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Review of Schwinn’s Capitol Men’s Hybrid Bike

Review of Schwinn’s Capitol Men’s Hybrid Bike Billie



schwinn capitol men hybrid bike review

Why Do Bike Enthusiasts Prefer Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bicycles are versatile, comfy and practical. Many bike enthusiasts love that they are a cross between a road bike and a city bike. This gives the rider more options on different terrains, as well as, riding purposes. A good hybrid is great for cruising the city or taking a relaxing ride through forest preserves trails.

 Product Versatility

Schwinn has been known to be synonymous with fine quality and durable bikes, so it comes as no surprise that the Schwinn Capitol Hybrid bike is just that. It seamlessly takes it’s nonchalant style and pairs it with a practical frame and design, to give you a smooth ride on any surface. This hybrid bike can take on rough terrains with ease and precision. This is an excellent hybrid bike for any cyclist’s skill level and riding style.

Bike Specifications


The frame on the Schwinn Capitol Men’s Hybrid Bicycle is an urban streamlined hybrid design that is made to withstand force and terrains. It comes in a striking grey color that is not over the top, yet is quite lustrous. This lightweight frame is aluminum and built to be durable.

Gear Shifting Technology

The Shimano 21 Speed EZ-fire gear shifters and Shimano rear derailleur gives this bike meticulous shifting that is full of simplicity and grace. The transitions between gears are smooth and reliable. The Schwinn Capitol Men’s Hybrid is designed to easily changeover between road and path terrains. The gear shifter technology of the Men’s Capitol makes cruising a whole lot more enjoyable.

Braking System

This bike comes with Shimano V-brakes, which are essentially direct-pull brakes. These types of brakes work hand in hand with mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. The Schwinn Capitol Men’s Hybrid Bicycle has great stopping power and precision. The V-brakes are simple and effective to use allowing this bike to stop naturally in both dry and wet conditions.

Bike Wheels

Hybrid bikes typically come with 700c size wheels. The 700c wheels are typically wider than road bikes to aid in off-road riding and give the bike a bit more stability. The Schwinn Capitol Men’s hybrid comes with 700c wheels and alloy rims that allows for an amazing ride every time you go out. The alloy rims give the wheels added strength and an attractive look!

Review Of Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bike

This hybrid bike is a solid, reliable bike that isn’t fancy or full of unnecessary features. It’s urbanistic style and seemly grey color makes this a classic bike that anyone could easily love. This hybrid bike from Schwinn is a distinguished cross between a city bike and road bike. The Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bicycle features an aluminum frame, swept-back handlebars and a cushy saddle seat that allows for an upright, relaxed riding position. The V brakes and Shimano 21 EZ fire gear shifter allows for smooth transitions throughout the gears while you ride and stops effortlessly when you apply the brake. This is an efficient bicycle whether you are looking for a good commuter bike or a back-woods trail bike. The 700c tires work conveniently on or off the pavement to allow you to go where you want with ease. The Schwinn Capitol Men’s Hybrid bicycle is a name-brand bike that you can rely on.


  • Front and Rear V Brakes
  • Shimano 21 Speed
  • Schwinn Suspension Fork
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • 700c Wheels


  • Generic Instruction Booklet
  • Assembly Required

Customer reviews

The reviews on Amazon.com all where upbeat and stated how attractive and well built this bike is. They also go on to say how this bike from Schwinn is a great value for the money. Such positive feedback from consumers shows me that this bike is all that it is said to be and well worth the money. You can’t beat a quality bike that is affordable!

Final Thoughts

I’m a sucker for seemly, well designed bikes and this hybrid by Schwinn is exactly that. It has a clean, crisp style to it and is built to take on rugged terrains. I think what I like most about this bike is the simplicity of it. In today’s world we want everything bigger and better, however when it comes to a bike, simple and well built is quite refreshing concept.

The only issue was that instruction booklet is made for a wide variety of Schwinn’s bike, so it maybe a little confusing. However, if the only issue is the directions to assemble it, I think that is just minor detail. I have seen nothing but great reviews on this hybrid bicycle. So, if you are in the market for a new hybrid bicycle, the Schwinn Capitol Men’s 18 inch is definitely a bike you should look into. I highly recommend at least checking out other reviews and Amazon.com for this bicycle. It is well worth it.

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