The Best Hybrid Bike Accessories

Best Hybrid Bike Accessories

We review the best hybrid bike accessories for you, Once you have found and purchased your favorite hybrid bike, it’s always fun to add accessories and personalize the bicycle to fit your own personal needs. There are so many great accessories to add style and purpose to your bike. When choosing accessories keep in mind how you will be using the bike, and want is most beneficial to your riding style.

About Hybrid Bike Accessories

There is a variety of different types of accessories that can add safety, convenience and even great storage ideas to your hybrid bicycle. Accessories can be anything added to the bike that initially did not come with it including: kickstands, lights, racks, bags, water bottle cages, mirrors, phone mounts, camera mounts, and GPS Systems. It’s always a good idea to look into accessories and buy what you feel is needed for your bike. The 5 accessories I believe can be the most beneficial for any hybrid bicycle rider are:

  • Lights
  • Racks and Rack Packs/Bags
  • Phone Mounts
  • Water Bottle Cages
  • Mirrors

Choosing Hybrid Bike Accessories

Picking out accessories for your hybrid bike can be just as daunting as shopping for a bike unless you know what you are looking for. Shop around and read reviews before making your final purchasing decisions. This will help ensure that you are buying high-quality products for your bike.

Reviews of the Best Hybrid Bike Accessories

I have taken the five accessories mentioned above and researched several products for you in order to show you the best hybrid bike accessories on the market today.

1. Lights

A well lit head lamp or light on your bicycle is a great safety feature, especially if you plan on doing any riding or commuting in the dark. It’s very important to be safe at night. Some cities even require by law that if you ride at night you need to have a light on bicycle. Be sure to know the bike laws in your area. One of the best choices in lights is the Allen Sports 5W Aluminum Light Set, which comes with a headlamp and rear tail light. Having both a front light and tail light will ensure your safety at night.

Allen Sports 5W USB Rechargeable Aluminum Light Set

bike lights



  • Adjustable beam front light
  • Aluminum housing
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof IPX5 rating on front light


  • Tail light is not rechargeable battery

2. Racks and Rack Packs or Side Bags

Having a rack on your bike aids in carrying items to and from different locations. If you have the side bags or a rack pack, this is also a nice accessory because you can organize your items, pack a lunch and even do minor shopping and errands on your bicycle. When it comes to a rack and a bag to go with it, I really liked the Schwinn Folding Rear Rack and the Roswheel Bicycle Rear Seat Trunk Bag Handbag. Both of these items are high-quality and serves the purpose of added storage on your hybrid bicycle.

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Schwinn Folding Rear Rack Review


Schwinn Folding Rear Rack Review



  • Fits 26, 27 and 700c Hybrid Bikes
  • Light Weight Aluminum
  • Includes Rear Reflector


  • Some Assembly Required
  • May Not Fit All Bikes, Fits Most.

3. Bicycle Roswell Rear Seat Trunk Bag/Hand bag Review

Bicycle Roswell Rear Seat Trunk Bag/Hand bag Review



  • Side Pockets for Sma
  • zller Items
  • Large Main Compartment
  • Includes Water Bottle Pocket
  • Velcro Straps
  • Carrying Handle For Easy Use Off the Bike


  • Straps Are Too Short For Some Bike Racks

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4. Phone Mounts

Our phones nowadays are multipurpose devices that we rarely leave at home. A phone mount on your hybrid bicycle is an excellent way to secure your phone. It allows for easy access to your phone if you need to answer it or respond to an email while out and about. Also a phone mount bike accessory allows you access to Google Maps, GPS systems, and bike apps that can record your distance travelled and speed.

This accessory really gives you more options on your bike travels. I chose the MAGGD Universal Cellphone Easy Bike Phone Mount. First, I like how this model is easy to install and fits most phones. Secondly, I loved this product because you can rotate it for landscape or portrait views of your phone. This gives you more options with apps and maps.

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MAGGD Universal Cellphone Easy Bike Phone Mount Review

MAGGD Universal Cellphone Easy Bike Phone Mount Review



  • Universal for Smartphones
  • Grips Up To 3 inch Wide Devices
  • Fits Motorcycle and Bicycle Handlebars
  • Rotates 360 Degrees


  • Doesn’t Fit Phones or Phones With Cases Wider Than 3 inches

5. Water Bottle Cage

Every bicycle should have a water bottle cage. You get thirsty out on those roads and paths. A water bottle cage allows for you to carry a water bottle and gives you easy access to the water bottle when needed. This is an essential item, especially if you are into longer distances. There are so many different styles of water bottle cages these days. But in truth, it has one purpose, to hold your water bottle. So nothing fancy is needed here. I really liked the Avenir Alloy Water Bottle Cage. It is pretty much universal for bikes and simple to mount.

Avenir Alloy Water Bottle Cage Review


Avenir Alloy Water Bottle Cage Review


  • Durable
  • Lightweight (60 grams)
  • 6mm alloy back plate


  • Assembly and tools required

6. Bicycle Mirror

Let’s face it, sometimes when you are in the vicinity of the city and amidst traffic, a side mirror on your bicycle really helps you to see the traffic coming up on you. This is a good safety feature for your hybrid bicycle, especially if you are travelling in more populated areas. A great choice for a bicycle mirror is the Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror. It’s easy to install and works on most hybrid bikes.

Third Eye Bar End Mirror Review


Third Eye Bar End Mirror Review



Wide Angle View


Fits Most Bikes

Easy to Install


May Not Work On All Bikes

Final Thoughts

Hybrid bicycles fit a variety of cyclists needs, having the right accessories for your bike will greatly increase the pleasure and convenience of biking. I really like a wide variety of the best hybrid bike accessories.

If I had to choose the best, I would say it is the phone mount. I guess, I am biased that way because I am a techy and love having gadgets. I find that being able to use your phone while riding really helps in all types of circumstances. In conclusion, it is smart to accessorize your bike with needed products. Choose accessories that fit your personal needs. You will be happy you did.

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