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Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 18 Speed Shimano Bicycle

If you’d love to get back into cycling for fun and fitness, but lack storage space, a folding bike is a good option.The Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike  is a good entry-level bike to get you started. Aside from the obvious space-saving benefits, it offers you all the qualities of a regular mountain bike.


Both the frame and suspension fork are made from strong, rust-proof steel. It will be able to handle the rough terrain of mountain trails without buckling. While this makes it ideal for off-road use, it does mean that the bike is heavier than its’ aluminum-framed counterparts. This is important to bear in mind if you will be using the bike on a daily basis.


With a front and back suspension, including a rear spring and front shock it offers a perfectly smooth and comfortable riding experience. Thick tires make light work of rocky and uneven roads, keeping the ride as comfortable as possible. Accelerating or decelerating up and down tricky mountain trails is quick and easy with a wide range of 18 speeds to choose from.


Although many of the parts are a decent quality, the brake arms and derailleurs are made of plastic. As a result, they’re not as durable as the other elements and may need replacing after some use. As with most bikes, assembly can be tricky. And the manual may not be of much help if you’re an inexperienced rider. Get your local bike shop to set you up and make the necessary adjustments.


Looking for a great little mountain bike that’s easy to store and transport and won’t cost you the earth? This bike ticks all the boxes. We give it four stars for functionality.


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