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ZeroLite Road Comp Wheel Set, 700C, Black

Upgrading the wheels on your bike is a great way to make it feel like new again. The Zerolite Road Comp Wheel Set is an excellent choice for road bikes and won’t put a dent in your pocket. If you’re looking for a set of wheels that are durable and reliable, this set will deliver.


Right out of the box the wheels are true and will stay that way even after many miles. If you use your bike every day for commuting, this will save you hours of precious time maintaining your ride. A nice touch is that they come with rim tape already installed. They’re easy to fit and while the bearing may require a little adjusting, you’ll be riding almost immediately.


They handle bumps and broken paving without flattening the wheel. So it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any pinch flats. The spoke design does a good job of reinforcing the rims and keeping them true.


These wheels may be heavier than the ones you currently have on your bike. But unless you’re using your bike for racing, this shouldn’t bother you. A heavy, sturdy set of wheels is better than something light and flimsy—especially when you’re riding in heavy traffic.


Not just functional and practical, these wheels have an attractive design. If you aren’t keen on the decals you could remove them and the wheels will still look good. We give these wheels four stars for being excellent value for money.


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