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Best Hybrid Bikes under $1000 in 2017

There are a variety of bicycles currently on the market, each for a different function. Once such variety is that of a hybrid bike. A hybrid bike is a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. As a result of this, the hybrid bicycle can be used for general purpose riding. It can be used as a regular commuter bike as it can handle being ridden of various types of terrain.

Below we show you the best hybrid bikes under $1000. We have narrowed it down to three.

Schwinn Discover
schwinn discover hybrid bike detailed review
  • 21-speed bike
  • Rear gear carrier
  • Excellent brakes, alloys, etc.
4 Stars
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Schwinn Network
schwinn network 3 hybrid bike detailed review
  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable seating
  • Excellent brakes, alloys, etc.
4 Stars
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Yukon Xplorer
schwinn discover hybrid bike detailed review
  • 7-speed bike
  • Electric (250 W)
  • Relatively heavy due to motor
3.5 Stars
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Why should one get a hybrid bike over other styles?

Hybrid bikes have an advantage over both road bikes and mountain bikes in that it has characteristics of both of them so it can function as both a road bike as well as a hybrid bike. If one decides to buy a road bike, it cannot be used for off road excursions, therefore they would have to buy a second bike for that reason.

On the other hand if one decides to buy a mountain bike, it would not be comfortable or suitable to be used as a road bike, hence you would have to buy a second bike for that purpose. With the hybrid bike however, you can use it for both.

What kind of features does a hybrid bike have?

The hybrid bike usually has a flat handlebar, similarly to what is found on a mountain bike and not the drop bar that one would find on the road bike. This allows for the rider to sit upright allowing for a more comfortable journey. The hybrid bikes generally have shifting and braking components of a mountain bike, therefore hybrid bikes does not offer as much speed as a road bike or a commuter bike per se. What it does offer is the comfort and safety of a mountain bike.

Hybrid bikes use larger volume tires which would offer more comfort and safety than a road bike which uses narrower rubber tires. Hybrids offer a more versatile gearing system and often times come with full mudguards and pannier racks.

Three of the best hybrid bikes under $1000

We have scoured the web to find 3 of the best hybrid bikes under $1000. This should help you make an informed decision.

Schwinn Men’s Network Hybrid Bike

This bike is perfect for cruising through your community or going for a ride on bike trail.

Features of the Schwinn Bike includes:schwinn network 3 hybrid bike review

  • Aluminum Hybrid Frame
  • Swept back handlebar that allows for the perfect sitting upright position.
  • Padded seats with suspension that allows for adjustments
  • Light weight and strong rims
  • Quick gear shifting
  • Linear pull breaks for sure stopping power

Cons: Wheels are not ideal for mountain riding.

Schwinn Discover  Men’s Hybrid Bikes

This product allows for leisurely bike trail riding and fitness riding.

The features of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid bikes are:schwinn discover hybrid bike review

  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters; Shimano rear derailleur
  • Padded adjustable seats
  • Promax alloy linear pull brakes
  • Rear gear carrier
  • Male comfort bike with aluminum city frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork; Schwinn alloy crank

Cons: This bike cannot comfortably accommodate persons taller than 5ft 8″

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sports Hybrid Electric Bike

This economical, practical and stylish seven speed bike is all you need to enjoy a nice scenic ride outdoor or simply to run errands.

Features of this bike includes:Yukon Trails Xplorer Sports Hybrid Electric Bike review

  • 250 W in Hub Motor
  • 7 Speed options
  • 36V 10AH Battery
  • removable and chargeable battery

Con: This bike is pretty heavy.

Final Thoughts

A bike can be an easy and convenient way to keep fit and to run errands or even just to relax and enjoy the scenery. When selecting a bike, one has to keep their primary purpose in mind. I would select the Yukon Trails Xplorer Sports Hybrid Electric Bike because it is easy to use and would more suit the purpose of leisurely riding or running errands. This is one of the best hybrid bikes under $1000 in the market today.

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