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Guide to the Best Hybrid Bike under $500 in 2017

xds mens hybrid bike reviewLooking for a fun and simplistic way to get in shape? Need an escape from all that built up stress accumulated during the week? Interested in spending valuable time with family and friends? Then let the wheels hit the pavement with a new approach for bicycle enthusiasts and people alike.

Known for their comfort, affordability and recreational appeal, hybrid bikes are becoming the new solution to enjoying all the amenities of an expensive bicycle at a reasonable cost. Combining the tough essence and maneuverability of a mountain bike with the lightness and low profile of a road bike, hybrids are able to offer a unique style of riding that is more natural and convenient for riders.

Check out the best hybrid bike under $500.

Schwinn Men's Network 700C
Schwinn Men's Network 700C
  • Beautiful design
  • Compatible with any rider
  • All terrains
4 Stars
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Schwinn Women's Community 700C
schwinn women community 700c detailed review
  • Unique retro look
  • Adjustable features
  • Rear rack and fenders
4.5 Stars
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XDS Men's Cross
xds mens cross bike
  • High speed bike
  • Sleek modern design
  • Very durable
4.5 Stars
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Whether it is a dirt/gravel trail, a paved bike path, or just a commute in town, hybrid bikes allow for an adaption to any riding environment and provide men and women with easy accessibility and usability. The best hybrid bikes should include these excellent features.

Along with their increasing popularity, hybrids are becoming the new trend among buyers and are widely known within the cycling community. From the ground up, hybrids are extremely dynamic and feature customizable components based on your personalized needs and will continue to be promoted as the best bike for all types of riding.

Unique Things about Hybrid Bikes

Vilano road bike 21_2What makes a hybrid bicycle unique? Components like wider wheels insure stability and a feeling of secureness when traveling over bumps or obstacles in your path. Built with a top quality aluminum frame and flat handlebars, hybrids allow riders to sit in an up-right position, which gives them the best center of gravity and decreases strain on the neck and back. This also makes pedaling extremely efficient and reduces the amount of pressure on the knees and hips.

Typically, suspension forks are included which enables the front of the bike to compress during risky situations. This mechanism is key in insulating any discrepancies when riding and provides an extra amount of stability and control to riders. Hybrids commonly have combination gearing that is set up similarly to the road bike, which makes riding up inclines and maintaining speed very easy. Hybrids are made for people who want them to withstand everyday use. Their sporty design and respectable attributes make riding anywhere a pleasurable experience.

What is the Best Hybrid Bike under $500?

Below we will review three of the best bikes under $500 to help you make a decision.

Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Hybrid Bike Review

schwinn 700c bikeHere is an example of a lower-priced men’s hybrid cycle advertised on Amazon.com. It features an aluminum hybrid frame with a Schwinn suspension fork giving riders the confidence and ability to tackle any terrain.

Removal of the front wheel makes it quick and easy to do maintenance, keep in storage, or pack on top of any car equipped with a bike rack. With strong alloy rims, a padded suspension seat, and swept-back handlebars, this reputable design captures everything a cyclist dreams of having and a ride so comfortable that every experience is enjoyable.


  • Intuitive design
  • Very low cost
  • Great rider compatibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Assembly required
  • May need some fine-tuning after assembly
  • Low-grade features
  • Not for hardcore riding

Schwinn Women’s Community 700c Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn Women's Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle, Light BlueThis bicycle features a women’s hybrid bicycle in which Schwinn has incorporated a light-blue, 16-inch aluminum frame with front suspension forks, granting riders the access to any style riding desired. Its ergonomic design, Shimano 21 speed derailleur, and SRAM Grip Shifters gives access to higher speeds and quick gear shifting.

With all that speed Schwinn has provided linear pull breaks that makes coming to a stop a thing in the past. Whether you are just cruising through the neighborhood or making a city commute, this hybrid epitomizes the ideal everyday bicycle. Read the detailed Schwinn Womens’s Community 700C hybrid bike review.


  • Front and Rear fenders for protection from debris
  • Unique retro-style look
  • Rear rack for accessibility to carry items
  • Adjustability features for riders


  • Some components need adjustment
  • Fenders are plastic
  • Heavier frame than most hybrids
  • Typically for novice riders

XDS Men’s Cross Hybrid Bike

As seen in the image, this men’s hybrid bicycle depicts a reputable style of precision and sleekness all while featuring a top quality build from wheel to wheel. The 19-inch frame consists of a lightweight alloy structure and rust-resistant alloy components giving buyers everything they deserve for a bicycle that will last.

The frame is TIG welded and the rims are made of a double alloy structure for ruggedness protection on any terrain. Ready, set, go! This bike utilizes a Shimano 24-speed shifter and derailleur giving buyers a gateway to achieving maximum performance and will get you to any destination with little effort required. Read the detailed XDS hybrid bike review.

Pros:xds mens hybrid bike review

  • Sleek Design
  • Able to reach higher speeds
  • Extremely durable
  • Offers buyers 2 different color options


  • Seat is not padded
  • Assembly required
  • More expensive for buyers
  • No information on warranty


When it comes to optimal performance, premium design, and an enjoyable experience, I would choose the XDS Men’s Cross over any competitor’s hybrid bicycle. This visionary hybrid cycle has opened up the doors to buyers looking for an inexpensive ride with the same top quality build as distinguished mountain and road bikes.

Its intuitive design and complementary features make this bike a major competitor amongst its opponents. Regardless of the terrain, the XDS has you covered with exceptional maneuverability and control. By providing a unique, modernized look and extraordinary rider compatibility, the XDS has opened new doors for even the most experienced riders. If you are a looking for a bike that is built to last then this hybrid is right for you and will surely fulfill your vision of a dream come true hybrid bicycle. It is by far the best hybrid bike under $500.

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