Diamondback 2022 Interval Elite Performance Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels, Grey, 15-Inch, Small) Reviews

Product Description

If you love to ride bikes that are strong, beautiful and also very easy to ride; you will appreciate what this hybrid bike has to offer. With more and more hybrid bikes being introduced, Diamondback 2022 Interval Elite Performance bike has stood the test of time and has given riders who have bought it great value for money. You will definitely appreciate what this efficient and strong hybrid bike can offer you. Also because it can resist corrosion, you will just love to own it. It is fitted with Shimano components which make it the perfect bike for lifestyle, leisure and comfort riding. 10 speed shifters provide a variety of speeds which make the bike suitable for all kinds of terrains and tracks.

Technical Specifications


It is made of Interval Elite butted 7005 alloy geometry frame with top tube, integrated head tube not to forget DBR AERO performance carbon fork.


Shimano Tiagra 10 speed shifters allow a fast paced ride


It is made with Shimano 105 derailleurs (front and back)


It has 20 frt / 24h rear Rim – FSA VERO compact N15 50, 34t 10spd rings cranks.


700 x 23c Kenda Kontender tires provide excellent road traction and make sure that the ride is smooth and steady


It is constructed with Tektro Rx5 Mini V brakes with cartridge pads which are controlled by Tektro ML730 2 trigger release brake levers alongside with reach adjust for high level of stopping power.

Key Features

Alloy frame performance

Diamondback 2013 Interval Elite Performance bike comes with a frame that is uniquely made to provide the best riding experience for all terrain types or kinds. This means that it is very strong and can handle rough and rough terrains without ending up in a bad state or shape. This means riders enjoy their ride and also have great value for their money. The frame is made of double butted aluminium which makes it very reliable and super strong. The fork is aerodynamically designed to make the rider’s position neutral on the bike.

Comfort Riding

With the hybrid gel saddle feature, this elegant bike brings you the  appreciation for comfort riding and this is mostly dependent on the ergonomic design of the gel seat. if you love to travel for long distance, this bike will be perfect for you due to its saddle. A DBR oversized flat bar road handlebar as opposed to the traditional drop bars and 3D forged stem account for a great cockpit. This bike is made to provide riders with easy control. These hybrids also stand out for their uniqueness and elegance. You can stop the bike instantly thanks to the advanced disc brake system.

105 Shimano gear shift systems

If you love to ride fast then this bike will be the perfect bike for you. Also, the shift gears are easy and smoothly transfer the power into fast speed. It weighs 33 pounds. This bike is light weight which makes it easy to carry it from one place to another without additional help. This makes it perfect for commuting, training and long road riding sprees.

Elite Performance Hybrid Bike is Better Than Most Bikes

In terms of comfort riding and efficacy, Elite hybrid definitely has an edge over its counterparts. The extraordinary wide 700c wheels make the bike ride smoothly on dirt tracks and uneven terrains. The great traction points are a treat for the riders too as they provide easy grip and maintain better control of the bike.

Diamondback 2016 Insight STI-1 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c

Customer Feedback

So many customers or people who have bought the bike compliment it on its amazing proposition, which makes the bike hard to resist. Also, its wide range of features offer quality, which has won the hearts of so many users or riders all over the world. For example, the bike is extremely comfortable, easy to assemble, and has components that are of high quality. Even for individuals who want to use this bike for city cycling, riders have experienced the best results.

Some riders have had issues with the manual that the bike package comes with, which although helpful, is not so detailed as many customers would want it to be.


  • The tires do not last long which means you will need to change them in few weeks after purchase.
  • With the narrow road stock tires, riding on off-roads and dirt tracks can be uncomfortable.
  • Some riders consider the handlebars too wide
  • The generic setup for the bike can be difficult if you are new to it.


Well, the truth about this bike is that it truly lives up to the hype and expectation. Diamondback 2013 Interval Elite Performance bike is strong, comfortable to ride and also very efficient; all of which comes together to make it versatile and suitable for all hybrid bike lovers. Also, the price of the bike is reasonable which means you can buy it and appreciate the true offering of quality today and always.

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