Pacific trellis bike

Pacific mountain bike reviews have been my priority for a very long time. But the busy schedule didn’t allow me to do so. Recently I have received multiple posts containing queries about the pacific trellis bike parts, pacific derby mountain bike, pacific trellis 700c women’s hybrid bike and Pacific mountain bike full suspension.

Technical Specifications of the Product

  • The product has excellent Dimensions to provide you full support while riding. The dimensions of the product are 70” x 25.5” x 70”.
  • Really a heavy and stable bike the Weight of this is 2 pounds
  • ASIN number assigned to it for the recognition is B00P470BD0
  • Pacific Cycle the well known Manufacturer has made this state of the art bike.
  • 264017P is the Manufacturer recognition reference for this bike.
  • The brake style adopted for this bike is Rim brakes
  • Steel is the material used in the manufacturing of the frame
  • Blue is the available Color for this product
  • 18 different types of speed adjustments are available.
  • Size: 16 inches (small)
  • 700 cm is the size of the wheel
  • V brakes are installed at the front and rear of the bike
  • Alloy wheels not only provide you with the beauty of the bike but it does provide the stability and durability to the bank
  • Crank is comprised of Three-piece
  • 18 speed Twist shifters let you handle the cycle easily and you can adjust the speed as per your own desire.

Pros and Cons of Pacific trellis bike

  • A Speedy bike that comes with the durability

  • Really a treat for the eyes. It really looks good.

  • Really Easy to manage the bicycle.

  • Really a great ride for off-road stuff because of the Rugged making.

  • You will enjoy the comfort of a Comfortable seat.

  • Designed to take you for long rides.

  • Limited availability This product can only be purchased in America.

In case if you have made your mind to purchase the product here is the link to purchase it.

In case you are still confused, let’s look at it with some features of the bike in detail.

Pacific trellis bike



This is really a durable bike. And it will remain with you if you do the proper care year after year.

The mainframe is made of steel. The frame is an important element in any bicycle. Because I can change nearly everything off the bike but it is very hard to change the frame of the bicycle. This is the most prominent thing about the bicycle and will remain with the bike as long as the bike enjoys life.

No doubt the use of Steel in the manufacturing of the frame definitely made the bike heavy.  But on the other hand, It provides durability to the bike. Due to the heavy weight, the bike remains stable. It may be difficult for the first timer to adjust the bike but for the experienced Riders, it provides stability in their ride.

Alloy rims provide stability to the tires. Moreover, the strong rims keep the tires steady and it saves you from the jumps and bumps in the way.


It provides you with greater stability. It is not possible that you can drive the bicycle at ease on all surfaces. Therefore you need to make small adjustments to the bicycle. This bicycle is believed to run on different surfaces as it provides you with a pedal shifter of 18-speed gear. With the help of this, you can adjust the bicycle according to all surfaces.

A perfect companion

This is really a perfect companion of yours. It can carry you from place to place even if you can move on this bike with style in the streets. Moreover, this is a perfect piece of Steel that can be used in the exercise for stocks so this is the way to keep you fit and fast in different situations. It means that you can use it as an exercise machine too.

3-word definition

If you want me to describe this bicycle in three words. Then this will be speed smartness and Stylish. This is perfect by the sign. It does not only provide them with the speed but the riders also look stylish. This is a bike which will improve your personality and attracts people around you. This is a good bike that can be used by a variety of ages. Elderly women can use it easily as well as school going kids can handle it properly and use it.

The braking mechanism

The brakes fitted in the bike are of high quality. It can make the bike stop in no time in an emergency. These breaks are based on a very old system.  This system is still applicable this means it is really a very reliable system and can be applied successfully.

Final words

A cycle is the best friend of a person who helps him or her in a number of ways. It keeps you moving from place to place. Moreover, it can take you from one place to another. It not only serves your traveling needs but it also helps you in maintaining your physical health.

Many people use it as an exercise machine.  This is what is associated with it but the other thing is that you have to take safety measures while you are riding on the bike. The safety measures should be adopted properly otherwise you will not be able to get the desired result. The desired result from the ride of the bike is that you may reach from one place to another safe and sound.

This is something that is made sure through the safety gadgets that you can wear while you are moving on the bike. The best thing that you can do to save yourself on a bicycle ride is to fully know your bike well. This article is written with this purpose and it provides you with the complete information about the bike that you require.

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