Yoeleo Carbon Wheels Road 700c Bike SAT T50 Bicycle Wheels 700c for Shimano 10/11S

If you take your cycling seriously you’ll understand what a difference a top quality wheel can make to your riding experience. Yoeleo Carbon Wheels are manufactured using superior quality materials resulting in a wheel that delivers a better performance and improved longevity.  They’re lighter, faster and stronger than regular wheels.


These wheels don’t have spoke holes on the tire bed. As a result, the original carbon fiber is protected and it makes the wheels much stronger. Carbon rims reduce the weight of the wheel significantly. And the rims are U-shaped, which makes them stronger and improves the flow of air over the tire to the rim. This keeps heat from building up on the edge of the rim and assists with braking.


Another advantage of using carbon is that the wheel can be molded into a more aerodynamic shape, reducing drag to an absolute minimum. You can get more speed from your bike simply by upgrading to these wheels.  And finally, carbon offers a greater stiffness to weight ratio over a material like aluminum, resulting in a smoother ride.


The bearings are made of another lightweight material, ceramic. They’re not just light; they last longer than traditional metal bearings. There are six pawls on the rear wheel so there are more points of contact resulting in quicker engagement.


It’s clear that only the best materials have been used to make these wheels. The company offers speedy delivery and excellent customer service which is why we award this set of tires five stars.

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