to break to improve safety while riding. Also, it is designed with free platform pedals as well as kickstand for convenient parking.

Customer Feedback

There are so many people who have said they love the way the Women’s Classic Commuter Single Speed Bike works and also the safe feeling they get when they ride them. However, others have complained about the assembling part and how they mostly find it difficult to assemble. Some customers have complained about tires not lasting long while other customers have shown appreciation regarding how long their bikes have lasted and also recommend it to their friends, family or anyone who wants to buy.


  • Installation can be difficult. It is better to have an expert set it up and tunes it for you.
  • The tires do not take so long to flat, which is another problem.
  • Its price at $249.95 is still high for some customers although it is a reduced rate.
The Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Road Bicycle is one of the most amazing bikes for women especially with many women exercising more today. Although there are some complaints about price from time to time, this hybrid bike is a great invention. In all, it is very attractive, perfect for a woman’s body, and not heavy.

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