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The Best Bike Helmets in 2017

Bicycle accidents happen unexpectedly. Safety is of the upmost importance when riding your bike regardless if you are riding on or off the road. In regards to bike safety, having a good quality helmet that fits your head properly is an important precaution that will save you from head injuries.

About Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets come in a variety of styles and colors. Some helmets are specifically made for a certain type of bike riding such as commuting and mountain biking. Helmets come in toddler, youth, women and men sizes to assist all your family needs. Bike helmets usually  have foam padding inside to protect your head and a hard outside that can be made of plastic and resins which will aid in keeping your head safe when an impact occurs. Today’s helmets are made to be lightweight yet very durable and strong.

Choosing from the Best Bike Helmets

When choosing a bike helmet it is important to think about size, style, type of riding you will be doing and your personal preferences. Be sure to get a helmet that is durable and fits you properly. A helmet that is too small or loose on you will not protect you head sufficiently from injury. Also keep in mind your state laws, regarding helmets, who should wear them and if the law requires you to have reflectors when riding at night. Every state has there own laws based on bike riding. Be sure to review your state laws when purchasing a helmet and other protective gear.

Review of Bike Helmets

There is a vast array of great bike helmets on the consumer markets today. I found three I believe to be top quality to review. These products are a follows:

Super Light Integrally Road Bicycle Helmet With Luminous

This classic matte black helmet fits most adults with it’s adjustable headband. It has inner and outer vents that allow air flow to the head and cools the head while riding. It also features luminous lighting for night time riding! This helmet was designed with road cycling in mind, but will work well as a commuter helmet too. The Super Light Integrally Road Bicycle Helmet is a high quality product and is very durable to keep you safe while out riding the town.


  • Adjustable head band
  • Lightweight
  • Luminous lighting
  • Size 54-62cm (fits most adults)
  • Stylish black


  • While this may fit most adults, it does not fit all adults

Schwinn Aereos Adult Bike Helmet

best bicycle helmetThis stylish helmet from Schwinn comes in either blue or red. It consists of a durable plastic covering and a soft foam pad for your head. It has vents to keep air flowing to your head for ventilation. The Schwinn Aereos adult bike helmet is adjustable to your head size and made to last. This helmet is a great safety product for the money.


  • Twist lock side straps
  • 12 vents for ventilation
  • Adjustable fit
  • Choice of blue or red color


  • Fits most adults, but not all

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike  and Skate Helmet

This classic helmet from Critical Cycles works great as a biking commuter helmet and can double as a helmet for skaters. It comes in three standard sizes (small/med, med/large, large/ex-large) and in a variety of color options. It has an adjustable strap to for a snug fit. I love the versatility and color options from give for this helmet. Critical Cycles did a great job at manufacturing this product.


  • Classic design
  • U.S. CPSC approved
  • Dewcollector keeps sweat locked away
  • Durable plastic covering
  • 11 Vents to keep head cool


  • Sizes fits most, but not all

Final Thoughts

A helmet is an important safety precaution. Any of the above helmets will work quite nicely in protecting your head. All three are quite stylish as well. However I think Critical Cycle’s helmet is my favorite since it is the most versatile and has the most color options. I also like the fact that the adult sizes are standard size and not one-size-fits-all. No matter what you choose, please choose a reliable helmet that will protect you. Safety is important even when riding.

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