Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Review

Product Description:

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is solid road bike for beginners. The Vilano bike is affordable, and it is now one of the top sellers at Amazon. The lightweight aluminum frame makes the bike very easy to maneuver and has the added advantage of Threadless 700c 1 ⅛” fork with 21 speed thumb shifter. Comfortable seating arrangement makes the ride comfortable and smooth for long riding trips so whether you plan to exercise with a bike or use it for fast commute, you can get quality at an affordable price with Speed Shimano.

Bike specifications:

Frame & Fork:

Double butted Aluminum Alloy frame
700c 1 1/8″ Threadless fork makes assembling very easy

Derailleurs & Shifters:

Shimano front and back derailleurs support the 21- speed Shimano A050 shifters

Wheels & Tires:

700c CNC Alloy Machined Sides
700c x 25c tires


Alloy Handlebars
Comfortable padded seat mounted on 27.2 Alloy Seatpost

Stand out features and benefits of Speed Shimano:

  • It is the best hybrid bike for fast commute and exercise.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to ride on cemented streets and gravel roads
  • 21 gear shifters allow smooth shifts between speeds making it easier to control the bike
  • Speeds as high as 17-18 MPH can be achieved
  • Looks very smart and high tech

Gear shifters placed at the center of the bike steering column!

What makes Speed Shimano stand like a star among its competitors is the unique placement of the gearshifts. These are located at the center of the handlebar horizontal column. This makes them easy to access and change without having to take the eyes off the road once. This is a significant safety plus especially if you commute through heavy traffic or in a crowded street or park.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike


What customers have to say about Speed Shimano

Speed Shimano has received amazing ratings. Once out of the box, customers need to make adjustments to the front and rear derailleurs as well as the brakes, true and align the wheels. It is a very affordable bike and can be bought for less than $300.

Most customers are suggested to take their bikes to the local repair shop to make these slight adjustments. This is standard procedure for any bike that comes out of the box, so no reason to doubt the quality or panic.
After purchase, the bike can go for 300-400 miles without a slight hiccup. All you have to do is buy clipless pedals for standard mtn shoes. It takes less than an hour to assemble the bike, and the overall experience is great.
Speed Shimano is light, tough and fast. With proper maintenance, the bike can last a lifetime.

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Plus side of Speed Shimano:

  • Assembling a bike is a breeze and very convenient with all parts included
  • Frame and fork are made of consolidated aluminum that makes the bike reliable and lightweight
  • Speed pick is fast in the appropriate gear shift
  • The light weight makes it easy to ride a bike on steep inclines
  • Easy gear shift with knobs
  • Looks clean, balanced and well designed
  • Changing a tire is easy with a quick release mechanism
  • Excellent purchase for an aluminum hybrid bike

Downside of Speed Shimano:

  • Brakes are harder than other hybrid bikes
  • Bike seat is a little narrow and has less padding
  • Stem is long which makes it tricky to ride for short heighted people
  • Assembling requires specific tools

Three standard Sizes of Speed Shimano:

Speed Shimano comes in three sizes to accommodate larger and more varied customer base:

  • Small (5’2″ – 5’6″)
  • Medium (5’7″-5’11″)
  • Large (6′-6’4″)

Available Colors:

The hybrid is available in four colors. You can pick one of them when you place your order online.

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White

Cost of Speed Shimano

Boxed bike: Checkout Prices on Amazon
Free shipment to all parts of the Lower 48 USA

Final Verdict on Speed Shimano

Speed Shimano is the perfect purchase at an affordable price for both amateurs and professionals looking for fast commute, training and exercise. You can ride the bike accurately and smoothly without worrying about repairs and replacements any time soon. The lifetime warranty ensures free tune-ups and easy replacements. Here is a chance to enjoy a quality ride thanks to the excellent stock tires without spending a fortune.

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