Best Bike Rear Racks of 2017

Best Bike Rear Racks of 2022

Best Bike Rear Racks of 2022

Check out below for the reviews of the best bike rear racks. Bicycle commuting has become the norm for many people across the world, especially those living in larger cities and suburbs. There comes a point when you become an every day commuter and just having a backpack and water bottle holder isn’t enough anymore. That’s when it’s time to look for a rear rack to help you carry your essential items and groceries while you commute.

Purpose of Bike Rear Racks

A rear rack for your bicycle is designed to have one main purpose and that is to carry your valuables. It’s just that simple. How you use your rack, is another story entirely. It is designed to be used in various ways. You can purchase a trunk bag, a set of panniers, or just you can bungee cord your items to the rack if you want. Some have even just attached a milk crate to it, if the need arises. Whatever works for you. The important thing to remember is to find a quality rack and to make sure you install properly on the back of your bicycle. Whether you have a need to carry your groceries or your laptop computer a rear rack can help your commute go a lot more smoothly.

Review of The Best Bike Rear Racks

I found three highly rated bike rear racks with great customer reviews to look more closely at. I believe these rear racks are high quality, durable racks. Make sure to check out reviews of the best hybrid bikes which such racks will attach to.

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

The Topeak Explorer rear bike rack is quite sturdy and made from quality aluminum. It is the braze-on type and has eyelets to fit on the back of your bike appropriately. This bike rack is very compatible with many types of bicycles. However, always check out the manufacturer’s guidelines before purchasing a bike rack to make sure it is compatible with your bicycle.


  • Fits most bikes
  • Compatible with the MTX bike bag seriesI
  • RedLite and Tail Light Mount
  • Eyelet brackets
  • Bolts and washer included
  • Solid fender top
  • Hollow Aluminum


  • May not fit all bikes, check the guidelines

Ibera PakRak Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+

This durable rear rack from Ibera is easy to mount and fits a wide range of bikes. It can mount to the frame for heavier top and side loads. It’s also adjustable to fit bikes up to 29 inches. The Ibera PakRak Works well with the Ibera trunk, tote and pannier bags to give you plenty of options for storage. I really like the versatility of this rear rack.


  • Braze-on eyelet brackets
  • Comes with bolts
  • Carries up to 55lbs
  • Adjustable height fits 26-29 inches
  • Quick release bag mounting system


  • May not work for bikes with disc brakes

Planet Bike Eco Rack Oversized 6061 T6 Aluminum Bike Rack

This rear bike rack is made with oversized aluminum tubing that makes it quite durable and sturdy. The Plant Bike Eco Rack is an ideal choice for pannier bags and small packs. Many consumers have stated how they love it’s easy installation and durability. If you need an affordable rear rack that will be long lasting and strong, this is a great choice.


  • Carries up to 55lbs
  • Comes in a sleek black design
  • Oversized Aluminum
  • Bolts included
  • Fits 97% of all hybrids and mountain bikes


  • Is not universal for all types of bikes

Final Thoughts

I am not sure what the world thought we could accomplish with bikes when they were first invented. I believe they only saw them as recreational fun. Or maybe they thought the bike would replace the horse. Looking forward to today, commuting has become a way of life for many people around the world. It’s an eco-friendly lifestyle choice for every day riders. When you ride that much you need to have a rear rack to make your life easier. Out of the three racks mentioned above I love Ibera rear rack. All three racks come highly recommended by consumers and their manufacturers. I really like the adjustability and durability  of the Ibera. However, any of the three above will get the job done at an affordable price. If you are an every day commuter, you will be much happier owning a bike rack. Find yourself an affordable, sturdy rack and start commuting with ease.