How to store your scooter?

An electric scooter is a mesmerizing ride full of adventure, but it demands high care and more protection to make it last. People usually only bother storing their motorized scooters for a few months or even years. Yet, it is essential to make your e-scooter workable for several years without causing damage to the battery … Read more

How long can you ride a bike without registration?

Registration: The phenomenon of enrolling something in the government’s data for ensuring is often regarded as registration. Houses, best bikes, cars, plots, and even white money are registered in government documents to ensure residents’ way and limitations of earning. The same is the case for registering vehicles in their data. For driving a bike, it … Read more

How to clean and polish your scooter?

Isn’t it ridiculous that you look like a presentable, well-dressed rider while your ride is covered in mud or dirt? As long as you’re dressed nicely and have well-groomed hair. Likewise, your scooter needs this cleanliness too. And you have to make your scooter neat, spotless, and polished so that it conveys the message that … Read more


What are the Pros & Cons of Bird Scooters?   Comparison of Bird Scooter VS Lime   Bird Scooter Lime ⇒ Speed up to 15 Miles per Hour ⇒ Speed up to 20 Miles per Hour ⇒ Cost $1.29 per minute ride ⇒ Cost $1.27 per minute ride ⇒ Bird listed more than 30 cities … Read more

Best Hybrid Bikes of 2022

Best Hybrid Bikes of 2021

Know All There Is To Know About The Best Hybrid Bikes Do you want a ride that is affordable, stress-free, easy, fun, and sporty to enjoy the fresh air while you run errands? Hybrid bikesare the epitome of bike engineering for commute and leisure cycling. These versatile bikes can be seen in parks and on … Read more

Best Hybrid Bike Brands in 2022

Best-cycle brands 22

You have been searching for a brand new hybrid bicycle. Yet you just don’t know what is the best brand to go with. There are so many brands and styles of hybrid bicycles on the market today. In fact every hybrid bicycle you have looked at seems to perform differently and have different features. So how do you go … Read more

Mountain Bike VS Cruiser Review

Mountain bike vs cruiser review

The reason is important. You should know why you are reading this “Mountain bike vs cruiser review” article. There can be multiple reasons these are Take a Break Here ……………………………….. Before continuing take a pen and pencil and chalk out the answer to these questions The answer to these questions will let you help better … Read more