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Schwinn Women’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Light Green, 16-inch Frame Review

Schwinn Women’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Light Green, 16-inch Frame Review Smith

Summary: Great color and looks.


Schwinn Women's Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle


Product Description

The ladies have developed a taste for fine riding as well. Therefore, the demand for luxury and fast hybrid bikes custom designed for women has increased dramatically over the past few years. If you have a similar desire, buy the Schwinn Women’s Siro 700c hybrid bicycle. It is light green in color and can be spotted as a flash of fresh lime that breezes by you on one fine day. The 16-inch frame makes the beautiful ride a joy to ride. Yes, this bike has given so many girls a new tune and you can be one of them. With this bike, women can keep fit and also have fun; all in one. You can ride in the morning around your neighborhood and exercise your muscles without fear due to the quality materials that the bike is made of.

Technical Specifications


This women’s bike is designed with Schwinn hybrid aluminum frame as well as Schwinn suspension fork.


It is made from a Shimano speed 21 back derailleur alongside a Shimano EZ fire shifter. These shifters play a vital role in keeping the bike in control at top speeds and provide a choice of speed selection to the writer.


Its rims are made from an alloy metal. This makes them very strong and lightweight. Also, the rims have front fast release features that assure safety when riding.


It is designed to give women comfort through its padded style comfort seats plus suspension seat posts.


The handlebars of this bike are swept back to make sure you ride in an upright position in a comfortable manner. The ergonomic structure of the back and spine is supported, and this ensures that the rider does not suffer from excessive muscular strain.


It comes designed with linear brakes, which assure a high level of stopping power reducing the risk of accidents and increasing the safety of the ride manifold.

Key Features

Comfortable and convenient

Due to the unique Schwinn frame and fork feature, the bike is reliable, super strong, surprisingly low maintenance. The frame is made of aluminum which is initially a little pricey than conventional steel, but more than makes up for the price. With an aluminum, the rider has no worries about heavy weight, rust and maintenance. Also, aluminum is stronger and more resistant to denting. The fork is designed to preserve the aerodynamic features. You will also find it very steady and smooth at high speeds and on gravel, sand, rock and dirt terrains. You can be assured of riding a bike that is comfortable and one that you will never give you any trouble. Also, there is no way you will have to deal with backaches after you ride. With its Shimano rear derailleurs, you will find it very easy to switch gears as easily as you want which assures comfort as well.


You can count on this bike to give you the level of stopping power and control that you have never experienced with any other hybrid bike. The safety of riding this bike is also enhanced by the best alloy wheels, which make riding so smooth for women and also so much fun. With this bike, there is no way you need to be worried about losing control. Also, with its full fenders, you get to keep your stuff safe and your shoes, as well as dresses safe from water.

Elegant and stylish

Women are all about class, glamour, look and the right outward representation in everything they do. Although this does not mean men do not love style as well, women are known for style more than men are. This is why you will love this bike. The light green color this bike comes in is simply pleasing to the eyes, and you will definitely be complimented everywhere you go as you ride your bike.


It weighs 40.8 pounds, which are perfect for women to ride with all comfort and relaxation.

Customer Feedback

Most of the reviews online especially in Amazon store makes it clear how beneficial and comfortable this bike is. Although there have been some negatives about the saddles and also the size for some people, the overall reviews are favorable.


Some women consider it to be too large for them.


This bike has the best hybrid bike review currently online in major online bike stores, which there is something that the bike is doing right. So, it is time you checked out what it had to offer to you. There are so many men who are buying this bike as a gift for their women, so it is time you start considering it too. Also, with the flexibility and durability this bike brings there is no way you will have to worry about it lasting long or not.


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