Why do we recommend commuting on a bicycle instead of other vehicle?

Commuting the bicycle instead of a car or motor ride is the best approach as you can cover several miles and the multiple benefits we will discuss in this blog. You may have used your bicycle for a morning ride or recreational purposes, but can you imagine if you use this for commuting objectives? Like you are going to school or your office by using your bike. It would be a great approach to cover several miles with minimum cost and create no environmental pollution. It furnishes your contribution to lessening the air pollution in your city.

How long does a bike commute?


Commuting by bike for 3 to 4 miles is the best approach. But it also depends upon the speed of a rider. If a rider is commuting at 12mph, he can cover the distance of 4.2 miles in 2p to 24 minutes, depending on the traffic condition.

Some key benefits to commuting a bike:

Here are some key advantages a person gains after commuting on a bike.

Say bye to Doctor

The health benefits of commuting a bike are too many that I would not cover them in one blog: physical fitness, losing weight, refreshment of mind, and many more. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Weight loss:

Regularly riding a bicycle to and from your routine jobs can dramatically lower your weight. The researchers claim that those who commute by bike reduce their weight by 30 percent more than those who go for morning walks and do the gym regularly. In this sense, it is economical too.

Healthy joints:

Leg exercise strengthens the joints present in your legs. To lessen joint discomfort, some orthopedists routinely advise their patients to ride a bike for an hour. It is due to “the cycle lowers the stress,” according to Shroyer. While walking, your joints bear the weight of your whole body, including your back, neck, hips, and head. Nevertheless, while riding a bike, the stress on your joints reduces as the hips bear the most weight. In addition, it also makes the spaces around your joints greasy.

Less gym:

To remain fit and energetic, one must go to a gym to do plenty of exercises which is quite costly and time-consuming. However, commuting a bicycle allows you to make yourself fit and vibrant without fixing special hours for it as you are doing this while commuting bike routinely. So why these dumbbells and running machines if you can do the same with your bike? So, do save your time and money for other requirements.



Mind refreshment:

The cool air of morning exerts its magical effect on our bodies and soul. While driving a car, you must bear the unwanted smell of fuel and smoke. However, riding a bicycle is quite different as you can feel the cool fresh air of morning that penetrates inside you, giving a calm and soothing effect and refreshing your mind.

Other benefits of commuting by bike:

Avoiding traffic:

Now you don’t need to exhaust on the road due to congestion traffic. Being a slim ride, the bicycle allows you to avoid the traffics one usually faces while traveling in a car or bus. Commuting by bike eliminates this type of hassles.

No worries about parking:

For a driver or rider, parking his ride is a big challenge as it demands different costs depending upon your ride. Yet, a bike in this regard bears no cost and allow to park in any parking area.

Safer road:

Avoiding motor vehicles and equipping the bike to commute can drastically reduce the chances of uncertainties like an accident. As control of a bicycle is completely in your hands, you don’t need to be more cautious if you are traveling on a motor vehicle-free road.

Environmental friendly:

The emission of burning fuel and toxic smoke lessens dramatically if more people commute by bike. This is a huge step to reduce pollution and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, methane, and other gases increasing global warming and boosting the severity of our climate.

Is cycle riding good for babies and toddlers?

  • If your baby rides a bicycle routinely, then you can feel sure good signs in his growth like;
  • His fitness will be improved
  • It will be a good stress reliever for your kid.
  • It will be proven a healthy activity as cool air exerts pressure on the mind.
  • It gives a wave of positive attitude in your kid.

Some frequently ask questions:

Is a racing bike good for commuting purposes?

Well, you can ride a racing bike on the road, but it is not made for that purpose, as the roads for racing bikes are pretty different from traffic roads, which are covered with several pits and bumps.

What is the advantage of fast cycling?

Fast cycling gives you the sense of a cool breeze that touches your cheeks and other body parts, making you calm and fresh. Moreover, it declines the risk of heart stroke, joint diseases, and many more.

Does cycling help in burning fats?

Doctors recommend obese people ride a bike for an hour. But remember that riding a bike does not burn the fats directly, but in the sense of anaerobic respiration, your tummy reduces and weight loss.

Is bike riding safe for senior citizens?

Senior bike riding is perfectly safe for old as it makes them more energetic, provides their legs with more potency, and reduces the risk of an accident.

Final thoughts:

Wrapping up the whole discussion, there are plenty of pros of commuting by bike. You can maintain your health besides traveling no. of miles. Moreover, making your city environment friendly is a prime duty of being a responsible citizen, and there is no better option than commuting by bike.

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