Vilano Performance Hybrid Bike Medium (54cm) Flat Bar Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c Bicycle

If you’re new to cycling you want to start off with a basic, reliable bike that doesn’t cost too much. The Vilano Performance Hybrid Bike is a solid starter bike that’s affordable and fun to ride. It has all the key ingredients for an entry-level bike that you can easily upgrade as you improve.


The core of this bike is the lightweight aluminum frame. Heavy bikes can be awkward to manuever so starting with something light will get you rolling and give you confidence. It’s still strong enough to take the odd bump without suffering serious damage. With 21 speeds at your disposal, you’ll be able to handle small hills without expending too much energy. The 700C wheels are large enough to provide a low rolling resistance that’s perfect for commuting on city roads.


However, the bike does have a few flaws that could be improved with some upgrades. The tires are not the best quality and prone to punctures. Fitting a thicker tire will eliminate this issue and won’t put a dent in your pocket. A more serious issue is the front derailleur. Unlike the rear derailleur it’s not a good quality Shimano part and this can make shifting into higher gears difficult. This is another part that would be worth replacing for a better riding experience. The Shimano Trigger shifters do work well though and even beginners will find them simple to use.


We would recommend taking this bike to your local bike shop before riding it for the first time. They’ll make sure it’s been assembled correctly and can make the necessary adjustments for you. Even with the cost of upgrading some parts, it’s good value for money and gets three stars from us.

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