Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Riding a bike is supposed to be fun, right? With sixthreezero’s Woman’s 26 Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle it certainly is. Just look at it. It’s not hard to imagine yourself cycling round your neighborhood on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or cruising down the boardwalk with your friends for some fun at the beach.


There’s no denying that sixthreezero have hit the nail on the head with the design and styling on this bike. The steel frame makes it feel sturdy and solid and it will hold up well even after years of regular use. The wide, swept-back handlebars are ideal for maintaining a relaxed, upright riding position.


The leather saddle and grips with their feminine flower embellishments aren’t just a fashion statement. They add a real touch of comfort and luxury to the bike. There’s a huge range of colors to choose from, so finding something that matches your personal style won’t be a problem. This is a seriously good-looking bike and you’re bound to get some compliments on it.


There are three speed options available: Single, 3-Speed and 7-Speed. Coaster brakes are only available for the single and 3-speed models, while the 7-speed model has handbrakes. The handbrakes do slightly spoil the retro-look of the bike. But a 7-speed bike will give you more speed and a smoother ride on hills.


Putting this bike together is a breeze. Even without detailed instructions, it’s really straightforward and easy to assemble. The company has earned a reputation for their brilliant customer service, so if you have any questions or encounter a problem, don’t hesitate to contact them. They’ll be happy to assist you and go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. This bike really deserves its five star rating.

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