Diamondback 2022 Insight STI-1 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels Review

Product Description

If you have always wanted to own a mountain bike, yet have been unable to save up for it, here is your chance to buy a hybrid bike with the best of both- a mountain bike and a road bike all in one. Yes, there are so many people who love hybrid bikes- brainchild of genius minds that have come together to make them. Out of the many brands, the most popular one is the Diamondback 2013 Insight STI-1 performance hybrid bike with 700c wheels. It is the bike, which a lot of people love to buy in the market today. If you want a hybrid bike that you can completely count on for your daily commute as well as for exercising purposes, this hybrid is the one for you.

Technical Specifications


The bike has an aluminum 6061-T6 butted Insight performance hybrid frame, which makes it light, super strong, durable and corrosion resistant. The paint is also specialized which means you never have to worry about peeling paint, scratches and dents on your bike.


It is designed with an Insight included hi-tensile ferrous aero straight blade fork, which boosts the speed of the bike by reducing wind resistance.


It comes designed with an SR Suntour crankset that is single ringed alongside an incorporated chainguard.


The brakes of the bike are proudly tektro linear pull types made from alloy. These brakes are the stellar feature of the safety offered by this bike.


The rims of the bike are alloy equation double wall types.

Key Features


Yes, this bike shall give you all the comfort and convenience you need when driving a hybrid bike. The brakes, comfortable saddle suspension mounted seat post along with the ergonomically designed handlebars allows safe riding experience. With its Insight series features, you can count on the best wheels that give you a strong foundation to ride a bike all you want and whenever you want. Also, its lightweight feature make it very easy to move from one place to the other. Also, you can ride as fast as you want without worrying about causing an excessive muscle strain or pain in your body.


It is perfect for racers due to its Insight STI-1 feature. So, you can speed all you want, and the brakes of the bike shall give you perfect control to bring the bike at a dead stop in just a second. The front and back derailleurs allow for easy gear shifting. Also, the adjustable handlebars, wide platform pedals allow better footing to maintain a hold and, therefore, make it more comfortable and easier for the biker to reach higher speeds.


The bike weighs 32.8 pounds, which are very light weighted and beneficial to riders.

Diamondback 2016 Insight STI-1 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c

Customer Feedback

All over the internet there are many reviews available that you can count on to help you decide if this bike is truly one of the best. Reviews from Amazon can be trusted perfectly. Well, one customer makes it clear how reasonable this bike is and also how easily he was able to get it assembled and use due to his expertise in hybrid bikes. Some customers also say that they enjoy riding a bike in their town. However, they also complained about its assembling and how difficult that can be. There have been some customers who complained about not enough accessories added to ensure simpler assembly of the bike. Also, the instructions on the manual, which come with the boxed bike, can be a tad difficult to understand for the layman and are often not specific to this specific hybrid bike.

Although these may seem like setbacks, there are some amazing reviews as well that will definitely push you buy this hybrid bike. The only downside with this bike has more to do more with their assembling which can be sorted out by experts.


  • You will definitely need expert help with assembling the bike.
  • It has no shocks.
  • Some people complain about the seatpost when riding on terrains that are rough.


The truth about this bike is that, there are only few bikes online with such great reviews about it and this is one of them so don’t pass up this chance to own a real beauty. This makes it a better alternative compared to some other hybrid bike brands in the market. Diamondback 2013 Insight STI-1 performance hybrid bike is not designed specifically for terrains that are rough. This is why although this bike is amazing and one that you will love, you should always relax and count on it to offer you smooth rides on smoother terrains. You can tour your area and be assured of safety due to the quality of brakes as well as other features. In all, you can count on this bike to be there when you need it the most, and that is all that matters.

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