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Schwinn Stress-Free Ultra Comfort Seat

The reason most bike saddles cause pain and numbness is because of the design. But some may argue that the ‘nose’ of the seat lets you to control the bike better. The Schwinn Stress-Free Ultra Comfort Seat will prove them wrong.


By eliminating the nose, Schwinn has designed a saddle that looks and feels more like a proper seat. There’s no more pressure cutting off the blood flow to your nerves which means you won’t lose sensation after riding for more than five minutes. And you won’t feel as stiff afterwards. If you use your bike for getting to the office or exercising, being able to hop off and carry on with your day is a real advantage.


It’s a little wider than regular saddles too, which makes it feel more like sitting in chair. It provides more support for your sit bones, eliminating pressure and pain. The high density foam padding takes the comfort-level up quite a few notches. But it also serves another important service. It helps to absorbs shocks and ultimately protects your spine from lumps and bumps in the road.


Because the shape is so different, it can take some getting used to. It may slightly restrict the movement of your thighs while pedaling, but you can adjust the angle of seat to minimize this. It’s also slightly more expensive than other comfort seats, but the quality of the design and materials used, make it worth every penny. That’s why it gets four stars.


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